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Systemic Sponsors of Self Interest

Monopoly Capitalism and legalized corruption run rampant in the United States and the Western "bloc". U.S. military spending is out of control. Globalists are taking increasing actions to control our lives. Institutions like the Federalist work tto distort our Constitituion re-writing/reinterpreting it to increase corporate and corporate-shared interests (or "laissez-faire" capitalism and the distorted (of reality) "neoclassical economists". A new cold war has started which wants to import to the masses of people that China and Russia are the problem while in reality the U.S. dollar, and with it, the "U.S. unipolar moment or "U.S. neo-colonialism" disguised as U.S. 

Bible verse: Plank in your own eye...

Mass shootings in the United States *   *Homelessness*    *Unemployment *    **Growing income inequality * *Food insecurity *   *global food insecurity and the fact of human development and progress (other countries in the world have not developed much under the U.S. and U.N., I.M.F. World Bank led and majorly influential world power paradigms)

Neo-feudalism - 

Democracy - taken over. Politics as theatre" while corporate interests and corporate subsidies ....

"War should be avoided at all costs. Nuclear conflict should never be contemplated". These truisms are often spoken but rarely adhered to". 

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