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American Imperialism and Exceptionalism - #nomore

He makes some good points, is good and fine to protest; Can be great, public pressure in the late 60's early 70's got us a lot of good things when the environmental movement was strong, and even if you might not like all the reg's and bureaucracy and red tape so to speak especially if one is running a small business (costs of some services to stay in reg's can be truly, really high - I also wonder if there is any effort at Federal Agencies to collect and publish all this environmental data that's out there, I think that could do a lot of good for researchers (scientists)).

Some things in our society truly are interesting...

Some questions, such as abortion, truly are interesting and really, I can see everyone's point of view.

To use these kinds of issues as political rallying points is kind of, immature in my opinion.

Good video, interesting information.

On the societal level it really is interesting here in America...

In regards to the Federal level and the Supreme Court and its relationship to congress and the question if it is federal overreach or not...

Honestly, I think, given the societal problems and the lack of social and family supports from our government, that abortion should definitely be legal in all states and it should be safe. Now, where to start drawing lines of when is it morally bankrupt and wrong - protesting for "no limits abortion"... Like yes, we have pills, we have condoms, one can practice restraint and family planning (best, best), people can make mistakes and should be allowed I think to correct those as quickly as possible. There are also real circumstances where abortion is needed and having safe, good care is the right thing and option to have.

Put political labels aside and think for yourself on issues IMO. - Is ridiculous the level of conformity in voting along party lines IMO that we have here in the U.S. (only two real major parties as well) in our Congress and Federal Government.


Eh, abortion...moving on....onward, onward...

You would think they would of chosen a better site in the first place...

Agree...lots of good points.

This guy seems like a really nice guy, kind of enjoyed this.

No to this board of disinformation, no matter if it comes from the right or the left.

Power swings in the U.S. from the right to the left and visa-versa (obviously).


Now this is really good:

Yes, I've always thought Pope Francis, this guy, he's pretty okay, I like him (I don't care for Catholicism much but that's okay - I really don't know that much about their beliefs anyway, they seem a bit strange to me but its cool)

Alright videos, I always appreciate these lads work:

Looked into Syria before. I always thought Assad seems like a good guy, really verifies it! Good leaders stand up for their people and what is right, even against the odds.

Many countries have endured through years and years of sanctions and are still surviving and getting along. In the eyes of a Muslim and what God may think, I think it would be looked upon as very good. Giving into money and doing selfish acts and etc. etc., now that, that is why you have the phrase to Fear God. - The more responsibility a person or entity has, the more work one will have to do to maintain, learn, correct, evolve, etc. Tell the truth always. These morals....corruption that we have here.....

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says though to not get mad (nor should we fake and lie to ourselves about our own feelings about things; like watching and learning information that we might not like actually "hurts" us in some way - that's a lie, but everyone is different - this information and these types of things are definitely not for kids, especially if they can't handle it - but it's interesting, because a lot of kids get exposed to all kinds of violence and sexual stuff that has become the norm here in our society yet, that is deemed okay and acceptable...- Parents know their children best and is their responsibility - and should have a lot of freedom and rights to raise them and discipline them how they want in my opinion).

- I think, well as an adult anyway who's moved into their mid 30's (seems weird), exposure to, you know, hard truths, and going through hard times, really can soften a person's heart and inculcate more empathy towards others (I think that's true). You wake up, its a new day every day. "Smile - it's sunnah" (and actually proven scientifically that smiling produces good chemicals and lightens one mood, even if its faked). - I like this quote I saw, sometimes the smile comes from the outside (events, etc), sometimes, it just comes from the inside.


Another war news and geopolitics update video:

Great video - learn learn learn - We forget, or I do, a lot of things I learned kind of, a bit, in college but not everything is the same not complete, this video really cuts through to the truth of matters very quickly (what is truth? well, with some things it is very complicated when exploring things and ideas but with history or geopolitics, it can be done quite quickly given a focus and given the truth (more details can always be added, but whats important? What's the context? Obviously the truth can be distorted by omission (or addition of course as well) quite easily to fit a narrative)):

Looks like a good vid:

#NOMORE !!! Let's GO

Something needs to be done about this - For real - People as corporations? Okay, how about limits? How about we rethink that whole ruling?

Today - Sunday: (Too many videos, I know, too much bandwidth and energy consumption! Sorry)

Alright vid:

Looks like an alright vid:


- Must Watch -

#revolution? evolution

- "We are heading towards a multi-polar world" - (The dollar collapse - what then - if - )

I don't know all but I like my Paris climate agreement stuff (nuclear weapons abandonment, genetic engineering (hold up on that! what right does one have - be a responsible scientist - hold up...!), no great reset, no to this (digital currency and a surveillance authoritorian state), no to that. No to sanctions, no to human suffering, no to interest and money printing (what's the best way, not sure, need to read), no to enslaving whole countries with debt, no to decisions that hurt our planet especially at this to going out with a bang, no to revenge, no to little baby politicians taking money and doing what someone or something wants them to do, you know.......

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