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A Few Good Men

Sunday 10/02/22


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All Things Co-op: Shifting to a Cooperative International Order 1,983 views Premiered Sep 27, 2022

Democracy At Work 286K subscribers [S6 E12] Shifting to a Cooperative International Order In this special All Things Co-op season finale, Kevin traces a brief history of international relations, discusses the rise of international law and the failure of the UN to address our current global dilemmas, and speculates that a cooperative, rather than competitive, international order is necessary to create a sustainable, peaceful world.


in describing Marx's theory of

1:34 historical materialism one describes the

1:37 hitherto history of humanity in the

1:39 following stages in the evolution of

1:41 different modes of production in Europe

1:43 at least the Primitive communist the

1:46 ancient or slave the feudal and then the

1:49 capitalist

1:51 they're not much discussed in Marx the

1:53 first the Primitive communist is often

1:55 seen as existing before the Neolithic

1:57 Revolution and the Advent of agriculture

2:00 it is thought of as being made up of

2:03 small family groups bands or tribes of

2:05 hunter-gatherers

2:06 this Society is often viewed as being

2:08 highly egalitarian and Cooperative owing

2:11 to Humanity's kin-based group tendency

2:14 the egalitarian prehistory is contrasted

2:17 with post-neolithic revolutionary

2:19 Societies in which there becomes a

2:21 division of labor in the first class

2:23 divisions in which there are those who

2:25 do the majority of the labor usually

2:27 slaves or indentured laborers and those

2:29 who do not

2:31 in Guns Germs and Steel Jared Diamond

2:33 argues that as groups become larger

2:36 growing over 1500 people or so the

2:38 ability to maintain General egalitarian

2:41 structures becomes less and less tenable

2:43 thereby explaining the emergence of

2:45 social hierarchies in class divisions

2:48 while a recent book by the late David

2:49 Graber and David wengro the dawn of

2:52 everything casts significant doubts on

2:54 this formulation it shows that there's a

2:56 sort of dichotomous way we view the

2:58 potential ways in which Humanity has and

3:00 can form itself at scale either through

3:03 strict centralized violence in forced

3:06 authoritarian hierarchies on one side

3:08 and open distributed social enforced

3:11 communitarian organizations on the other

3:14 a sort of competitive versus Cooperative

3:16 dynamic

3:18 while neither of these systems are

3:19 inevitable as we see in the course of

3:21 human history we see large civilizations

3:24 in Mesopotamia Egypt Greece China Africa

3:27 India and Rome

3:29 we see that these states engaged with

3:31 one another in the same way that

3:33 individual human beings do sometimes

3:35 cooperatively as in trade and

3:37 philosophical and scientific transfers

3:39 and also competitively as in economic

3:42 sanctions blockades and of course War

3:46 this interaction sometimes is mutually

3:48 beneficial sometimes leading to the ruin

3:51 and genocide of other groups and it

3:53 gives rise to a situation still present

3:56 in our current day international

3:58 relations

4:00 while the field of international

4:01 relations is a fairly new area of study

4:04 the fact of international relations goes

4:06 back to time immemorial

4:09 there's been a long-standing aspect to

4:12 the way large groups at the state or

4:14 civilization level relate to one another

4:16 and that's conflict

4:18 even today we're well aware of the

4:20 near-constant nature of war between

4:22 among and even inside States

4:26 the use of physical Force War has been a

4:29 feature of humanity for as long as there

4:31 have been humans

4:32 but it was not until we created class

4:34 societies and large Empires that we saw

4:37 the kind of warfare that is present in

4:39 the common imagination large land and

4:42 sea armies battling it out on the plains

4:44 mountains and oceans in Grand historical

4:47 conflagrations that would decide the

4:50 fate of monarchies ruling classes and

4:52 entire nations

4:55 though for much of human history war was

4:57 a short seasonal Affair armies would

5:00 form they would engage in a campaign

5:01 fight a battle or two and figure out a

5:03 resolution based on the conclusion

5:05 it wasn't until the Industrial

5:07 Revolution and the move away from

5:09 feudalist thieftims to capitalist nation

5:11 states did we see the Advent of truly

5:14 unending total and worldwide Warfare

5:18 [Music]

