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Answers (I believe to be quite true anyway)

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Yes to this video!:

Another video here on her new book:

I highly recommend watching "Seed; The Untold Story".

Actually made a very similar Facebook post last night with a sunset picture. Also, recently as I've been driving or riding along the highway here in Southeast Kansas - there's still so much undeveloped land here that's not really being used for much - WHY? WHY NOT or why don't we actually use it for small scale organic chicken/permaculture based farms (or other types of meat)? Why is this, if there is such a demand and still hungry people in the world. Why not set up a small community of small farms where people can have a nice little plot of land, doing agriculture the right way with some animals, and how doing things the right way (organically, naturally, smartly) would increase the insect population, which would increase the food for the chickens, and it all goes in a loop and waste is reduced or not considered "waste" at all and it's better for everything - all of nature and our planet. It's madness and greed. We spent 2.5 billion on sending the Perseverance Rover to Mars but can't fix our own planet and give people decent lives and value (on) to all living life on our own planet? WHAT?! crazy. With technology today (solar, wind) and a smart grid (which we should begin implementing in the U.S. today IMO as the new standard for our electric grid (repairs etc.)). Why why why......???...$$$ ??? That's all/it??? Don't/Can't people see all that we come from is from the soil of this Earth? And there is enough in our lives to not ever become bored (all the subjects, activities, history, art, science, tech,...whatever your interests are) that money is only material wealth and things (all temporary, as our lives our) and means of power etc. (on the bigger scale). Of course I live in reality and so need money to live, and am American as well (have a lot of things to be entertained by and a easy life - such privilege's - just watching some NBA last night, was nice).

Speaking of Facebook, here's a good video/documentary.

Anyways, have a good one all. I'm just struggling a bit wanting to gain more employment. Applied for a few Environmental Scientists jobs but I don't have much experience. A B.S. degree in environmental studies without a specific focus and without much experience and a bad recent work history makes things very hard. I also applied with the Peace Corps. I wonder how much they promote permaculture practices etc. and if there are jobs or volunteer programs in doing permaculture education and work etc.? I'm not sure. Starting this $1,800 circular economy course at Cal-Berkley extension this week. Subbed this morning for a pre-school para (that was good, love it).

I get scared I'll be assassinated if I ever get too popular - HA. I am not a known or famous person...that's for sure. I'm sure the powerful interests/people would probably hate me...but what do I have to lose? Is just me - insignificant compared to the future of the planet and humanity's path. I would want to be on the right side of history, I care not...they can take everything, my life, things are bigger than me, and even us. I have no clue how and think I couldn't ever get big though for a variety of reasons. It's okay, and okay to be imperfect, just keep on keepin on. Soldier for Earth and the Most High.

Good article on failure here. I already know and you should too but still...

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