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Family! - Falling Morals and Ethics of Society -

Society's foundations start with family and love.

The upbringing of children for success and happiness or just to be good people. Society is falling away from much of that in the West and we are increasingly having more problems. No beliefs or anything to hold to, except trying to create our own success and happiness - that can end in disaster and create a selfish mindset/filter. I'm not the greatest person and struggling now because of stupidity - born from selfishness and given an excuse because of climate change and a discontent for the society some...but more aimed at the Government and the big news media and all that that system does (effects - and division between people just because of differences in beliefs) and the system at large more. It's never really against people personally - I think any mature sane person is bigger than that (at least I hold myself responsible and not anyone else for my life and its really can't be else you would be mad probably I suppose).

Good article and a lot of good interesting comments:

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