5:19 along with the development of

5:20 international competition came

5:22 International Cooperative Ventures

5:24 diplomats and return members created

5:27 connections and fostered economic

5:29 scientific and intellectual interactions

5:30 something like the Silk Road furthering

5:33 and allowing cooperation among different

5:36 groups of people

5:37 indeed major ideas and ethical

5:40 philosophical technological spread from

5:43 all areas of the globe through these

5:45 interconnected Networks

5:48 from early on great Empires would engage

5:51 in both cooperative and competitive acts

5:53 and what developed was the notion that

5:55 stability necessitated a sort of balance

5:58 of power between and among these groups

6:01 but there was as there is internally an

6:04 inequality among these International

6:06 actors and so the notion of the quote

6:08 unquote great power came unto the world

6:11 stage

6:12 these great Powers could act with

6:14 impunity and use their economic and

6:16 Military might to subsume encircle or

6:19 snuff out competitors

6:21 it was between these great powers that

6:24 the balance of power was to be

6:25 maintained

6:26 however stability never lasted forever

6:29 and as these Powers switched priorities

6:31 and alliances what popular podcaster

6:33 Mike Duncan called the stately quadrille

6:36 after an 18th century dance style where

6:38 parties would continually switch

6:39 partners

6:40 the balance of power would be

6:42 interrupted and the result would almost

6:44 always be War

6:46 the situation totally broke down in the

6:48 blood bass of the earliest 20th

6:50 centuries in World War one and World War

6:53 II

6:55 after the end of World War One a

6:58 consultative body the League of Nations

7:00 attempted to break down this system and

7:02 prepare a new wage of international

7:04 relations

7:05 but coming at the heels of the victory

7:07 of some great Powers over others it

7:10 sought not to tear down the rule of the

7:12 few of the many primarily in the form of

7:14 great power imperialism but instead

7:16 enshrine it

7:18 and so it was totally unsuccessful and

7:21 the world fell back into war just 20

7:24 years later

7:37 out of that conflict was the second try

7:40 the United Nations

7:43 and while the United Nations still

7:44 stands the jury is out on whether it has

7:47 fulfilled its role of protecting

7:49 International Peace and security

7:51 indeed soldiers on both sides of the

7:53 Ukrainian war and Wars across Africa and

7:56 the Middle East would probably tell you

7:59 no

8:01 and why is that

8:02 because the United Nations and

8:04 particularly the United Nations security

8:06 Council that's tasked with literally

8:08 ensuring International Peace and

8:09 security allows for permanent membership

8:12 and veto Power by you guessed it the

8:16 great powers

8:18 just as the league did in 1919 the U.N

8:21 enshrines the continued unfair unequal

8:24 distribution of world power and gives

8:27 the keys to the world to France the

8:30 United Kingdom China Russia and the

8:33 United States

8:34 these groups have authorized acts of War

8:37 like in Libya and Yugoslavia and failed

8:40 to prevent others like in Yemen Iraq and

8:43 Ukraine

8:45 this inability for the security Council

8:47 to do its job owes to the fact that the

8:49 United Nations system assumes that in

8:52 order to ensure International Peace and

8:54 security it must empower the great

8:56 powers to do so

8:58 and in this sense it relies more on the

9:00 competitive aspect of international

9:01 relations than the cooperative

9:05 so is another world possible

9:07 is it not merely idealistic to think

9:10 that there could be a truly Cooperative

9:12 United Nations which is not dominated by

9:15 a few of the great Powers but instead by

9:18 a world Community engaged together in a

9:20 common Pursuit

9:22 the so-called realist perspective of

9:24 international relations suggests the

9:26 answer is no and this perspective has

9:29 dominated thinking going back to the

9:31 Treaty of Westfalia the traditional

9:33 starting point of quote-unquote

9:35 international law

9:37 but this perspective has not diminished

9:39 the potential for War and the great

9:41 consequences thereof in fact it's caused

9:45 it

9:46 as such it behooves us to counteract

9:49 this realist perspective of

9:50 international politics and to propose a

9:52 different Theory a Cooperative theory of

9:55 international politics in which the

9:57 basic premise is not the maintenance of

9:59 peace and security via the enforcement

10:01 of great military and political powers

10:04 but instead to provide mechanisms for

10:06 states to work with one another and

10:08 among one another in recognition of

10:10 their intertwined and interconnected

10:12 nature so as to actually tackle the

10:15 greatest threats to International Peace

10:16 and security such as climate change

10:21 the irony is that in international

10:23 relations the state is the main actor

10:25 yet it's the state itself that is the

10:28 greatest threat to International Peace

10:29 and security

it was always the dream of the

11:41 international working men's association

11:42 and the following socialist

11:44 Internationals to create a unified

11:47 system of international organizations of

11:49 working people to facilitate a worldwide

11:51 revolution in topolis system which

11:53 maintains this great power dynamic both

11:56 within and outside of Nations embodied

12:00 most obviously by the capitalist mode of

12:02 production itself

12:03 however given a series of historical

12:06 political economic and social

12:07 circumstances these Internationals

12:09 either broke apart or became the tools

12:12 of a new kind of imperialism

