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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Dec. 04 2022 - Dec. 11 2022

May Allah be pleased with us. May Allah Most High be pleased with Ali R.A. and the companions and family of the Prophet S.A.W. May Allah S.W.T. forgive us. Love, Peace and the Choicest BEST Blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

May Allah Most High be pleased with him:


Short: Why follow a Shaykh? OSMANLI DERGAH • 1.5K views


Worldly matters:

Elections in Taiwan, ruling party suffers massive defeat

The Duran • 80K views

Didn't watch all, seems really good: John Mearsheimer Explains Vietnam and America Max Mearsheimer • 30K views John Mearsheimer Explains Vietnam and America to his son who is traveling to Vietnam and lacks historical perspective.

Haven't watched all: Retired US Army Colonel on Ukraine, Iran & the State of the US Empire theAnalysis-news • 3.9K views In this episode of The Source, we talk with Lawrence Wilkerson, retired Army Colonel and former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, about foreign policy with a focus on North Korea, Iran, and Ukraine....

Some sound wisdom and food for the soul:

Just Keep Walking Away

Dry Creek Wrangler School • 409K views

Has a bit of, quite a lot of American fiscal conservative rhetoric in it but has a lot of personal good advice in it as well:

Freedom to Chains - Paul Harvey Natalie Sims • 419K views

In 1965, American radio host Paul Harvey gave an immense warning to the American people about the fate of the nation. “We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains” is a short film about the parallels...

Put your trust in Allah over people and this world, I'm quite disappointed - Has Cursing in it! - :

This Is the Cringiest Thing Jordan Peterson Has Ever Done Richard Medhurst 60K views


Really interesting stuff about 9/11 - I still personally believe it was a CIA op with Al Qaeda involved AND which had a planned demolition of the WTC which caused it's collapse; therefore, manufacturing consent for them to escalate the Iraq conflict to the American people, the American Congress and the World.

I was a 14-15-year-old kid and knew that going to Iraq wasn't the answer - was not a good or right thing to do - full-scale wars over some terrorism carried out by a few people? And yes, wars, they obviously used it to invade Afghanistan as well.

- "Fighting terrorism in the middle east". Just a ton of de-stabilization in the middle east has occured since 9/11 either at the hands of the U.S. or and there is no debating, during the time in which we, The United States of America is the dominant power in the world and during which the "United Nations" also precedes over (the Arab Spring being hugely cataclysmic).

- They don't want to take any responsibility for the absolutely horrible state of the world and many of the millions or billions of people who have it WORSE off today than before the year 2000(!).

- "Progress" "Peace". Coming from people covering themselves in white masks, who have no vision, who can't see, presenting themselves as good "reformers in the land" but in reality their clothes are stained with blood (and mud - symbolizing in my mind, destruction of society - the opposite of progress - not just materially but "spiritually" one could say as well).

- There are many people in the U.S. and elsewhere, yes, who believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories, it's not shocking - don't act like it is - The thing was very questionable - horrible event yes - but and also yes, kind of unreal. The buildings falling like as they did seems quite, even seemed quite fake to me even as a young teenager when I saw it - watching the news at school. I thought it was really good that some of the victims/victims' families didn't accept the U.S. trying to give to them Afghanistan money as recompense.

Has some cursing I believe (these issues aren't very kid friendly anyway - maybe PG-13, depending upon one's parenting style):

NEW PROOF George Bush Lied About 9/11 Repeatedly! The Jimmy Dore Show 192K views

It’s well established that George Bush knowingly led the country into war against Iraq under false pretenses. And it’s also widely suspected that Bush had a much better idea that Al Qaeda...

