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Cool - Silence, Science - Logic

Would be awesome if the Federal Government went faster (like "fast-tracked") the usage of micro-dosing magic mushrooms for use as a more natural anti-depressant. Just little things like that I think would make a potentially big difference in a lot of people's lives and I don't see why many Americans would have a problem with it. Is like the government wants to be not trusted and hated on by so many Americans and just don't care about the majority.

I think this site and this constant looking into the world is really causing me a lot of unnecessary stress and grief. I am in not a good position in life and without any real, I feel, realistic goals. I feel like I just need to refocus and try to become a hydrologist or something else in the environmental career field but that's what I'm going to shoot for. Really just need to hunker down for years probably and it's fine I suppose. I want to feel proud of the work I do and want to do meaningful good work. My religious beliefs say that nearly all work is good work and a lot of other things and I don't know with my speech impediment and social anxiety related stuff if I'll ever get much of anywhere in politics, especially with such a crappy background and history. Anyways, yeah, been messing up in my life and need to stop and just do work. Let God/Allah handle things and place trust in him. Not worry about the world and others so much. I'm sorry but then again, this stuff is very egotistical and I don't know if it's all right or wrong. A mix probably. I don't want to help evil. Satanism warns about this kind of thinking in a way true (Lavey Satanism), seems like the West's principles and/or leaders are about a lot of this kind of thinking and ideals - placing self above all even if it comes at the cost of others and just following whatever desires one wishes to follow. I question myself on this a a struggle and confusing. Do good and good comes to you though, that is true and then you can help others as well.


"In Eastern cultures, 'silence' is a state of 'oneness with all things', the highest state of wisdom," said said Laila Chin-Hui Fan, the founder of the Soundscape Association of Taiwan, who advocated for the park's designation. "At the same time, it is also deeply transformative.""

"Ironically, it took a global pandemic for the world to realise this.

In September 2020, the journal Science published a report concluding that the coronavirus lockdown produced "the longest and most coherent global seismic noise reduction in recorded history" – a months-long reduction in seismic noise of up to 50% across 77 countries, according to the study. All of a sudden, people from New York to New Delhi began to notice the lilt of birds, the rustling of leaves and what Hempton called, "the soundtrack of the planet [and] the think tank of the soul.”

"Before Covid, the most common question we got at QPI was, 'Why is quiet important?'," he said. "Now, land managers, local communities and governments are asking how they can be next."

On 18 July, QPI will announce London's Hampstead Heath as its second Urban Quiet Park, followed by five nature reserves in and around Stockholm on 21 July (Judarskogen, Hansta, Älvsjöskogen, Kyrkhamn and Sätraskogen). In August, The Ramble, Central Park's 36-acre woodland landscape, will be the first QPI-designated park in the US, followed shortly after by Houston's Armand Bayou Nature Reserve. Before the end of the year, there will also be Urban Quiet Parks in Caen, France; Brussels, Belgium; and Villach, Austria.


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