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Updated: May 21, 2021

Excellent documentary - keep kids safe!:


Forgiveness & Compassion Rule! Ego matters...

I'm sometimes having problems nowadays with silly things - thinking too critical I believe, and recognize in my mind, of being so judgmental towards certain people - like social media popular trans-gender homosexually out and "pushy" type of people. I don't want to judge and think negatively of them the same time, we are judgmental beings who see through conscious filters.

Actions do matter as well. Forgiveness should still reign though - especially given the state of the world - society - today. Everybody wants freedom and equality. To be treated decently and respected - liked, at least to some degrees (by certain people(s)).

I also think, and know I am a bit big-headed about my ideas being the best. The Medicare For All (M4A) people on the issue of health care and how best to go about working to fix that issue in America for example. It's okay to disagree on some things. It's expected. It's expected that we, should think our ideas our best, because, we are us. Still, we shouldn't let small differences on how to go forward or how best to deal with an issue, stop us from listening and cooperating, discussing our viewpoints. etc. It's okay to disagree. It's not so great, to treat others badly or so and do things that hurt others. Action is the highest form of self-realization and social interactivity. Obviously, laws are above us as individuals and so, when we break rules, etc. we have to take responsibility. We can disagree with rules and laws, but unless we change them, they have standing.


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