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Wrong. Medicare For All! -Cuba - Freedumb.

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

They are afraid that they wont have enough future slaves working their slavewage jobs, fighting their water wars. Why not actually address why people aren't having kids?

JK FU 2 days ago Taking away votes from childless adults is "an interesting idea" but free college for kids is "evil"- people who dont care about your well being

Durly 2 days ago They do not care until issues impact them personally whereas empathetic people who don't have kids still see the societal importance to eliminating child poverty, and the long term benefits that has for humanity.

Fox news. "Let's come up with every lie we can to implement fascism."Aren't they against "welfare queens" with 20 kids? Adopt and get extra votes.

Paul Arthaud 2 days ago This is literally just “Young people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.” Disgusting, but par for the course from Faux News.

By this logic, we should ban old people from voting, they're going to die soon anyway!

Shawn lund 2 days ago In other words, they just don’t want millennials and Gen Z to vote.

This comment is interesting (sidetrack conversation about marijuana):

The claim that "weed leads to psychosis" is partly true, but is used very dishonestly. There is an aspect of medicine called pharmacokinetics that deals with how drugs are metabolised. Different people have different abilities to metabolise drugs according to a set of genes that come under the heading CYP-450. This is quite well understood & genetic testing for how well or badly one is predisposed to metabolising drugs according to one's CYP-450 genes is relatively cheap.I have no doubt that alcohol increases people's propensity for violence, and usually much more so than weed, and for most people it does more health damage than weed. I'm also willing to believe that schizophrenics are no more likely to commit violence than anyone else, on average. But as far as I'm aware, the CYP-450 genes don't interact with alcohol metabolism, but they do interact with weed metabolism.The problem with being given drugs that one cannot metabolise fast enough is that a toxic build-up of the drug occurs in the body, and it can literally manifest as madness.CYP-450 also affects the metabolism of a large range of other drugs, both legal and illegal — including anti-psychotics. This is all well established.So when it is said that weed "triggers psychosis", or sometimes more accurately that it "triggers psychosis in those who are predisposed", what is actually meant is that "it triggers psychosis in those who are poor drug metabolisers according to their CYP-450 genes". Scandalously, though, what is then ignored is that that's exactly why you shouldn't give them anti-psychotics, because that will just trap such a person in a psychosis arising from their poor ability to metabolise drugs, only now it's anti-psychotics whose failure to metabolise is driving them mad.The issue of CYP-450 genes and testing those genes to become an informed drug-user should be part of the conversation of drug legalisation.And we need to actually apply what we already know about pharmacokinetics to people who wind up in the mental health system, many of whom have been drug users whose CYP-450 genes make them poor drug metaboliers, and check that we're not giving them a psychopharmaceutical that is trapping them in madness and in the mental health system. Failing to do this, and at the scale at which this failure occurs, is nothing short of a crime against humanity.Indeed, people could avoid that trap in the first place if they became an informed drug-user by doing a CYP-450 test before using relevant drugs.

phar·ma·co·ki·net·ics /ˌfärməkōkəˈnediks/


  1. the branch of pharmacology concerned with the movement of drugs within the body.


I knew something was fishy and up with this. Thanks Second Thought for the concise and informative video showing the truth of the matter.

"Freedumb". - Socialism is still capitalist is just the amount of freedom and power given to _____ vs. _____ (private vs. public spheres you could call them simply).

Is just simply corporate neoliberalism. "Globalization". A lot of things...

...And I wonder about some things such as cryptocurrency and think, yeah, it's probably not so great when it's seemingly being pushed by all kinds of media and corporate powers that be (MS, Google, Twitter, etc.), and is proven to not be as secure and bulletproof as it's made out to be. Free! freedom!, but then people can get easily scammed and is just another currency that causes inflation (more money being added to the global economy) which in turn, makes the rich richer and the poor poorer and is emitting tons of fossil fuels because of the very fundamentals by which it comes into being. (Insanity).


Got fired from my factory job. Messed up a bit socially and not the fastest doing that kind of work messing with little nuts and things, that's true.

Dealing with difficult times and times of change. I may have already committed suicide if not for Islam (all praise and thanks be to Allah/God). It is strictly forbidden so the option and thought is never even an option of thought to delve into but just to pass that evil thought away as dumb and selfish. Which it is. That, in itself, is so helpful to one who struggles at times mentally. Mental anguish and self, (you know,) loathing is a very serious issue and life is definitely not just a "sport" or game. Mess ups can be very serious for a persons whole life and happiness.

It seems surreal at the same time though some of these things...(in this life/world).


Was wrong about M4A/Gov. healthcare. Can see the 3rd picture below:

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