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Balance & Sanity, So Key - also slowing down, patience, discipline

Updated: May 16, 2021

Really liked and agreed with a lot of what Zaid Jilani said in the latter part of this video:

An Excerpt:

"The reason is simple. Everything the company does and chooses not to do flows from a single motivation: Zuckerberg’s relentless desire for growth. Quiñonero’s AI expertise supercharged that growth. His team got pigeonholed into targeting AI bias, as I learned in my reporting, because preventing such bias helps the company avoid proposed regulation that might, if passed, hamper that growth. Facebook leadership has also repeatedly weakened or halted many initiatives meant to clean up misinformation on the platform because doing so would undermine that growth


In other words, the Responsible AI team’s work—whatever its merits on the specific problem of tackling AI bias—is essentially irrelevant to fixing the bigger problems of misinformation, extremism, and political polarization. And it’s all of us who pay the price.

“When you’re in the business of maximizing engagement, you’re not interested in truth. You’re not interested in harm, divisiveness, conspiracy. In fact, those are your friends,” says Hany Farid, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley who collaborates with Facebook to understand image- and video-based misinformation on the platform."


I agreed with big tech companies at first about censoring bad information a bit - information that is false and hateful - hurtful to society but to start going down that road has implications and is treacherous against Freedom as well. In this online addict, lonely type society (a bit, us people have choice) though and with how these apps work - data science and wanting you to engage with their specific app (reinforcing biases) and also user privacy and rights (device storage, etc. permissions, shared/collected between apps and services??) it is quite the issue. I believe mostly with what Zaid Jalini said and that people should also have the freedom of speech to call out things that are false or hateful. I actually got flagged on Facebook for being a bit too mean in my words to anti-maskers while at the same time the anti-maskers were basically saying that all pro-maskers were stupid and crazy (not exact words but the same effect). When people and big companies/tech. start censoring it just leads down potential paths to more tyranny and control period. We should be held accountable for our actions. Big tech. should be able to ban some people probably, that's fine, but it is a fine line between censorship and freedom.


Overthinking (or actually, just dumb, circular thinking and having to correct one self all the time) and over-judging people is kind of hard for us humans. Our curious nature to understand things - rationalize. To let go and be present is a bit hard for me at times, like I'm 0.5 seconds slow, that's okay but gets annoying if overthinking everything. Focus. Thoughts/feeling etc. do go into the subconscious mind though. Words, grammer, matter so much, like in yesterday's post, to create more perfect logic. A messy mind leaves us with feelings of discontent. Why I've learned it is good to journal before bed etc. I have bad habits though a lot, change is hard. It's okay though because forgiveness is greater. "Don't let perfection stand in the way of progress".


This video is great (my personal opinion):

Balancing relations with China, a quick video:

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