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Another One - 03/11/2021

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Later today, 4:42 p.m.: Just wanted to post a few pictures and share a few songs I was digging yesterday on a jog.

Also saw information on cold fusion technology and some about nuclear fusion. Amazing stuff and maybe Bill Gates and Bezos etc. aren't totally evil. I don't know all - and I'm not anybody or the judge of people - only Allah is. Amazing if we, as a human race, can develop this technology and start deploying it ASAP. Would be so amazing and such an achievement as a species. Then talking about making Mars habitable and all of these things make sense and is more feasible. I wish I knew about this before. Learn more about it here is a good starting point I think anyway:

I think cryptocurrency blockchain hashing should go towards doing useful work on these technologies such as cold fusion nuclear fusion and others problems like how folding@home (a PC program, can web search it if you want) works - other than just doing nothing. If they truly are doing nothing. Why not leverage them to do useful work? That would be good.

Another Thing: On Week 2 now of Cal Berkley Extension's "Circular Economy" course and it is awesome. Such great information and good for my spirit/soul and brain.


Lupe Fiasco - Audubon Ballroom (Explicit): - Even though I'm white, I feel, I relate much, and I've always gotten along great with black people. Maybe it's just because of my socio-economic background.

Having thoughts the other day of how "ghetto" America kind of really is as a whole. Such dog-eat-dog capitalism and individualism, low community interaction and socialism and social supports. It's very lonely especially for certain people and adults. I'm glad I grew up where I did and at the time I did (late 1986 baby). I have no racism in me honestly (1/4 Okinawan as well anyway).

Other song is the classic Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are:

last verse Lupe Audobon Ballroom:

Black Panthers, black anthems, black blues With black answers for black stanzas: Langston Hughes Breaking rules, ain't it cool? Took it old, and made it new Black painters, musical black anger Black mothers, beautiful black anchors So lets hear it for 'em! Let's hear it for 'em! Lets hear it for 'em! Lets hear it for 'em! Black America! Trap America! 80s Babies! Crack America! Rap America! Bad as Erykah! From the era of family tearing up But we just won big, can't be undid Form a whole culture in just one kid Miami dope boys, Oakland militants Harlem Renaissance it's our deliverance

Don't know why some images aren't uploading....O well. Used the phone app to upload, faster and easier.

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