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A New World Climate Agreement/Pact +



In progress and not sure (we're all humans, and I believe it's okay to say "I don't know" if one/you doesn't know, but hey, Google might help (one develop understanding and form an "opinion" or possibly a fact) ) but:


I would "make things simple, stupid" (military saying), as a general rule.


Such as; starting with a global carbon tax. Binding to all countries or else they would face economic repercussions. Requiring this money to be spent on the transition towards a zero or even negative carbon economy (I believe, this is truly what's needed and fast).


If only a tiny percent of global GDP went into transitioning towards a neutral carbon economy then we could be making huge strides every year. That is a ton of money, but what better way of advancing to the future is there than not destroying our home planet and making it a nice place to live at/on? Nature - in such that all things rely on and where we evolved. Our planet's nature. We go out in it without a care or worry about dying from a simple foreign bacteria, fungus or virus. Drink of its waters, eat of all its fruits. Plundered its riches that have fueled and been the backbone with which we've based our economies around.  We own it. It's ours. Let's take it back. To destroy it, I believe, is akin to destroying ourselves.

What might be needed actually, is the formation and creation of a transparent, democratic "United Earth" (or some other name) type of governmental organization. One that supersedes all multinational corporations and all business dealings, international banks, governments and everything. It would provide direction and rules for all countries to follow and obey. It should meet with and hear all countries and take into consideration all people. All culture, language, tradition, religion, all the science and information, all the latest technological developments, (all the most wealthy people of the world as well) - basically everything human. It is the future, especially if we are to become an interstellar or multi-planet space exploring species. We should have a unified government representing all of humanity. It should take into account all human progress (unlimited) and all of the Earth's resources (limited), setting a new global currency standard or standards. This is the best way I can think of to move forward given the state of the world and its interconnectedness (would love to have conservation's on the topic though and if anyone has any better ideas?).

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Capitalism has proven its strengths. Competition driving us forward at quite a rapid pace but it has also come with costs. Greed and apathy, inequality, hate, oppression, etc., and the changing of the Earth's environment, the "Anthropocene" and the information age. It's done much good, but unless we set limits on it and our selves it will not lead us to a more unified, enlightened, and better path. We made it, and we can change it, do what we will/want with it. Same as our Earth and our future.

I believe it is very necessary at this time, given the advancement of A.I. including robotics, scientific advancement in biology, and our understanding and ability to edit and modify DNA, the climate and environmental emergency(ies)(the 6th mass extinction event taking place now), etc. Direction and leadership are what people and the planet need. True hope. For the future. For our spirit/souls and out of goodness and love, not just selfish interests (though there is much good that comes from wanting to be good so one can do good, for themselves, others or humanity in general, and the Earth, etc.). Capitalism works quite well for us as humans I believe, because it works on evolutionary levels (competition, self-interest, survival, etc.) but there are higher ideals than just this and we must face reality. We are, most definitely, social creatures as well.


I understand this would entail a lot. A lot of changes. Countries such as China and others might not want to comply and join. It would allow freedom though, and freedom of government BUT, and I think most people (including many Chinese people for example) would support it. If it were good and created good rules for all countries to obey and follow, which should include many freedoms (for government's etc.) but also is very humanitarian and ecologically sound and based.


     I actually thought of the "Circular Economy" (as it's called now, I called it "bio-mimicry in economics) concept a few months back on my own (around October of 2020 and then saw it become popular online about 1.5 months later) and it seems like it holds much promise to create a truly sustainable economy for the world. The world would have to buy in and subscribe/follow though for it to work. We must, as a shared humanity, advance; And quickly, towards a sustainable economic world model and system.

      The wealthy nations, as previous thinking goes, really have nothing to lose. We/they already have great resources, i.e., great wealth and opportunity via various means (internet, infrastructure, etc). Time stops for no man or nation or any such thing or things. Reality trumps all. Crimes against humanity and nature should not, and do not go without having effects - on all people, therefore possibly affecting the history of the world. Input from all countries could help solve nation-state disputes instead of resorting to war and violence.

It is dangerous though - to create a governmental ruling over all. That is why it should represent all and seek to include all countries and work towards the most perfect resolutions and solutions. It should be limited in its scope and duties, allowing nation-states much freedom, but should provide humanity with certain shared principles and goals. Especially in coming years, an organization or governing principled body such as described, I believe is needed because of climate change effects such as rising sea levels. There will need to be much cooperation among Nation-States to prevent mass calamities (starvation) or great world wars, etc. leading to who knows what? Possible total chaos and mass economic collapse if things get too bad and order and peace erode too much.

Written January 18-19, 2021 - A day on and after Martin Luther King Day here in America -- Michael Folk



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