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2) Confirmation speakers who do not understand the word of God. There are many people in ministry and in churches who are ordained and in full time ministry. To even get to the point where they can be asked to speak publicly on a Sunday are by the terms of their ordination, not qualified for this job.

Just as I said in a previous post on this topic we are in a better position than most. In most Churches the people listen the music first, second and third hand. The musicians and the pastor are the knowledge on the songs and I must admit do not have full knowledge of. Pastor leads in worship, but if the congregation chooses not to follow he does not get the power he needs to lead them.Now in regards to the gatherings it seems that people are looking for the average worship gathering the one that you can pay to go,sit in your bus and go home singing a song. I hope the power of the Holy Spirit will come upon these gatherings that will cause people to repent and be saved on the spot. Once they get saved and the people are saved, things will be alright in our country. one thing about this that has been passed down to us is the pastors that are there. They have for the most part run out of steam before they get there tenure. I have seen it first hand and it seems to always happen. Most pastors love the music they learn because the songs seem to go along with their pastor's preaching. I guess that is because the choir is trying to get their pastors to say yes or no. To me it has gotten so bad the church is seperated into various small groups. let us serve Jesus together again. 3d9ccd7d82


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