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$33 Billion

Updated: May 3, 2022

After watching Moats monologue and The Duran videos (below) got me thinking...

From my notes (some things I add in parenthesis for context for this post/the audience)

33 bn $ ~ (how would I spend it)

What if we spent 100-150 million in human aid (to Ukraine) and spent instead 32.85 bn (billion) $ on our infrastructure and going towards sustainability? What about towards soil conservation? Water clean-up/pollution prevention (PFAS, and trash clean-up). (Another option) What about 15 bn. in paying off debts (or THE national debt, that is), 17.85 bn on these measures? - What about working towards good policies that would save Americans money and build up our country (Healthcare, paternity care, etc) by taxing the rich (corporations mostly), taking back the Fed and restoring the balances of power (within government)? What about shaving off BILLIONS from the military budget - Billions and billions! What about if we urged other countries, our main allies to do the same type of things that make us more independent and less reliant on imports and the volatility of global markets (/products, such as oil and gas). Common sense.

What would you do? (without any multi-choice only type answers that sway ones thinking) - What do I think most Americans would do? Help the poor and homeless. Help the environment and energy dependencies like the above. Probably forgive student loan debt (that's a pretty popular thing, in the left anyway, since Bernie Sanders mentioned/mentions it a lot, but I don't think the idea was or would be ever that mainstream or large before 2010 or especially before 2000 - but our economy was better I guess then and a degree meant probably quite a bit more I guess, I have a feeling and intuitive sense of that thing as anyway but I'm influenced by my life and media, also, looking at the older 40 year olds and plus generation(s)).

Think about the numbers for a while...150 million in aid....would that not be enough? Thousands and thousands and thousands times 10 times 150.

I would say that would be good and spend the rest on myself - getting myself out of debt and investing in my future.

I bet a lot of people would probably just choose to spend it all on paying off the debt. Understandable. Not a bad choice I would say. I can see your point. For sure, for sure. Fair enough...

Yet, our President and these dems can't even fight for or do what they run their campaigns on and say that they'll do if elected (I'm about this, and this and this).

Not that that even matters much, if you're just running a deficit and can't actually or effectively pay for it.

And on the Republican side, (like Trump for example), yeah, the economy is going to be stronger and it's nice right now (or in the short term) but it's unsustainable in the long term. In the long term it's death - its ruin for the country. - You can also pump/help the economy by spending to create jobs etc. of course as well...

And in actuality, we should all know the Federal Reserve is independent of the Government. Now anyways, it wasn't always like that...

Biden roasts Trump and himself at correspondents’ dinner ( - How much did that cost with all these celebrities? Is that the role of a U.S. president? To be liked or whatnot by celebrities? Nothing wrong with having a dinner with the media and thoughts and opinions. I kind of like Trump's "I don't care" attitude and remarks on the issue better honestly. - Bunch of lies and propaganda for war and spreading U.S. "liberal hegemony" when actually, we don't care about Democracy and Human rights (nor especially about human suffering). Only if it's in our neoliberal or geopolitical interests (see - Saudi Arabia).

Decent Video: The Great Delusion with Professor John Mearsheimer 619,249 views Oct 10, 2018. - I don't disagree really but would add a lot of points to his talk...I like his definitions of liberalism, nationalism and liberal hegemony.

War Journalist - from China - 271k views - Maslak's war diary: Increased troop strength around Azovstal plant CGTN 271K views

Nazi's. - Our gov. knows and has known for years now that there's a large Nazi element in the Ukraine military. This goes even deeper...

Stunning: - It seems the same type of mainstream media we have here in the United States is basically the same as it is in Europe. Not so surprising but, yeah...and people wonder and calls others crazy/conspiracy theorists about an "Illuminati" and dark shadow government working to destroy and bring about a one world government. Makes one wonder really, what are the aims of the truly elite super rich? (people entrenched in dizzying amounts of wealth, eating usury and profiting off the chaos and destruction of the world?)

