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Peace! Assalaam - Get Moving! -

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem - Al hamdu lillah rabbil alamin.


Lots of stuff going on in the World (this picture gallery)...

This post is going to focus more on Allah S.W.T., Islam, Sufism and also has a lot of very useful exercise information in it.



Tuesday Jan. 03

YT SHORT: Nothing is Wasted in God's Way The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities• 6.2K views The Muhammadan Way is home to world-renowned Sufi Muslim teacher Shaykh Nurjan, exploring traditional Islamic realities and sciences of the soul. Gift To Shaykh:

Watched some...Recitation




Christian video - was good:

Wednesday: --------------

ZamZamAcademy • 54K views

Watched some:

------------ Thursday (Jan 05 2022)

SLEEP IS NOT FOR THE BODY - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf In this episode, Hamza Yusuf discuss about Sleep Hamza Yusuf is an American neo-traditionalist Islamic scholar, co-founder of Zaytuna College,...

CAFE IHSAN • 26K views

Project Furqan • 3.4K views

Don't be mean to people with these problems...:


Exercise videos coming

..."Keep it moving" "Movement is key" ---

How to Start Improving Bad Knees Right Now The Kneesovertoesguy 726K views Thank you for your support, and happy holidays! Equipment: Coaching:

Friday - - -

This is NICE but no english:

Spiritual type video - A message for you -


This one ! ----! > The Hindu Squat - -



i can vouch for this exercise. I am from India, my grandpa was a wrestler back in his days. he used to train in traditional Indian Akhada (Akhada basically equals to your regular MMA or Boxing gym). he was a mud wrestler. he told me he used to do 1 thousand of these deep knee squats every day when he was young. he kept doing these exercise until he was 95. he lived till 102 and let me tell you, up until his final month, he used to walk everyday to local market and bring daily groceries to home. he never let anyone of us drive him, he was soo much fit up until he end and his walking was also a lot faster. he also taught me this exercise and i do it everyday. everyday 250 reps of these and 100 reps of Hindu dand.

Good to see you realising how powerful this exercise is. In starting it will give your knees feeling of tightness and movement will lack fluidity and elegance. But with time this exercise is the best thing you can ever do to you leg strength. It also engages calves and soleus and with time increase size of calves. Our Indian wrestlers do this exercises in 1000+ reps with super calorie dense diets and rest. Secret to their strength

i've been doing normal squats for a year but rarely noticed any significant sensation around my knees ever, did like 1 set of this exercise and i can already feel it in my knees. Thanks for this!

These and bodyweight squats are great as you age. This is the stuff that keeps you in the game. At 61 I'm in better shape than most my age and this is how you keep active and age properly. There's no escaping the the aging process but that doesn't mean you have to sit on the couch and wait to die. Good stuff, thanks for posting.


Hindu push up(a.k.a.dand)-the right way! bodyweightlifestyle • 1.3M views The Hindu pushup is a great exercise to strengthen and condition the whole upper body when done properly as well as strengthen and improve mobility through the hips, torso and shoulders! ...


Great technique. Most people showcasing the Hindu push up on youtube do it all wrong, making it two jerk movement. Whereas, it should be a smooth wave like motion, just like you did!

This is one of my favorite exercises and I'm always telling people "Do it kind of like this guy, but..." you have one of the first videos I do not have to critique; excellent job! I just recommended your video to a co worker!

Hi! Great demo! Seldom have i found dands done in correct way on youtube and your form was a textbook! I am from India and do them regularly along with hindu squats (HS). If you are a wrestler or just want to be whole body strong, dands (HP's) and baithaks (HS's) constitute the core exercise regimen (called vyayam/ varzish in India). Add in some heavy club swinging/ or mace swinging and you'll become a beast for sure. Great work mate! Keep it up!

I do these as warmups before generic pushups or variants, helps a lot with stabilizing your core and keeps your knees nice and straight!


The Hindu squat is a squat variation that involves squatting on the balls of your feet, rather than with your heels flat on the floor. This instantly places more emphasis on the quads, while also incorporating a balance component to the move. It does much more than that, though! The Hindu squat also utilizes a specific arm movement and a breathing pattern. Together, these provide additional benefits: from improved aerobic capacity, to better coordination when jumping and running.

Comments are wow:

I'm a dancer specialized in a dance form called Bhangra. Baithak is a very core move in this style, and I usually do anywhere between 50-100 of them on a daily basis as I'm teaching others. The difference it makes is visible in less than a week, my clients who learn to do it properly seem less clumsy and more athletic just by learning this one move.

Had a knee injury two years ago. Started doing these as part of my rehab and saw great improvement in my mobility and strength. I love this exercise, its part of my regular workout routines now!

Had a knee injury two years ago. Started doing these as part of my rehab and saw great improvement in my mobility and strength. I love this exercise, its part of my regular workout routines now!

After transforming my legs completely after completing 4000 reps in one month of these, I now make every one of my clients do this exercise. Done with nasal breathing and in high rep counts, it will radically alter every aspect of your lower body game, as well as give you incredible stamina.

So happy, that you are making videos on Indian exercises which are time tested and been practiced in India for 100's of years !!

Used to do barbell squats like that for full range of motion (long femurs, big feet), everyone said "you'll ruin your knees". Fast forward 30 years and knees over toes is all the rage.

I've been doing high reps of these daily for a few months now and one of the unexpected benefits was that my calves have become noticeably bigger. I think that going onto the balls of the feet for a high number of reps makes the soleus muscle work enough for it to grow as the lower part of my calf (near the tendon) has grown substantially.

