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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

So just saw this video:

And that is good news. I feel i could contribute and do these kinds of things if i was in Congress and more, and giving scientific evidence as proofs of supporting my proposals.

I know all of this and have advocated elsewhere (mostly just for my friends on Facebook) about these things and on a deeper level but the video does a fair job of explaining things, its just very short. Which is fine and good as well though and made for a mass audience.

A scientific paper titled "Land Use Legacies" goes into better detail of how long it takes for the environment to truly recover from say, clear cutting of forests.

In one of my papers I did on water use policy (class at KU the main thing) I found and advocated for was lengthening riparian buffer zones for streams and watersheds.

It's great Biden is making this a day one priority though!

On another note, I've hidden some of my pages on the site in fear of having ideas stolen from me. Sorry if it seems greedy or not good for society and humanity but I'm not in a position to receive the proper credit for my ideas if they do get stolen.

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