Even if you believe the 9/11 story - why wouldn't one be upset about our defense department's ineptitude concerning its information gathering/intelligence concerning Osama Bin Laden's/Al-Qaeda's possession of weapons of mass destruction and the extreme amount of money and lives (American as well - including American soldiers PTSD and disabilities/injuries from fighting), resources etc. spent on fighting a war that's only resulted in such porous outcomes and then the defense department's continued extreme spending when at the same time our troops actual equipment, pay, etc. and our ability to produce like masses of artillery shells like Russia is not even as good or great as them (not such a bad thing IMO right now - I'm rooting more for Russia but this is more of a systemic argument obviously - I was in the service, I know a bit about how much things cost).


Has some cursing but I like this lad, we share a lot of the same thinking on these issues:

U.S. Prepares Troops In Lithuania FOR WAR As Blinken Claims "We Do Not Want World War 3" iEarlGrey • 13K views

Lavrov called the OSCE a marginal organization. According to the minister, this organization has ceased to be viable: Russian military launched an assault on Vodyanoy...

The Dog BITES His Master! iEarlGrey • 25K views

Kolomoisky lost the status of a dollar billionaire in the list of Ukrainian Forbes: Join me over on Locals! - Support me on Patreon!...

Wait! THIS is what they're doing with our money in Ukraine? | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 308K views

The Biden administration is readying a new massive spending package to Ukraine while at the same admitting they can't find at least 20 billion dollars we've already sent. Also reports show...


Didn't watch, but reading his book - also according to his book - we are in for a large recession or another economic crisis - huge private debt, and private debt-to-GDP. "The system requires constant growth" - if it's not growing, it's falling. Economic crises'. "The harm done by economists". - The "mainstream" of economic teaching is "neo-conservative" economics. Get this, in this fantasy world, money doesn't matter (try telling this to the poor people of the world or the working people of the world and in America) and that the money lent and created by banks doesn't matter either (not in their calculations) - also they ignore the findings of economists like Keen who have found a real, historically factual correlation between private debt and GDP: Steve Keen explaining money creation using his Minsky software Positiva Pengar • 1.4K views

Pretty good video - talking about the future (the Fed has announced it already and say they are working on it) CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency:

The Last Piece Of The Puzzle Of The Totalitarian State | John Rubino Liberty and Finance • 23K views Founder of, and co-author of “The Money Bubble” with John Turk, widely followed analyst John Rubino returns to Liberty and Finance to connect the dots to our current...

Might have some cursing, I just kind of like this guy and it's cool to hear from people in different parts of the world:

Dysfunctional Foreign Legion: drunk, ex-criminal, reckless commanders, harass women, spread chaos.

Emil Cosman • 17K views

Didn't watch but this goes into the Hunter Biden story and the "Twitter Files" story - has cursing:

HOLY ******** The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 49K views

Support the show with a contribution: Locals: Patreon: GiveSendGo:

Richard D. Wolff | America's Major Tax SCAM Chris Hedges Fan Club • 7.8K views

Richard David Wolff (born April 1, 1942) is an American Marxian economist, known for his work on economic methodology and class analysis. He is Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University...

Russian FM Lavrov Reveals the Insidious Plan of NATO and the sudden role of the OSCE in Ukraine

True inFo • 50K views

In this video, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov reveals the insidious plan of NATO and the sudden role of the OSCE in Ukraine. Sergey Lavrov delivers a scathing indictment of the NATO alliance and...


Great episode of MOATs:

MOATS Ep 193 with George Galloway George Galloway • 54K views

GEORGE GALLOWAY ⎹ and The Mother of All Talk Shows With guests: Scott Ritter, Margaret Kimberley and Eisa Ali 00:00 05:45 - 07:36 MOATS Introduction with George 08:05 - 29:15 George's...

Inflation, Europe's energy crisis, and the Fed with Richard Wolff | The Chris Hedges Report The Real News Network 171K views

Read the transcript of this interview: The Federal Reserve has responded to runaway...


