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Personal Islamic Things and also Impersonal Socialist Things

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

I feel/relate to this video and what Stephen Jackson says in it so much I made a small reaction video to it. Here is the video and my reaction video

Might make another video on the topic.

Really liked this video - I myself was a former secular humanist before all of these experiences and things in my life - like signs, that like, we are God's children and he loves each one of us and wants us to do well and be happy in our lives - and do well for others and the world - as that brings up happiness and good things will come our way in doing so.


On to other topics - not that one's being and belief's on life are truly separate from self but we should separate politics and political views and external things from personal things.

My reaction: Where is justice, where is our judicial system at work with such corruption and people giving themselves severance pay!? in my opinion, It's sad our state of politics and morals and therefore sad our country is. As it is. People are fed up and mad. Where is justice, where is democracy at work, where is trust and respect especially towards the masses - our fellow men and women? That's real systemic racism and injustice even if they don't see or realize it themselves.

On that kind of topic, here is another very good video from Russell -

Yes, we, the masses, give consent that some people are ridiculously rich and we don't have much of a problem with it until things get too bad and we are treated without respect and dignity.

Watching the below video now while doing my morning stretching - my back is so bad and messed up. I thought that what he says around the 19-minute mark is so good it bears paraphrasing/repeating:

The 2nd way Marxism or "socialist" actions will be distributed - is going to be through government central planners. People in the government plan who gets what. So capitalism is markets and private enterprising and socialism and government or government planning is planning and distribution (or social distribution) and who gets what.

The tax bracket has been around since the inception of taxes. Socialism was expanded much under FDR and the "rebellion' of the hippies and hippy-type ideologies were socialist ideals - but they weren't called socialist and the government never wants us to start questioning capitalism and government and its role within capitalism on how to direct and control it within our own country, but of course, it's fine and patriotic and our duty to spread "freedom" throughout the world (neoliberal conquest -ing). - Which in my opinion, capitalism is a good and fine system but could be made better - much like Marx (without even knowing that about Marx before).

Updated 9:56 a.m. - Finished watching the video: Highly recommended. Pretty much verifies or supports my thoughts on Capitalism that I've had and felt since I was a young teenager - and the source of a lot of my depression and apathy towards/in my life.

What I propose - with such ambitious change - at it's current state (my site and it's proposals), are imperfect possibly and still in flux or development but valid and pretty decent ideas/ideals (in my opinion anyway). More democracy extending even to the private sector is such an interesting idea I haven't thought about - I've just always or started to, with the help of Naomi Klein's "No Logo" book when I was about 20 years old - I've always been focused on democracy and thinking about individual rights and even more "micro democracy" at a city level, that is giving cities and communities the power to decide what businesses should be able to come in and where and controlling spaces (billboards, etc.) that I never thought about extending democratization to the private organizations as well other than the constructs of unions. So it is quite interesting, to me anyway. I do think Capitalism works well in many ways/respects but...that it can be made much better and fairer - that it should include all aspects of society (or "built society") as and especially because it is the dominant economic paradigm of the world; therefore it must take into consideration all of it's effects on the world, or attempt to, at the least

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