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The Truth Cuts Like a Sword

~ Think for yourself ~

"I am a citizen and person of the Earth - as one, from dust I came, to dust I will return" and to Allah (God; SWT) all will be returned. Fear Allah alone.

I'm not perfect, I'm not always right, I don't know everything, I don't always take the right action or have the right words. Surely only Allah knows everything. Turn to Him in repentance and remembrance, and that is [In Him] the ultimate success, know that in the end, good triumphs over evil.

Truth Liberty Justice Equality


Looks like a good video:

Don't be like as that of below an animal :) - But respect.

I don't like Saudi Arabia and haven't for years. I haven't liked or agreed with much of what my government has done for years. I haven't liked the Capitalist worldview for years - much really is sad and depressing and super dark and dreary. Can only get up and carry on, go to work, etc.

We do really need to build up our country's self-sufficiency and lead by example. Stop being such hypocritical. I don't stand with Biden, I don't stand with Trump, Putin, Saudi, India, etc. etc., we are one and one earth. Think for yourself. I hope I can spread my message more to the world and for the world to be at peace and uprightness and respect of the earth and to have community and family and good development and true hope, happiness, a nice place where people don't have worries over working for a company or this or that that supports death and destruction and covering up of truth and this and that etc. So much has gone wrong...IMO. Shayton's vow was to try to attempt to fill hell and the disbelievers point fingers etc. Allah knows all. Say He is One and there is none co-equal unto him. The Most Gracious, The Most Forbearing, the Giver of Life and Death, the Merciful. Don't be deceived. Don't let the ego or hate win and Allah SWT truly knows best. It'll be okay but take account of selves. Surely we weren't put here on this Earth to spread corruption, hate, to spill blood and wage wars...Fear Allah.

"Don't be a radical or extremist" - Prophet Muhammed SAW (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him forever and ever).

"Don't hide behind religion etc. nor teach bad things or distort religion" - From the Qur'an.

Incite others to good, forbid evil (speak out - like rules at the workplace on safety and how to treat others), do good, establish prayer, pay zakat, etc. etc. Mind your manners, watch your tongue, be happy, do good, don't be racist, don't be unjust, don't be an oppressor, try not to lie or be hypocritical (would be much easier for me to not speak out on Ukraine and other issues), follow Geneva convention rules (don't kill women or children, respect peoples religion and holy places - actually, follow all laws and uphold all contracts, agreements, etc. is best), don't be an anarchist or try to destroy or tear down progress, respect property rights, don't be racist or make excuses for things even if it's against oneself, don't spread corruption or be corrupt, don't eat wealth and interest, don't commit adultery, be modest, etc....fear Allah SWT.

Anyways, am just a man with a dream and beliefs...I'm not the greatest. That's for sure.

Education never stops,, live, grow...


Other vids:

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2015 - Democracy Now, as Jimmy Dore says in a recent vid, going along with the mainstream media narrative is sad...I do still like some of their news and videos though sure, but how can they ignore all this evidence and history? These things coming to bear and playing out (as they did - could see war coming, but, yeah, I thought Putin wouldn't attack either (like the Breaking Points hosts))?

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RT America....BANNED, is this viewpoint controversial for instance and promoting Russia and war or is this actually peaceful?....When you have Western news now, promoting, propagating, "Where is NATO!" and "send us weapons" but...the threat of WW3. Well, yeah...peace, a bit late now isn't it? Sadly so. Sadly so.

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