Oh wow, the plot thickens - I really want to read this book (support and thank libraries!):

How Economists Invented Austerity & Paved the Way to Fascism New Economic Thinking • 564K views

Clara Mattei discusses her new book "The Capital Order: How Economists Invented Austerity and Paved the Way to Fascism" Find the book:


Austerity is born as a tool of reaction

10:55 to prevent the collapse of capitalism

10:59 as a classist socioeconomic system.

11:01 So, austerity is really a political project

11:08 that was extremely successful

11:11 in preventing, foreclosing alternatives to capitalism.

11:16 And how did that happen?

11:18 Well, I reconstruct the first

11:21 international financial conferences

11:23 in Brussels and Genoa, 1919, 1922,

11:28 in which experts, economists, for the first time,

11:32 were called to advise states all over Europe

11:38 and to tell them what was the true economic doctrine

11:41 that should be implemented in order to prevent the collapse.

11:46 And this is the big relationship

11:48 between austerity and technocracy.

11:51 Technocracy, meaning the rule of economic experts

11:54 in advising governments, but more than this,

11:58 technocracy as an epistemic stance

12:02 by which experts can come up with theories

12:08 that are above classist, that are neutral, objective,

12:12 without any sort of bias,

12:14 and thus, the expert as the guide to the solution

12:21 and to the prosperity of all.

12:22 So, very much apolitical theory, and of course,

12:26 this was grounded in the growing marginalist framework.

12:30 The original of neoclassical economics

12:32 that still dominates to this day is really dated

12:35 at the end of the 19th century,

12:38 but was really kind of spreading

12:41 and becoming ingrained

12:45 in the years of the birth of austerity,

12:48 in the 1920s.

12:50 So it is at this point that you see how economic theory

12:55 understood as a framework that expels class conflict,

13:01 expels the worker as the source of value,

13:06 and instead tells us that the economy is made up

13:09 of individuals that are not in conflict with one another,

13:14 but they're actually in harmony,

13:16 and that it's no longer the worker who counts,

13:19 but it's the entrepreneur who is the driver

13:21 of the economic machine,

13:23 it's there that this economic theory

13:26 that seems so apolitical is actually justifying

13:30 the most classist set of economic policies of all.

13:35 And again, we need this theory

13:38 that in its classless guise

13:40 is able to justify policies, the trinity,

13:45 the austerity trinity of fiscal, monetary,

13:48 industrial austerity, that served to crush

13:51 the voice of the workers in a very material way.



hat in fact, austerity policies are nothing but

14:33 the shifting of resources from the majority

14:37 that at that time was empowered.

14:40 Wage shares were very high after the war.

14:43 The Red Biennium, 1918 to 1920,

14:46 in which the workers were raising their voices,

14:48 not just for higher wages,

14:50 but for a really different socioeconomic order.

14:54 Austerity serves to disempower them materially speaking.

15:00 And how does this happen?

15:02 Well, either directly through policies

15:05 that actually make strikes illegal, such as in Italy,

15:09 and curtail wages, and this is what happens

15:12 under Mussolini's Italy, but also indirectly

15:16 by creating an economic downturn.

15:19 So, monetary deflation,

15:21 what we see actually being the main policy agenda now

15:25 of the Fed, monetary deflation together with budget cuts

15:30 have also, the indirect effect,

15:32 that very important indirect effect

15:33 of slowing down the economy,

15:35 creating higher unemployment,

15:38 which, of course, kills the bargaining power of the workers

15:41 and thus, subordinates them in a coercive way

15:44 into accepting the capital order.

15:47 So we see how there's a direct and indirect shift

15:50 of resources and of political power

15:53 from the majority to the minority.

15:56 And in this, austerity is successful

15:59 and it has, what I tried to show in the book is that,

16:02 the origin story only really makes more explicit,

16:06 given that it is a moment in which everyone recognizes

16:09 class conflict as the driving feature

16:12 of the historical moment,

16:14 makes only more explicit what is more nuanced

16:19 and hidden today.

