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AHS Voiceroid Yuzuki Yukari V1.5.0 13

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yuzuki yukari (()()) is a vocal synth character developed by vocalomakets and distributed by ah-software co. ltd.. she was initially released in december 2011 for the voiceroid+ and vocaloid3 engines. in march 2015, she was updated to the vocaloid4 engine and was given two additional voicebanks. [1] in june 2017, her voiceroid voicebank was upgraded to the voiceroid2 engine. in late september 2020, she was released for the voidol engine. [3] in january 2021, she received a cevio ai voicebank, and in october 2021, she was released for the a.i.voice engine.

her age, weight, and height were supplied in plus vol.4. [4] according to vocalomakets member, kagomep, she is a cup size a or b. [5] the team kept yukari the focus for the first 7 years, only touching upon their next vocal on yukari's 5th anniversary. they focused on growing the character and vocal in a variety of different ways.

yuzuki yukari is a vocaloid4 with the v4 engine with a v3 vocal. she has two main modes: her default vocal mode which is the normal vocal engine with a special 13 year old version of yukari, and her v4 vocal mode which adds the v4 engine to yukari. [2]

yuzuki yukari's default vocal engine is the v3 engine. it is the only v3 engine available for voicebanks, although the v3 engine was never updated from the v3.14.0 update. her other vocal mode is the v4 engine. in her v4 vocal mode, she uses the v4 vocal engine, and her new v4 voicebank included a slightly different voicetone and made some modifications to her default vocal patterns. her v4 vocal mode is only possible on the v4 engine and only available on v4 voicebanks. the v4 vocal engine and its v4 voicebank are scheduled for release on february 28th, 2021. [3] 3d9ccd7d82


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