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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Is a sad world.

It is sad the amount of debt we have with how little progress has been made since Bill Clinton as President had the national debt at a reasonable level. It is the Republicans tactics though of course also to not take any action that will actually go towards helping every day people and our countries long term future and not just "the economy" and if Trump was president then they are happy to pass bills every now and then to help "the people" and take credit for it. Is like just a big political game and the neoliberal Dems play it too and are probably in the pockets/at the behest of the corporate masters. And everybody is getting pissed and mad, especially at the left, because it's becoming so easy to see through their bullcrap and supposed "values" and Nationalism grows and Trump will probably be President again.

Does sound like some bullcrap. How can we trust the government at this point? And yet, what do the Republicans do for people and the planet? They're worse than the left and are okay with for profit prisons and extreme inequality and short term profits. How many of these guys voted against the wars or actually decreasing the governments overreach and budget etc. and helping achieve more true capitalism and a more level playing field and doing good for small businesses and increasing competition....yet this, -> that is freedom? Profit over all, efficiency over quality and any and all aspects of life and imposing views/laws on people. And I have my own views as well...true.

Obama...mixed up feelings about America and Obama. Is/was he for real? is all of these presidents since 2000 actually real? or do they put on a front, and a show? Do they actually believe in what they're saying and doing? It did appear Obama tried really hard - he seemed like he worked really hard, and gave good speeches and tried doing good things - The ACA/Obamacare (I liked his first proposal a lot better of a government insurance option to compete in the insurance free market economy but he was blocked on many things he tried doing by Republicans and couldn't get that much done for 6 years, though he tried. But he still didn't FIX a lot of things, that he could have, if what he says he was about doing, such as fighting climate change. He still could've done more, a lot more...IMO and so yeah...and his foreign policy and overall actions we're more imperialistic in reality than anything. And he set up Wall St. and the economy for Trump to come in and take credit for a lot of growth and whatnot.


Thinking about career options and exploring stuff (again). I know I just need to settle and stick to some goals and a bigger overall goal but

This girl seems like such a good person (God is great!). There's so many good people in the U.S.

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Really great video:

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