16:21 So this is why we need to take history seriously

16:25 is that if you understand the moment

16:27 in which austerity was born,

16:29 you can really figure out its logic.


Allah Akbar.


Now I'm not a communist actually, I don't know - I'm still learning. I see some good things with some focus on the individual and earning one's wages and doing good work (in all things - now that I'm a Muslim) but also yeah, helping the poor, helping our fellow man and trying to do good and taking care of our environment as well and having good morals and still learning and thinking on economics, is pretty complex...I'm definitely on the left economically, right now anyway:

Comments I like:

@crydiverjenny1 11 days ago I felt these things as an 10 year old, I couldn't make sense of the US economy with what I was being told and from what I saw with my eyes. Everyone I talked to would tell me smarter minds are organizing things and that's why America was the greatest country. I watched my country decline for 30 years then realized, those people are full of poop and we need to take our country back 9 replies

@kitsiewr 11 days ago Thank you! After working for a large corporation 45 years, losing ground every year, I could not agree more. Just amazed by how many of the poorest workers buy the con!

@nickthompson1812 6 days ago (edited) I knew it when I was a child too. And now I feel that we’ve past the point of no return. Money runs our politics and our politics run our economics. Funny enough, our economics give the rich enough money to control out politics. :)

@janelliot5643 2 weeks ago (edited) Everyone who studies economic theory should be required to study policy-making as well - or simply history - instead of staying in that abstract bubble that justifies horrendous policy. Mattei is brilliant. Thanks for sharing @antoniousai7655 9 days ago She's applying Gramsci's theory of how ideology is made to the actual mainstream economic and social zeitgeist. It never fails.I'll read the book for sure.

@oceancreature 3 weeks ago

Wow - I wish everyone could hear and understand the importance of this analysis and see where the world is going. This doesn't end well for humanity as a whole.


- "Ocean creature" - haha, nice name, is what I like - natural - if one gets too caught up in ideology and all that man-made kind of stuff - politics and economics (me) - is like ugh, can get to be a lot and I just want what is more real and natural and vibrant (amazing).


Interesting info:

Islam on the rise in England - Christianity in dramatic decline Blogging Theology 32K views

Less than half of England and Wales population Christian, Census 2021 shows


THE LAWS OF CAPITALISM A Code for the Globe | The Laws of Capitalism Episode 6 New Economic Thinking • 8K views

Laws are national, but international capital transcends borders. Prof. Pistor explains how the domestic law of two hegemons - the United Kingdom and the United States - have become the default...

There is man's laws and values etc. and there is God's - the Heavenly Law and Judgement I believe and us Muslims believe (metaphysics etc.). Islam says to obey one's country's laws - that doesn't mean we have to like them or agree with it all but is good for us. Same with God's Law's.


- All things can be coded as capital

0:06 with the right legal coding.

0:08 Property rights, collateral law, trust, corporate law,

0:12 contract law, and bankruptcy law.

0:14 All of these institutions are coded in the laws of England,

0:17 in the laws of a state in the United States

0:19 such as New York or Delaware, in Germany, in France,

0:22 and many other jurisdictions.

0:24 But they're national, they're domestic,

0:25 they're not international.

0:27 At the same time, we are observing

0:29 that we have a global capitalist system.

0:31 Financial assets are being transferred, you know

0:34 by click of a mouse to different jurisdictions

0:37 in every nanosecond that you can think of.

0:39 So the question is, how can that be?

0:41 Either my argument is wrong, capital actually exists

0:44 outside the law and doesn't need the structures

0:46 that I have suggested, or maybe we have to think again

0:50 how the global system really works.

0:52 (pensive music)

0:57 My answer to this puzzle, how can we have a global system

0:59 that is actually created with private law institutions

1:03 that are national law, is that you could have,

1:06 in theory, a global system that is sustained

1:09 by only a single domestic legal system.

1:12 As long as all other jurisdictions, all other states,

1:16 say, "we will recognize this law and we will also

1:18 make sure that it will be enforced in our countries."

