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(Bad) Economics - Revolution (Revolt)

You should watch these two videos:

Especially love rule 3 and 4. Rule 3: The purpose of the corporation is not to enrich shareholders but to enrich all society - earth and people. Rule 4: Selfishness is what causes suffering.

Amazing video;


I don't know if my proposals are perfect - to achieve...

Balance. Circular. Is the way. Meditate...reflect.


Nice music videos:

Love (this music, only through love are the best of things created and brought about).

Update 2:30 p.m.:

I obviously have different views about climate change and I don't even pretend to know the details of a lot of various things he talks about in the video (some topics I can learn about maybe, things/issues affecting small farmers, etc.) but...our government and the big corporations are out of control. Take America back is what I say. Our convoluted stupid tax code and bracket and all these stupid rules and federal overstep and the corporate interference that probably goes with that has to go. Is not that hard to come up with some decent rules and laws that work decently well and make sense. Tax the rich, tax profit. If we would have been doing that more the past 40 years or so maybe we wouldn't be in this sh*t hole. Excuse my french. Stop being corrupt - we're going to fall from grace and the people are about to uprise on the damn government (insurrection) again probably and/or getting more people like Trump and on the opposite side, the "extreme" left wants everything to be free and given to them and expects that to work out well for us somehow (free healthcare, college, student loan forgiveness) - Though I agree with pretty much everything of what the People's Party, for example, is going for besides that (

Maybe watch this sometime later, long video:

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