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Updated: May 16, 2021

Thinking of things last night and this morning about violence, stress, and fear in today's society. Heard of a news story of a man murdering his neighbors family over an argument about snow and then killing himself. Made me remember another story a while back in Lawrence of a teenager contemplating jumping off a bridge near downtown and people we're driving by telling the teen to do it. I believe if I remember correctly, an off-duty police officer stopped by and talked to the teen and convinced them not to do it, and drove them back home. We have so much violence and anger etc. in our society. People don't fight with fists etc. anymore like back just 40-50 years ago; we pull out guns and shoot each other. We're all programmed to be violent a bit and desensitized to death. Hundreds of people dying in mainstream movies etc. and we think not much of anything about it. Of course, I am as well and I like violent action movies and whatnot as well but there are definitely degrees...Some of my favorite movies are Alien and Aliens and Predator and those movies are violent and/or scary but still treat life and death with respect in ways - you don't see tens or hundreds of people dying and huge explosions everywhere and mass destruction etc. More grounded in reality and more relatable to the human experience and our emotions.

Some good vids today:

I'm with it! Agree. Change the world (economics, stock market, etc.).

Longer video here: Who rules the world and are making such huge decisions etc.? Just people. Just other people, same as you and me. The rules are all made up by people, past and present. Who cares. Why do we allow this? I say, how about take away these people's jobs, give them $500 and 600 credit score, tarnish their resumes so they can't work in finance and let them try to work real jobs and make it on their own. If it's so easy and anybody can become successful and rich, then what's to be afraid of? Hmm?

Anyway, it is what it is. Last night was beautiful here. So many stars. Which we're all made from. We evolved here on this planet, it is most perfect for us. Respect and praise. I believe the Most High knows all and so, everything is okay. Our world is imperfect though, nature, imperfect. I believe we can do good for ourselves, others and the world and this brings us good and true happiness (is our true nature). Truth prevails! Have a good day.

Update ~1:15 p.m.:

My thoughts: Am not sure sure about growing crops for biofuels unless the EROI (energy return on investment) is very positive. Other than that, it's fine and good.

This is cool. One of the big problems with economic stimulus going to the poor is that often the money is just spent and goes to big wealthy corporations like Amazon etc. Ends up being a lot of corporate or "economic" stimulus/funding. People are so poor and hurting we/they don't have the means to save and invest it much into actually bigger and better things for ourselves. People are just trying to survive and get out of debt and have/live decently. Is it somewhat our fault? Yeah, sure, maybe but does that really matter? Look at the odds.

Just started on a R course talking about odds (statistics/probably - I've taken biostats at KU but I can definitely use a refresher at this point (doing is the best learning)).

Reminds me of a conversation with one of my friends a bit ago on how much he thinks different job's wages should be. That firefighters pulling burning people out of fires should be making $250k/year or more a year. Police. People doing hard work. I disagreed on some points but agree with a lot. I do think people contributing the most to society should be getting paid the most - which I think are scientists, professors, inventors, engineers. They imo (in my opinion) should be the millionaires getting food cooked for them etc. because they're doing the most important work and contributing the most to human advancement and society. Not wall street people and CEOs who are providing jobs, but also getting rich off other's labor. Capitalism does work but it's so unfair. No denying that.

Haven't watched this one but looks/sounds good.

Well, getting back to work. Long term work and health are key. Balance.

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