1:21 That's the system we have.

1:22 And we have not one system that sustains global capitalism,

1:26 but the two hegemons at the top of globalization,

1:29 two legal systems, the laws of England and the laws

1:32 of the United States, or more specifically, of New York

1:35 for financial assets and of Delaware for corporations,

1:39 because in the United States, these laws are state law,

1:41 not federal law.

1:43 So we have not a patchwork of multiple

1:46 different jurisdictions where people would really

1:48 shop around and get different legal systems

1:50 from different parts of the world.

1:52 In fact, typically, if there is a choice,

1:54 some systems are more attractive than others,

1:57 and the most attractive system for international trade,

2:00 for international finance, for most financial assets

2:02 that are being traded globally,

2:04 are the laws of England and the laws

2:06 of New York or Delaware.

2:08 That has a long tradition.

2:09 England, as you know, has been a global sea power,

2:12 but that's how you create the capacity to become

2:15 a global center, not only for finance and commerce,

2:18 but also for the law.

2:20 It has to do with a lot of power,

2:22 a lot of economic, political, and legal power.

2:25 So you create standards, you have courts

2:27 that learn how to deal with complex commercial transactions,

2:31 and you attract more people to those jurisdictions

2:33 because they might be escaping their own legal systems

2:36 where these things have not been allowed yet

2:38 or they're more rigid rules that they don't really like.

2:40 So picking and choosing the law brings most people

2:43 to some dominant jurisdictions.

2:46 Another factor is that most lawyers

2:48 are trained in their own home jurisdictions

2:50 at home, in Germany, in France, in the United States,

2:53 but the US and the UK have also been very successful

2:56 in attracting young lawyers to come to their law schools

2:59 and their countries and do a master of laws.

3:01 Thousands of foreign students have been trained

3:04 since the 1980s in English or in American law,

3:07 and they know how this works.

3:09 They also know how to pick American or English law

3:12 if they can't do a transaction.

3:14 So we have created a network of knowledge

3:17 in two major legal systems and they've

3:19 become then the default legal systems

3:20 to create capital for the globe.



So when you think back and you think about our globe,

11:36 it's not a free space, not a space free of law,

11:39 but it's a space of layers of the law.

11:42 So you can think about customs and practices

11:45 that you do in your everyday life

11:46 which can happen in small little communities and a locality,

11:50 but could also be transnational practices.

11:52 So you can can have customs and practices

11:54 that are not bounded by territory, not bounded by the state,

11:57 as long as they don't openly conflict with the state,

11:59 they can flourish and develop.

12:01 Then we have private law, which in principle

12:03 is of the state, but can be made portable.

12:06 Portable because we can pick and choose

12:07 from different systems or we standardize the law

12:10 according to some systems, some become hegemonic.

12:12 It's of a state, but it can be used in other states as well.

12:16 Then we have domestic law that is actually

12:18 territorially bounded, which is our constitution,

12:22 regulations, criminal law, basically all of them

12:25 are not extra territorial, but only applicable

12:28 in the jurisdictions of a particular state.

12:31 And last but not least, we have international law,

12:33 could be hard or soft law, that governs

12:36 the relationships between states

12:38 and also sometimes between states and private parties.

12:41 So this is not a law free space.

12:43 It's a deeply lawyered, networked space.

12:46 Where does this leave us in thinking about

12:49 law and the use of law for other purposes?

12:52 After all, many countries wish to be democracies

12:55 or have declared to be democracies,

12:57 and the idea of democracies are that people get together,

13:01 create certain institutions, and govern themselves

13:04 through law.

13:05 That's basically how we can scale not only

13:07 economic relations, but also political relations.

13:10 Getting together and writing a constitution,

13:12 or somebody writes a constitution that is ratified

13:15 by the people in one way or another.

13:17 That's the binding document,

13:19 it's the foundation of a polity.

