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The final scene did suggest Lim was having some sort of out-of-body experience, though she also might have just realized what a close call she just had. But all those audio flashbacks of "time of death" suggests she's not in good shape.

It's a tough call. The point of residency is to learn how to do all sorts of procedures that the doctor may never do once they are fully licensed. Many procedures make people uncomfortable for a variety of reasons.

I'd have liked to have more of a focus on attempting to treat her, and the doctors disagreeing on how to proceed because they didn't see eye-to-eye on whether her symptoms were physical or psychological in origin.

Hours before Olivia decided to burn her bridges, Andrews told her to suck it up when she tried to explain that she was struggling with Imposter Syndrome -- something that many doctors-in-training undoubtedly deal with.

It's not like she exposed some important scandal like doctors trying to get patients hooked on painkillers to enrich their own pockets. She took credit for exposing a patient's lie that had no bearing on most people's lives.

Shaun: What if my child has no friends What if they're picked onClaire: This is not small-town Wyoming. The world has changed.Shaun: I have not changed. How can I know what my child is feeling How can I comfort them How can I be a good father

Andreas, I find it very interesting that you are o.k. with TGD having a lead who is not on the spectrum. I forget which season it was, but right after the episode where Shaun treated a male patient with autism, who I believe was played by an actor who was on the spectrum, many people on social media complained about how Shaun was not being portrayed by someone with autism. I thought they were idiots because in an interview with Daniel Dae Kim, one of the executive producers of TGD, he said it took him years to get ABC (the American network that pays for all of the episodes of TGD so it can be aired on ABC) to agree to finance the show even though it was such a big hit in South Korea. And although he did not say this, I personally am not sure ABC would have approved to pay for the show if Shaun was being played by an actor on the spectrum. I think they would have found it to be too risky. So for a show built around a character on the spectrum to be airing on a major network was a great risk and those on social media should have been happy with what TGD has achieved instead of complaining.

The hospital lost one of its own just like has been happening in the real world. Why Petringa How will we see that loss affect everyone moving forward, especially Lim and Morgan Their scenes were so good in this episode.

In episode 3, the ABC drama turns its attention to some of the season's major storylines. On top of Shaun and Lea's new pairing, the season will explore how Shaun and the other surgical residents handle becoming supervisors with the introduction of some new first-year residents.

As you mentioned, the medicine is constantly changing. Did this episode go through more rewrites or updates than usual because of that We tried to avoid stuff that might change day-to-day, but yes, there was a fear of that. What we tried to do was we tried to be very honest that we were representing what people were going through at that moment, and that we could be accurate about. Early on, [a character says] "such and such isn't a symptom," and then of course, we've since learned that that was a symptom. That was kind of the intention in that moment: The doctors are just wrong because they just didn't know. We tried to put forth the best medicine as it was available at the time, even in terms of things of getting oxygen to people. If you're looking closely enough, you'll see the way that is done in the episode changes as time goes by. The doctors got better at protecting themselves and protecting their patients. But it's a real challenge [because] we're writing something where we don't know the end of the story. When we wrote it, we thought it'd be over by now, but it obviously isn't.

At New York Comic-Con, you said that the pandemic isn't taking over the bulk of the season. Do you view this two-part episode as a prologue to the new season Is episode 3 where the new storylines really get going These two episodes largely stand on their own, not completely. We will definitely carry stuff forward. The impact of these two episodes on our characters personally will be carried forward. This is the type of thing where it would be simply wrong of us to do it and forget about it. But episode 3 will pick up a little while after these episodes and it will pick up in a world that is not the world we are living in right now, and it is a world that is past-COVID. We're a little worried about that because we don't want people to watch and think, "Oh, The Good Doctor is implicitly endorsing people not wearing masks inside." But we also want the stories we're telling to stand on their own and not be overshadowed by this pandemic. We wanted to deal with, shall we say, smaller human stories, but very real, very powerful, and very emotional.

Last season explored Shaun's first experience with romance. What do you hope to explore through Shaun and Lea's long-awaited pairing this season What excites you about these two finally being togetherYes, finally is the keyword there, I think. [Laughs] We had a wonderful time with Carly [Jasika Nicole] last year, and that was about Shaun dating. I view this more of as Shaun in a relationship. This is not about first date, second date, third date. This is about living your life with somebody. Not that they're married or anything like that, but their relationship is at a different stage and the challenges of that. We'll have wonderful moments and challenging moments.

The most recent promo revealed that Shaun and company are supervising new residents, but they have more candidates than spots in the program, which obviously reminded me of House's Survivor-like game in House season 4. What lessons did you learn or take from writing that season and apply to this one [Laughs] We're not going to be playing the same [game]. You know, on House we went through a whole bunch of episodes where he was just winnowing down the group until he had his winners. It's less about that. The first episode is a little about that. But after that, it is much less about who is going to win and who is going to lose, but it is about bringing in some interesting people because, similar to House, I think House was at its best when we saw his relationship with people and what that brought out in him and what that brought out in them. So I look forward to doing that with Dr. Murphy and these new people.

How is Claire handling losing Melendez when the season begins We're still exploring that. We're going forward with that. Claire lost somebody very important. We see the impact on her in episodes 1 and 2, and beyond. Let's not forget Lim. She lost somebody who was important to her, too. The two of them go through hell in the beginning. We want to explore their relationship. How are they there for each other and support each other through this challenge

This season, it will be particularly interesting to see if broadcasters hand out early renewals, as that could be a sign of networks and studios looking to get a jump on scripts for next season amid the looming threat of a Writers Guild of America strike. The current agreement expires May 1 and, per sources, studios have begun stockpiling scripts for next season instead of seeing writers take their traditional hiatus.

Since then, the show has landed on at least 30 Netflix regions with most countries streaming seasons 1-4 (with new seasons arriving months after its season finale) and many others are streaming seasons 1-3.

The Good Doctor returned for season four on Monday, November 2, on ABC. Dr Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie Highmore) and the majority of the cast came back for the new episodes after filming was able to start up again in September. Acknowledging the worldwide circumstance, the medical drama made its first two episodes a pandemic special.

The Good Doctor is one of several medical dramas that got off to a late start in the 2020-2021 TV season, a few debuting later in fall than usual, and two not premiering until winter. The COVID-19 pandemic was responsible for the prolonged hiatuses, and each of the shows has dealt with incorporating COVID into the story in different ways. And now that we're well into the current TV season, I'm ready to say that for me, The Good Doctor Season 4 is beating the likes of Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Med and more in addressing the pandemic.

As a refresher, The Good Doctor wasted no time in taking the storyline into pandemic territory, even more or less ignoring an in-depth exploration of how Season 3 ended so as to track the COVID spread in the United States over the early months to the late fall. In the opening two-parter of Season 4, the doctors of St. Bonaventure were slowly but surely worn down by the stress of handling the pandemic, and nurse Deena Petringa was killed off. It was a tragic way to start the season, but The Good Doctor also moved past COVID after that opening two-parter.

Television can be a solid form of escapism, and never has escapism been more appreciated than over the past year or so. While The Good Doctor hasn't been my favorite of the medical dramas to hit the airwaves in the 2020-2021 TV season, I do find the way that it addressed and then moved on from the pandemic to be superior to how Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Med, New Amsterdam, and The Resident have handled it.

Grey's Anatomy picked up Season 17 just about where Season 16 left off in the show's timeline, and the protagonist of the series spent most of the season so far unconscious and on a ventilator due to COVID while the rest of the characters dealt with her illness on top of everything else. Season 17 has actually been great in my book, but also bleak and definitely not escapism. The recent death certainly didn't help! 59ce067264


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