Warning, lots and lots of cursing but has a lot of good and honest information in it (I honestly wrote my notes last night and then some this morning, before I saw this video, kind of asking the same questions of the justifications of sending that much to Ukraine, but is more well researched):

Other notes (this morning):

What if the fed just balanced interest rate, printing and GDP growth - ? balanced - "A square deal" (from the book, and what was proposed in 1909 before the creation of the Federal Reserve by a Congress member, I forget his name, - the book "Tyranny of the Federal Reserve") ( - I think, wouldn't that just make things level? - that would be alright but kind of pointless, - there would be no real need of a Fed. as in board members and people controlling it (messing with these things, it would of course, just be based on data/cold hard facts)).

Better yet is to do away with the Fed and the interest-based (sick), debt-based system, nationally (yes) but even more so, internationally as well.

? is how? - No more printing of money? No more interest and debt - would just be a steady-state system with all U.S. dollars in circulation as is, for all time going forward, and that's that. - What more confidence in a currency than could one have or want? (- in terms of foreign confidence and investment...*shrug* (*thinking, thinking...I don't know...*).

Banks then are just managers and middlemen and there is more "true" competition...(interesting, very interesting to think about anyway).

Also, if there was just a simple flat tax for everyone...that wouldn't be such a bad system either. I don't think anyway, would be all right...(add in a wealth tax or "zakat" of 2.5% in a steady-state system...maybe that then would be close or closer to actual Shariah state/law, with of course, a just ruler and rules and taking care of the people at the bottom of society with that money, that is more of an Islamic state actually (...anyway, is just Islam (just my religion, not everyone elses, I know...) and America is definitely not Muslim, so it would be unjust to go against the will of the people even in Islamic idealogy, as an example, to ban porn or alcohol in the United States...))(Anyway, that's just thoughts from a guy and more of a newer convert (or revert us Muslims call it)(I believe democracy is very congruent with Islamic ideals, you run, submitting yourself and your positions, you win or lose, and then you are accountable to your/the population you represent but also, using one's own brain to think and vote and do and to justify those positions one takes, and if one gets re-elected or not, then fine, it's okay, there's no forcing, but one should be honest about their selves and their positions, as a true believer, we are (or should hold ourselves) held account by God and should fear him, so one shouldn't get themselves into a situation or position that they don't want to be in, that's for sure...this is just from my understanding and what I know anyway, and just telling the truth).

And anyway, what about the morality of all this? The financial system. The "global ruin(s)". The IMF and World Bank. Africa (already straddled with the history of colonialism (so wrong, IMO we should help these countries we've hurt - reparations you could call it, foreign aid...I would like to have my country be about and do that...anyway(!)(that would be awesome, that would be nice - towards global development and ecological sustainability).

- I think it would be awesome to just have a hard reset. A "great reset". Planned out (give everyone and everything a fair amount of time to prepare, would be a huge economic shock). A global new Paris climate agreement. A reset and dissolution of the Federal Reserve. A "New World Order", yes, but democratic and transparent, and very few rules (just being that, most countries and people of the world would agree to - given a very high, you know (not confidence level but similar...) vote). How to achieve true peace...(boring!, yes, maybe peace and goodness might seem a bit "boring" and life might be at a bit of a slower pace). Would be nice not to have to worry about Nukes and weapons of mass destruction and all (robots, A.I., incoming...)...and a chance for healing...

What is what - ...economically and for goodness' sake...what is the purpose of money, of progress, of peace :)

I like my page...( ) and thinking about it and its efficacy and whatnot...ideas can change the world....- We should work together to achieve (efficiency, progress, best, best systems, isn't that what capitalism, real capitalism anyway, does within businesses? and competition between -(businesses). Do not nation-states work in very similar ways (and so, the world - yes, I believe that theory (nation-states work for their own self-interest)) - the nation-state acting as like self-interested businesses?...(Si, si ; yep, yep).



Happy Eid Mubarak everyone. Assalaam.

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