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Apologies to Russia, Ukraine and the World Pt. 2

Saw this in a video before but here it is now on the Jimmy Dore Show and of course I saw the video of the "neo-nazi" Ukraine soldier dipping his bullets in pig fat saying for Russian Muslim soldiers to be afraid:

American Volunteer Soldiers Used As “Cannon Fodder” In Ukraine The Jimmy Dore Show 200K views

Russia Unleashes Kinzhal Hypersonic Missiles In Ukraine; Zelensky Says “It’s Time To Meet Putin” CRUX 596K views

Amid spiralling tensions with US-NATO, Russia says it used hypersonic weapons in western Ukraine. Moscow says it destroyed a large underground depot for missiles and aircraft ammunition in...

FULL INTERVIEW: The war in Yemen has been going on for seven years, stoked by US and UK bombs George Galloway 47K views

"FULL INTERVIEW: The world has a very short memory over wars, Elijah Magnier stresses Watch the full @moatsTV show at | @GeorgeGalloway"

My Response Russell Brand 1.4M views

After a few days of disparaging articles written about me, today we look at whether the stories are justified and how they fit into a larger media agenda. #Trudeau #truckers #JoeRogan #Canada...

"A larger media agenda" ay?

This is how financial freedom dies (CBDC) Sorelle Amore Finance 281K views

Quite sad, reminds me of maddening environmental documentaries I used to watch a lot while in college:

Chris Hedges: Sacrifice Zones of America The Agenda with Steve Paikin 1.2M views

Chris Hedges calls them "sacrifice zones," huge pockets of impoverished America on the verge of cementing a permanent underclass. The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist has teamed up with cartoonist...

Of course, Chris Hedges show on RT is now canceled, since ya know, it's Russian...must be "fake" or you know, it needs to be censored because it's dangerous while we, you know, make money on stocks or whatever (Bitcoin, NFTs, short selling and stock buybacks) and sit in our mini-mansions eating steaks (mm) or whatever... (it's alright, whatever), ?

Chris Hedges: Hear the 99% Roar The Agenda with Steve Paikin 90K views

Chris Hedges on what he sees as the consequences of an uneven distribution of wealth: destruction, violence and revolt. He tells Piya Chattopadhyay what the Occupy movement should be about...

No worries. Fake. (No, didn't watch all this and these last two).

Could Ukraine war plunge the global economy into a new crisis? | Counting the Cost Al Jazeera English 99K views

Learning (especially after hearing a comment on one of the George Galloway I believe it was videos before), economy and life in Ukraine before Invasion:

Why is UKRAINE the POOREST country in EUROPE? - VisualPolitik EN

VisualPolitik EN 205K views

Sounds bad....and you get some more real info on Zelenskyy and Ukraine Gov and conditions, truly, from unbiased near sources. The last video especially is really good.

Looking at comments from Jimmy Dore Show vid, led me to this channel:

Ukraine War: Truth about Belarus and Humanitarian Corridors Graham Phillips 41K views

Stay with me here in Belarus for more - and sincere thanks for watching, and your support of my work, any questions, if you'd like details how to support, be involved in my work, email gwplondon@gm...

Crazy! Just makes one super mad about the whole thing and all the media and the lies and smear job of Russia and Putin (the picture they're trying to paint, which could lead us into WW3), really truly...:

Ukraine: Is it War ?? And if so, then Why ?? Graham Phillips 76K views

I'm surprised and won't be surprised if these videos get deleted...


More vids, haven't watched:

The Untold History of NATO and Case for Its Abolition BreakThrough News • 95K views NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is moving ever closer to Russia’s border. Russia views this as an existential threat – and a historic betrayal of key guarantees it was given... "The Masses Are The Water": Understanding the Failure of Late-Marcyism Caleb Maupin • 1.4K views Caleb Maupin's polemic essay read by Madeleine Wester. Caleb Maupin is a widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst. He has traveled... Vladimir Putin CRUSHES George Soros for all western "leaders" to see The Duran • 2M views


Nice, China giving aid to Afg. - I know it's from China Youtube source, but is good to see and know. Good is good.

Well, obviously we have affairs (care) because of economic concerns, otherwise, we don't care what happens with countries around the world or if people are really suffering...will see more examples in videos later if you watch, but look at Syria...the example of the U.S. and Biden when it comes to foreign such hypocrisy...he was chosen and he's been in for how long? Yet he can't live up to pretty much any of the sentiment nor the "promises" of which he ran on - nor is it supportive of "democracy" and freedom of condoning the Ukrainian Gov. of shelling and killing their own people (along with other forms of silencing and oppressing) for 8 years people in the Donbas region, nor is it democratic or free to not let others pursue their own governments and democracy (Cuba, Venezuala, Syria, etc., etc.,) (shun and prevent all socialism and socialist ideas from spreading - because, you know, it's "communist" (hush-hush, socialism doesn't equal communism, capitalism in all its forms doesn't apply to how countries governments are run, only in how they are set up and controlled, or actually how much control over the free market they employ and how much power they enforce here or there)).

US, UK, Canada, EU to Pay Price for Stupidity, Arrogance: FM Spokeswoman CCTV Video News Agency 301K views Mar 23, 2021

China strongly condemns the Xinjiang-related sanctions imposed by the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and the European Union, who will eventually pay the price for their stupidity and arrogance, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, adding that the sanctions are based on lies and false information.

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