13:21 And then based on that constitution,

13:22 we are setting up legislatures and courts

13:24 and regulators and executives, and some

13:28 define the relationship between them.

13:30 We govern ourselves through law.

13:32 That's one part of the legal system,

13:33 and the other part of the legal system,

13:35 the private law institutions I've been discussing,

13:38 gives private parties the opportunity

13:40 to opt out of private law constraints.

13:43 So yes, I'm still a citizen of this country,

13:45 I'm subject to criminal law, I'm subject

13:47 to binding regulations, but I could also

13:49 do my transaction actually in the Cayman Islands,

13:51 and then I won't have to pay taxes.

13:53 I can shift my financial operations to London

13:56 and can make money there.

13:58 I can still recoup the profits from these operations

14:01 and be still based here.

14:03 You can do this because we can code.

14:04 What I'm trying to say is we have a tension here,

14:06 fundamental tension, between our aspirations

14:10 as democracies to govern ourselves through law,

14:13 and a legal system, a global legal system

14:16 that has been created over centuries,

14:18 but accelerated over the last couple of decades,

14:20 that allows some to create their own legal system,

14:23 their own legal rules by which they are governed,

14:26 which are outside our democratic controls,

14:28 and they will fight like hell to keep them

14:30 outside our democratic controls.

14:32 They will typically say, "the market knows better.

14:34 It's efficient.

14:35 Government is the problem, not the solution."

14:37 Which essentially says there shouldn't be democratic control

14:40 over what we are doing.

14:41 We want to be empowered by the law,

14:43 we want to use the resource of the law

14:45 to protect our interest, but we don't want to be

14:47 constrained by that law.

14:49 That's something we have to get under control,

14:52 because it erodes our ability to govern ourselves. (- am not totally against capitalism)

14:55 If the most powerful actors know how to get out of the law,

14:58 legislators can't really do so much.

15:00 Even if they want to do something for the public at large,

15:03 or for social welfare, or for redistribution,

15:05 some of the gains that we have seen,

15:07 and people basically feel powerless

15:09 because they vote for different parties

15:12 and bring them into government,

15:13 and none of these parties can really

15:14 effectively change their lives again,

15:17 because they have outsourced so much of the law making

15:19 to the private sector.

15:21 And I regard this as a fundamental problem.



Didn't watch all:

Economic Update: Instability - Capitalism's Constant Democracy At Work • 17K views


Interesting - I don't think is a big deal to understand or go into all that much (la ill-laha Ill-Allahu) but definitely interesting: Miraaj of The Prophet (saw), Kabbala & The Third Temple -- Rabbi Isaac Luria ( Must See!!) Shiekh Omar Baloch • 6.6K views

Miraaj of The Prophet (saw), Kabbala & The Third Temple -- Rabbi Isaac Luria ( Must See!!) There is absolute proof that the present site of the Jewish "Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem is NOT any...


Nobody told me and I've never heard anything about defecating and cleanliness - kind of upsetting! - but we really should know as Muslims and about the left hand - respect other people's cultures(!) - I'm an American and like to, am use to, trying to keep my hands clean, also left-handed so some things are a bit ab-normal - may Allah S.W.T. forgive us!:



Good ones!:


Muslim Academic DESTROYS Stephen Fry on God ❌ OnePath Network 100K views

Muslim Academic Uthman Badar dismantles Stephen Fry's famous argument against God, otherwise known as "the problem of suffering" or "the problem of evil". He responds by means of engaging Islamic...

Masha Allah (WOW): The Prophesied Mahdi - Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa

Islamic Village • 183K views People who know stand in expectation of the Mahdi who will emerge from the chaos that has begun to surround us in our lands. This lecture describes the events the lead...


Important series of lectures by Shiekh Omar Baloch:

Standing Up Against Muslim Leaders Shiekh Omar Baloch • 4.2K views

Continued on the next post...

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