On a related note, I've experimenting with assisted squats (both flat foot and Hindu style) for the past two weeks and I think they might be completely underrated. By doing an assisted squat by grabbing something that is high enough to put your lats and shoulders under stretch at the bottom position you get:

- To accumulate the benefits of hanging at low intensity at the bottom of each rep.

- To stress ankle range of motion by using narrow foot placments that would normally result in falling backwards with an unassisted squat.

- The benefits of contracting the lats and pulling musculature under stretch when starting to move up from the bottom.

- The benefit of the top portion of a row by actively pulling your chest/torso to the anchor point of your hands at top position of the movement.

- A bit of cardio if doing for high reps as a greater amount of muscle if being used. You can also alternate hands each rep for a higher intensity pulling stimulus and also getting a bit of a stretch through lateral flexion of the spine. I really encourage anyone reading this to try assisted squats for 100 reps or so and see how you feel. I used to think they were just for people who couldn't squat but I now think they are a separate exercise with their own utility. Also, great video as always.

Dude, I used to do these till I was in an accident a couple years ago. My legs were big. I'm back doing them, sometimes I have to baby them. But yeah, they're awesome. Peace

We practice this Squats in the "Indian School of Martial Arts" under Gurukkal Balachandran Nair a lot,but nobody told me why.... Now I know! Thank you,Bioneer!

I’ve been quietly saying for years now that what the world needs is more centipede montages. Does the Bioneer ever fail to deliver? No. No he does not…

Literally just started incorporating these a week ago, a bioneer vid just solidifies that I'm on the right track. Great video as always Adam

Been doing exercises from Knees over toes guys, and this is similair to the VMO squat. This really helps with my wrestling and jiu jitsu since we get i to awkward knnee positionas alot. Knees are stronger doing these! Thank you bro.

It has two more variations the first being the "Pehlwani baithak(squat) " in which you jump front and back a little bit, you can search on youtube... The 2nd is Hanuman baithak.. All of them are killer

The hindu squats, & the hindu pushup (dands), are two amazing exercises you can do anywhere. & pretty much everyone can & should do even if it means doing partial range, as well as at a slower controlled pace. In my opinion these two exercises do as much if not more to help your joints, & mobility as they do building strength & burning calaories. I highly encourage folks to do 100 reps of each daily for even a week but a month is better and see how you feel, look, & move. Also doing high reps (like 500) can be very relaxing as you get into a flow state & can be used as a form of meditation as you let the world fade away as you focus on your breathing.

Hindu squats and hindu pushups are a gem of excercises , easy and very effective for full body health

I've been doing these BECAUSE OF THIS CHANNEL for about a year. My legs and knees have never felt better.


Asian Squatting - This guy (channel) has a whole playlist on this :


Wondering why you can’t Asian Squat (AKA Primal Squat, Slav Squat, Resting Squat, Hindu Squat, ATG squat, human squat, etc.)? What muscles are involved in the Asian squat? What are the benefits of the Asian Squat and is the Primal Squat worth working on? Watch to find out!


00:16-Overview and Terminology

00:58-Muscles Involved

01:48-Meaning of being unable to Primal Squat

03:32 -Specific Benefits

05:02-Steps to Improve

06:36-Closing Thoughts


🎥Asian Squat Exercises:

• How to Asian Squa...

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When not filming videos, he's working out in the living room, surfing, learning dance or gymnastics moves, or riding a bike with his son in tow.


If you can’t do the primal squat or Asian squat, it shows you have a lack of hip mobility and leg strength. Your quads, your hip flexors, your inner thighs, and your glutes need to get stronger and more flexible in different angles.

Being able to Asian squat will help you maintain leg strength and hip mobility as you age. That strength and mobility will contribute to better athletic performance, less chronic pain, and will make you a fun adult to be around for kids!


Taekwondo - Cool video - - I started class - I like it, it's cool, its fun.


Hmm: How to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension (Fast Fixes) Upright Health 1M views Learn how to relieve neck and shoulder tension fast even when massage and chiropractic don't work! These home exercises will release the knots in your neck in seconds and help get rid of neck...

I actually have a ton of great workout videos in this Youtube playlist here:

This Guy Is An Athletic Freak💪😳 The Sport Dealer 4.3M views Yaya Acro Boy is a beast! His workouts are so intense, he trains like a pro 💪💯 You have to be motivated and fully dedicated to this practice to have results. This guy don't mess with...

Ryan Humiston • 1.9M views Ready to go over the 9 mobility exercises that will fix every issue you have?! PPL PROGRAM: FULL GYM PROGRAM: 30 DAY GARAGE PROGRAM:...

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I wasn't super impressed with this one, Chris Hedges is awesome (have very high expectations): Why Americans can't debate politics anymore | The Chris Hedges Report The Real News Network 45K views Nolan Higdon and Mickey Huff join The Chris Hedges Report to discuss their new book, Let's Agree to Disagree: A Critical Thinking Guide to Communication, Conflict Management, and Critical Media...

----- Allah Akbar - -

----Add this non-related video in too: Kim Iversen: The Next Agenda. WEF Climate Lockdowns Could Be Happening Soon Kim Iversen 54K views Thank you for watching the fully independent Kim Iversen Show. Get the FULL SHOW without ever missing a segment here: Become a member of my LOCALS community...

Beautiful! Allaaaaahhhh

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