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America...wake up sleepyheads

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

C'mon man. C'mon me. Must watch. Does have nearly nude woman on for a few seconds (body paint and bikini underwear)

Great video. Please watch, is less than 12 minutes long.

Thoughts going on throughout the video: Yeah, but at the same time, Americans are strong. They are waking up. Is why Trump defeated Hilary. Information is key. Education, as the video says, at the start, is key. We Americans, people period actually, are not dumb. We can be, sure. We're not robots, we have emotions, we have empathy and love for each other and our shared humanity. This Sha'Carri Richardson video and the comments in it, is some of what we're about and made of.

We also consent though to a lot of bull. To what other's tell us about how systems should be ran - The Government and Capitalism. Isn't it obvious that both parties don't truly have our (the collective) best interests in mind? Divide and conquer. It seems like, we are turning a corner though. Russell Brand was invited to Fox News for example. The internet is changing society, and for the better. Why though, are we okay with the President now then, like at the G7 meeting saying to "have faith in the free and open society". It's not free or open - is basically saying or giving consent to the systems as they are now. If he actually cared about the future and the average American, things would be getting pushed left and right. Bills, especially from the past 20 years would be getting axed and overhauled left and right.

Instead we have a President, that we voted for (at least I did, either him or Trump were the options and I believe in science and global warming, not that I like him much or actually expected things to change much with him but anyway,) that is basically, pro-war. "Don't mess with us or we'll blow your freakin' socks away. I don't care" (it is okay to have strong Presidents of course, it helps to send a message (I suppose) so war's are not started, but when we actually commit aggressive acts and don't care about actual justice except for when it is in our interests, I don't care, that's wrong. That produces terrorists - and can incite hate and anger of government and America within America itself (sometimes I can get very riled up and angry, but it passes, more quickly now, thanks to being Muslim, I'm stronger now)). Greed - constant competition, instead of cooperation, love, empathy is one of the two main downfalls of humans, most every one knows that. Arrogance is the other.


Been on Twitter a bit, interesting topics and discussion. Here's one thread. I would vote for M4A if on the Senate or something but I think a just, smart, fair healthcare system with decent costs and cutting out insurance companies would be better and more sustainable going into the future, especially if government was made to better represent the people and more responsive and responsible (as it should be imo) > .

A.I. (smart computer learning/programs), along with smart people, working in cooperation and inputting ideas, - > I think could help us develop the best, most efficient systems in the world. I think Gov. on this sector of the economy, the Gov. probably would have a very heavy hand in to produce the most effective, most cost effective solution for all. Maybe that would just be Government take over of the whole system but I think probably that that is not the overall best (research, competition, etc.,) and cheapest option in the long-term. I think we're just getting screwed and screwing ourselves by not making the government, what some claim it already is in many ways, which is a business. It doesn't operate seemingly with the most talent and the best of the best (software, decision making, etc., IT OBVIOUSLY doesn't). It's controlled BY corporations more so.

Good videos I saw today 6/21/21, especially love the last one. The first two have some cursing in them.

This one is so good IMO, also on podcast apps.

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