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Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Good video. Love the diversity of people and cultures on Earth. Beautiful words and knowledge.

Before that...these videos:

Watched a few minutes of this...

With 1.4 million views. Squid game...trending, like everything is just fun and games. Haha...(pretty disgusting show imo after watching the first episode, it started off okay but then gets kind of gross).

Then this.

Really makes one think, what is up with the world today and the values that the world values and what kids do and get exposed to...but of course, one has to decide for themselves and search for answers in life...


Al-Baqara. :). Follow the sunnah. Mercy unto the worlds. Life/Reality:

"Don't be an extremist". "Don't be an extremist". "Don't be an extremist". --- "Those who pray"...


Am very content in my beliefs and see truths in so many words and people etc. "la illaha il-lallah" - There is no God but Allah (SWT). Arrahman Arraheem - "The lord of the worlds".

More Islam:

Interesting...liking this new YT Channel I found: - Sufi Islam things:


Great video series:


This is why I believe in a UBI but with limits and also realize the pitfalls of such things if government is corrupt and/or too authoritarian.

- And in education reform (learning how to learn is most important). And, to a lesser extent and for other reasons - Universal healthcare/and/or creating and implementing the best (that we can know and come to understand) systems for cost and efficiency, but also for justice and good ol' plain human dignity.

I don't think it necessarily has to be totally free (healthcare) but it does seem like Capitalistic ideals within the realm of healthcare can end up being very costly to a nations people. The capitalist ideals within healthcare needn't extend beyond creating and government should have a big role it seems; like that is the easier way to regulate prices for services. Especially at this point in time since increasing real capitalism which would or could drive down prices (in capitalist ideals anyway) via competition at this time aren't really feasible because of what has or is already is in reality in terms of money and power (monopolizing factors - unless you really change laws in a big way and reverse monopolization).


This is pretty amazing:

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