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Biomimicry - Need to Change (Some of My Stuff/Solutions)

Updated: May 16, 2021

From my, Cal Berkley Extension, Circular Economy class (love it):

In her 1997 book, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature, Janine Benvus describes biomimicry as a

"New science that studies nature’s models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to solve human problems".


Isn't concentrating power very potentially dangerous? Is this social singularity idea by Max Borders the answer? One Link -

Is interesting, because even my idea of a Universal Basic Income, while possibly good with all the other proposals in tandem and with "wishes" or "idealizations" that we would have great people as Presidents - who are smart, strong, kind, critical, thinking, grounded, etc., etc., - is also still dangerous because of the over-reach and power creep it would be producing and having an effect on the federal government. Which is too influenced by big money donors now, which is a lot of the problem, yes, but can we learn from history and not repeat past mistakes? And also deal with the realities of the whole world today. I think, as the world necessitates as it is today, that a UBI might be not whats needed - just good legislation and nudges pushes, pulls, via government - legislation to act on the free market (directing it) towards a circular economy and to fix quite a few other problems (inequalities, etc.) Can see pictures below and what I wrote about it on the issue...

Videos today:

Is crazy in my opinion, the amount of profits our top corporations take in without paying any taxes. It's not like it would handicap or change their company's position within the free marketplace if all of these corporations were taxed fairly. Can then also adjust things like towards short term goals and issues, of course, - tax deductions for various whatever things like employment, clean energy, R&D, etc. but even within some these areas, shouldn't there maybe be a standardized but lesser tax so things are fairer, given different sectors companies and businesses operate in...?.

About Bezos - and Amazon, I don't know, we don't know, is not good to make presumptions. We can judge actions though. Companies are smart - lots of smart people work there, we can only try to think of their ulterior motives, etc. On that note, as of now, the federal government needn't really provide massive tax reductions just for companies "future-proofing" themselves - that is, saving money in the long run - to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. They (the Fed. Gov.) have waited past that point and now it's just profitable and money-saving - smart future planning to transition towards more carbon neutrality or even carbon negative, given the positive goodwill and PR a business also obtains from being "decent" and "good" within the morality of our society and culture.

I think a lot or actually all of us are a bit "brainwashed" and socialized by our environment - of course.

Science articles I want to read today but busy and need to buy a subscription from newscientist:

Human-like intelligence in animals is far more common than we thought

Basic income trial is testing how money affects child development

Kate Crawford interview: How AI is exploiting people and the planet

Little Video I made on the "defund the police" stuff...Seen more stuff yesterday on twitter because of another police killing. Not saying it's right for police brutality or killing but yeah...

Later today 4-14-21

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