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Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Political labels are confusing in America now-days.

I use to consider myself a liberal Democrat (would probably still be considered that by the political labeling in today's climate) and still lean very liberal and un-authoritarian but in perspective of the Republican party (for example, Trump and the federal budget and increasing deficit, calling themselves "conservative") now and with my recent self-development through this site (thinking, questioning such huge things/systems and society) and also Islam; Am I something more of a "conservative (on money, personal moral values, tradition, respect towards history) liberal (personal freedom and rights, valuing peoples rights over authoritarian controls and business, giving more power to cities and states, union type powers) democratic (right to vote and shape society, belief in education) socialist (redistribution of wealth, justice, fairness within capitalist society and also belief that the top must shape good policy and guide society through democracy (key point) and people having more of a say in the economy for society and also worldly matters and affairs).

Our political system its like...diluted and at the same time, convoluted (it seems). Dilution through convolution I suppose. Is tearing and dividing apart. Because people take up these labels and trying to push and believe in or for certain particular things (BLM, CRT, Medicare 4 All, you name it) and trying to use them politically against each other.

This picture is what I would truly call "woke" (really dislike the word now because it's being used to describe new conservative type arguments and beliefs, which depending on the subject, can be good arguments and perspectives in my opinion).

Do away with labels, just keep an open mind and think for yourself is what I say. Form a base of education and base of self - keeping an open mind and thinking for yourself is key - always while learning. Think, make connections, observations, especially those that are based in the real world are best. Real-life lessons are best, better than watching videos but here's a lot of videos I like recently.


It might seem "mean" but it's actually so good for the self to refrain from weakness. Builds up self. Lots of psychological work, character building. I use to say "I don't care" or "what's it matter" so much with my atheist mindset and it leads to just being miserable. - Knowing that - even rich people who have so much money can be so miserable seemingly and so unhappy still, even committing suicide.

Destroy to rebuild. We are in such a decaying world. All these materials and everything comes from the earth or powered by the sun, etc. but decay. To live and have shelter it takes consumption and it creates waste. We are all made of star-stuff. Our cells even have intrinsic like intelligence built into them. Man/We think we are so great yet we can't even make a fly and a mosquito bite could harm us much.

Really love the idea for the world Presents unto the world - my site and ideas are cool though as well - maybe something is wrong or not quite perfect but our world is not perfect either nor is it all peaceful.


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