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Be Like Water - - Standing Firm and Strong

Yes, what are we/they going to do (about issues of the outcome in the pursuit of equality), implement authoritarian like controlling government measures? Am definitely not for measures of communism and against capitalism.

Like (again) what Russell says in this video. I think people should be able to vote on issues they want to vote on. Maybe they should have to read a bit about the facts of the bill/law beforehand (like a check, like how you have to scroll to the bottom of an agreement on some applications (websites or apps) before being able to agree to the terms). That is democratic socialism within a capitalist system - money and trade is not going away any time soon (just for some people who argue or are afraid of the word "socialism" - when we don't and never really have ever practiced true free capitalism in the first place probable - but I'm not sure as I'm not that well versed in history).

Is a lot of this and that. Hard to logically process everything in the world today. It doesn't seem to make much sense sometimes. To me anyway, some things, sometimes. Well, maybe because a lot of it is deceptive and people without much character and being hypocritical. And I am not a perfect person by any means - is a struggle to live up to all one's ideals and not be a liar or hypocritical.

Have to agile. Have to be strong. Have to be kind and forgiving and merciful and humble. But like Sadhguru said in the video I posted yesterday, what does it take to grow a flower? It takes all these other things...water, sunlight, soil, etc. etc. So what does it take to be strong? To be agile? To be kind? To be humble? ....> Can answer for yourself, is better. Really. Then maybe discuss it with other people, that would probably be best (learning practices).

Cool video:

Climate Change:

Face reality. Climate change is real, not some made-up fairy tale and some global conspiracy via scientists for more big government and control (and spending - that's dumb). Just like Covid-19 is real and a worldwide pandemic. Our government hasn't handled it that well IMO, very perfectly with the messaging (mixed up and always going back and forth, and they should be a lot smarter and predictive). And we're lucky to live in a first-world country where we have decent living conditions (houses with all this stuff and entertainment) and are able to get the vaccine - unlike a lot of the world. It is peoples right also to make their own choices about what they put in their bodies though as well.

And you can't really blame people for not trusting the government now especially after the last 50 years or so. I think it's a disgrace honestly - that type of presidents and politicians we have and have had and the type of political bullcrap/system that it is. Education (of Americans and the western culture): and is just a means of control - for free (but not really) capitalism and neoliberalism and power and standing (money and economics). They don't want socialism or even close to it because it weakens the rich, weakens big control, and gives power to people. People are learning and waking up...(The 2020 "Great Awakening" ?). Meanwhile ...

"My biggest fear is - the history and the collapse of civilizations is really repetitive". That we've reached the pinnacle or plateau (at this point in time) of human civilization. "That we've reached the tail end of one of the most expansive civilizations in human history".

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