12:16 but the assertion of a possibility of a

12:18 genuinely Democratic participatory

12:20 egalitarian international organization

12:22 is the right and proper goal of a future

12:25 International order

12:27 especially in the age of nuclear weapons

12:29 and of climate change

12:31 this organization would unlike the

12:34 United Nations not allow individual

12:36 states to have a veto power over the

12:38 others or to enshrine a disproportionate

12:41 Power Balance and influence based

12:43 primarily on wealth and Military might

12:46 in some consultative body

12:49 instead it would provide a measure of

12:50 equity to allow nation-states who've had

12:52 their wealth and power removed by

12:54 Imperial Endeavors the ability to recoup

12:57 and find a form of recompense for the

13:00 theft of a previous epoch

13:04 this idea is not impossible and it is

13:07 desirable

13:09 in the second decade of the 21st century

13:11 as a war rages in the Bread Basket of

13:13 the world and as a new cold war between

13:15 the United States and China

13:18 and a global threat to International

13:19 Devastation via climate change threatens

13:21 the entire world

13:23 the wholesale inability of our current

13:26 system to properly deal with these

13:28 problems presents us with a mandate

13:30 a mandate to move away from this

13:33 precarious realist position a system led

13:36 by corrupt selfish and short-sighted

13:38 national interests and instead move into

13:41 a new dynamic in which International

13:43 interests and the will and desire of the

13:45 world's full population takes precedent

13:48 over the simple self-interest of

13:50 powerful nation-states


a Cooperative International order based

13:55 on the principles embodied in say the

13:57 Rochdale principles

13:59 and even those idealistic principles set

14:00 forth by previous communist

14:02 Internationals is the only possible way

14:05 to claw our way out of the whole we've

14:07 dug ourselves in by an inherence to this

14:09 real politic or realist perspective

14:12 in how our nation-states deal with one

14:14 another

14:15 indeed as capital has torn down National

14:18 barriers in order to allow itself to

14:19 flow freely so too should we break down

14:22 these International barriers between us

14:24 and create a new world not based on

14:26 imaginary lines drawn on maps but

14:29 instead on one linked by our United

14:30 common interest to live in peace and

14:33 Harmony and cooperation

14:36 with one another

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20:52 oh David (A.S.)

20:58 we are hereby appointing you establishing you

21:04 as Khalifa on Earth I'm going to come back to the word Khalifa

21:15 when we appoint you and establish you as Khalifa

21:20 you must establish governments governance sorry you must establish your

21:26 rule you may establish your law on the basis of Truth so now we know Khalifa

21:34 is one who establishes government law rule over a people

21:41 and it must be based on truth and Truth does not come from Washington

21:47 it doesn't come from United Nations organization it doesn't come from

21:52 conferences truth comes from the one who created us

21:58 all and who has it in his hand like this

and peace cannot be established without Justice and to oppress a people is

46:29 Injustice that's what Modi is doing in Kashmir and the Hindu people must wake

46:36 up and understand that the religion of Hinduism does not accept oppression

46:42 the people the Jewish people must understand that Judaism does not accept oppression and that's what Israel is

46:49 doing to the Palestinians and this is what Ukraine had been doing in numbers

46:55 so here's the verse

47:04 and know that the Lord God invites mankind unto the world of peace and

47:11 guides those who are willing to be guided unto the straight way

47:16 and then finally the last verse of the Quran I want to share with you

47:23 is it uh the Quran reminds us for those who have forgotten in the

47:30 modern West the Musa Islam announced to the Israelite people

47:37 in the little uh the Earth below

47:43 to Allah if the Earth belongs to Allah that it is

47:49 Allah who decides how the law should be established to

47:55 regulate Affairs on the earth they believe as though they own the Earth

48:01 that they are the chosen people of the Lord God they have come with a

48:06 civilization which is dazzling the world with their scientific and technological

48:12 Revolution they have they have mountains of bread all the

48:19 wealth of the world is in them and they've impoverished all the rest of mankind with riba and

48:27 they're the words policemen and we must all submit to them and bow to them

48:33 but they're forgotten that the Earth does not belong to them

48:40 the Earth belongs to Allah


Interesting, hard to rationalize and understand...morally bankrupt and irrational capitalism and confusion in today's world gone mad -> many words and self-righteous putrid demeaning stuff. Nasty (I'm like with Jimmy, is like okay, shut your mouth and talk about the actual policies and what the person is about and trying to do, not about what student organizations they were apart of years ago etc. ...and I don't know much of anything about politics and these politicians in Italy, etc. but is interesting...) When did all these words come to be so in everyone's minds and consciousness in these times...right...because. Trust in Allah --> Wake Up.






Warning - cursing:

4:45 of the Father Son and Holy Spirit (Muslims don't believe this of course)

4:49 we have worked in behalf of mankind

4:55 it's the day of creation

5:00 I knew it would be a tug of war

5:04 from the time of Adam

5:07 all the way till now

5:11 I have made a promise that I will never

5:14 leave you