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Interesting to think about:


--------- Worry about our country --------- and the world.

Too much weak mindedness brings about sickness and frailty, is true...what kind of safety does a person need? What's the problem? I feel sorry for these people but what's sadder is trying to be like a teacher/professor or in the public spotlight all the time then having to deal with all that nastiness from people. Yet the same people are the ones who want more equality and justice, so how does that not include examining the past and those conditions truly?

That doesn't make sense. Grappling with your own emotions about how things can make you feel uncomfortable is a part of growth and knowledge so that we can have a more holistic view and feel empathy and understanding for other people and their experiences and emotions. Also understanding ourselves. It shouldn't be turned around to demonize other people. That's dangerous. Fascist-like.

That's what I am truly coming to dislike about some of the more and most leftist people here in the U.S. It/people are going too far and forgetting everyone is human and instead of placing empathy and understanding and compassion for others and logic (thinking about the effects of actions), they're just putting themselves first and pointing fingers. It's healthy psychologically and egotistically but is actually weak and has more negative effects than positive ones (that I can reason anyway). It's is setting up the whole democratic party itself up for failure and our nation collapsing, possibly seperating like some people believe...but who knows what will happen.

Can we not have a more middle balanced view and judging issues by their own? Not left or right....obviously (been saying/preaching that but)...anyway...

(Longer documentary-style interview about a book called "The Jakarta Method")

Worry about the CIA and revolutionaries within country at this time, will they ever allow peace and nation-building and true democracy and peace at all levels - for the world and the nation-state down? MLK was killed, Malcolm X, JFK, etc. and I wish I could do more but I'm not a good talker at all really and have some anxiety just even in small situations...some weird thinking and lots of thinking and worrying, etc. as well...

3.5 trillion isn't that much over 10 years...more is needed. Taxes need to be raised more on the rich....a whole lot of things need to be my opinion.

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