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Apologies to Russia and Ukraine Pt. 1

Shocking. Sad. Mad. Disgust. Horrible. Tragic. The list goes on...


Good Video Title: How an Obsession with SAFETY Leads to Mental Illness & Tyranny - Academy of Ideas

Of course: Russian President announces measures to reduce impact of sanctions TeleSUR English • 12K views

President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with his Cabinet of Ministers to implement measures to reduce the effects of sanctions imposed on Russia over the conflict with Ukraine.

Summary - Because of Governments creating their own digital currency - around the world it's happening nearly everywhere. I say, yeah, it's big business already, it's like a stock, it's super energy-intensive (dumb), it ends/tops out here pretty soon...Gravitas: Bitcoin could become "worthless", Bank of England Warns WION 139K views

Joe Biden's 'negligence' and Hunter's shady dealings could drag America 'into World War III' Sky News Australia 276K views

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has claimed President Joe Biden's "dangerous negligence" over Ukraine coupled with the shady business dealings of son Hunter risks dragging America..

Yep, I don't like a lot of her politics, etc., but I support her on this measure, and she introduced a bill calling for the impeachment of President Biden. I would/do support that as well (supported Trump getting impeached as well, just back two years ago).

Haven't watched but yep, I know...I know...: It’s All Starting To Make Sense Russell Brand 1.3M views

The World Health Organisation is reportedly working on a global vaccine passport system and wants as many countries as possible to join. Will the key to the future of public life also be the...


Raj Patel: Global South Faces Soaring Food Prices Amid War in Ukraine, World's "Breadbasket" Democracy Now! 16K views The United Nations is warning Russia's invasion of Ukraine could lead to a "hurricane of hunger and a meltdown of the global food system" that would be especially devastating for the Global...

Who Does the West Consider Worthy of Saving?" Asks Matthieu Aikins, After Journey with Afghans Democracy Now! 29K views

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last year, the country has faced a humanitarian crisis with half of the population experiencing acute hunger. The U.N. Refugee Agency says 3.4...

Bacon's Rebellion - Capitalism Hits Home Democracy At Work 2.5K views

Dr. Fraad shares the important story of Bacon’s Rebellion in the 17th century and how it shaped the idea of “race" in America. "It was a united revolt of whites and blacks against a...

Economic Update: The End of the Megamachine Democracy At Work 43K views

[S12 E03] The End of the Megamachine On this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about the sharp reduction in US population growth; how "lockdowns" are the anti-Covid policy everywhere, some gov't...

Ukraine - Russia : Chaos to Catastrophe Shiekh Omar Baloch 6.3K views

Russia - Ukraine Conflict: From Chaos to Catastrophes

The United States and Europe refuse to restore relations with Damascus TeleSUR English 5.7K views

US attempts to isolate Syria are unsuccessful. Russia spares no effort to help the Syrian people. Other countries that help the country are added, such as: Cuba, China and Russia. teleSUR

Andrew Bacevich: Ukraine is Paying the Price for the U.S. “Recklessly” Pushing NATO Expansion Democracy Now! 254K views

What role did the United States play in creating conditions for Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and what will it take to end the war? The U.S. invasion of Iraq, which saw no repercussions for...

- Democracy Now! won't really pick a side other than condemnation of Putin, I think is sad but maybe because their a Western (pretty large) media outlet - could be outrage or something if they did I guess? I mean, I feel bad about the situation but I'm just a human. I find it pretty shocking - you will see later. There's so much going on right now in the just a person, a global citizen, um, I think the systems and stuff suck. All about money and power etc.

We need climate action now. People and planet over profit. The truth can hurt and be hard to bear...that's for sure. - am blessed.

Haven't watched: Russia weighs nationalizing assets of departing Western companies; Putin demands to act decisively ShanghaiEye魔都眼 227K views

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with cabinet members on Thursday to discuss the response to Western sanctions and their impact on the country's economy. __________________ Powered by...

I believe this is the real story...been researching this a bit here and there over some time. Not sure still how he died (many different stories). Good video. Huge country now in shambles. Dissolve NATO. Stop this madness of military interventions and government coups and all this crazy stuff and crazy politicians.

I'm glad all this (war) is coming to bear at this time because it's a wake-up call to all of us and the past and especially the past 20 years or so. Things will change and get better. I believe in my site and what I've created and made...and the idea of peace and progress...I think it's pretty solid anyway and regardless of that and my personal stuff and's happening. Those in power in the world may not want it, may want to censor everything and lead the world to this and that but look at the power shifting. Populations of the world. It's a big world. The West is pretty tiny, especially the richest countries...I believe, even if the west doesn't change for the good/better (like a bunch, not just cutting down on military spending), the economics still don't seem to be there, the control, maybe it'll be more of a split but anyway...

Quite shocking, how involved it all is, even over the Atlantic Ocean...

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