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Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Agree, it's lonely, not much to do...can learn though...

"Government wants to control information and control language because that's the way you control thought" ~ George Carlin

Randy Chester 2 days ago Yep, I support whatever the lying media tells me to support. It's much easier than actually doing any research or, god forbid, having to do any critical thinking. 😅 B VD 22 hours ago Insane that this all happens, particularly government owning military contractor stocks. And the media can spin up an army or repetitive idiots. Loving your content lately good job spreading the word 🤝 Alexandr Mendez 2 days ago (edited) Ever notice that wherever you go on Earth, whatever culture we experience it's the common person that can and does get along with other common people while all the drama exists in the political sphere which ultimately creates human-induced crises on the rest of us :)

Jolum Conrad 2 days ago Russell, the fact that you need to keep making clear what you are advocating or not, in case the video gets demonetised/pulled, tells you all you need to know about the world we live in and the social media nightmare we’ve allowed to be created.


Meanwhile, Biden plans a whopping 32 billion dollar military aid package to Ukraine.

Good info, yes, I was thinking squatting like this is best (learned anyway), only verifies it more:

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Just found Professor Lumumba (peace be upon him :) ) his other talks I want to listen to sometime:

Simply referred to as PLO, Kenyan law and politics academic Prof Patrict Loch Otieno Lumumba was at his usual best in a panel presentation at the Rwanda National Security Symposium on May 14,...

Would love if we could have a President like this, but no, we, THE GREAT (greatest country on Earth and all that if you believe that...) get, you know, Biden and Harris, ETC.

Censorship! Go Dems! Woo. Awesome. DHO. Biden: "who on God's green earth does ____ think he is?" maybe you and all the dems and all these pentagon hawks and all the media working but not really, should take a step back and look in the mirror...(we all should at times or all the time probably especially if one is President of the U.S. - you would think anyway)... (you'll see in upcoming videos...->->)




Give us money says their current regime who won't surrender in an unwinnable war and probably won't be able to pay back their IMF loans.


Always fear mongering when it supports ones views or ties and backbiting others when it benefits self:

Zelensky gets jealous because the UN Chief went to Russia first...even though, you know, Russia is larger in every way and the one who invaded *rolleyes*

Yep yep:


I need to rise up......I'm weak, too nice...(Edit: No, that's not a bad thing actually, being human, having fear and fears but when it gets out of control, that's bad, when you fear your own government just from having a dissenting opinion and voice on an issue, that's bad, when war is the norm, that's bad).

Americans Are In The Streets Fighting Climate Change 226 views A big tent of climate, labor, and racial & economic justice activists are doing the only thing that every really works to push change- taking to the streets. Folks who care will be demanding...

(Islam videos I like):


Reality of glowing faces Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities 15K Sufi Meditation Center presenting Sufi Realities, Sufi Teachings and Sufi Guidance islam, muslim, quran, muhammad, mohammad, mahdi, ali, imam, shaykh, mawlana, imam ali, imam mahdi, islamic,...Fundraiser


Don't agree with all he has to say but not easy voicing your opinions solo etc., is pretty good:

We live on planet earth, capitalism is our system, the earth and these realities are real...I don't know what planet some people think they're living on (do whatever one wants! Freedom! Democracy!)...Russia is winning big. They don't like it, they don't want the truth to come out. No one in their right minds would support military aid then and trying to help Ukraine fight this unwinnable war. Russia is winning on many fronts...Putin's talk a few weeks ago to Russians about building up themselves so and since they won't be so reliant on foreign imports...pretty good advice, pretty true, winning, steps ahead, - while the west scrambles and looks dumb and dumbfounded and quite economically illiterate - our leaders anyway, but is only because we're trying to hold onto power, which is a military-industrial complex and the petrodollar and we know it (the people at the pentagon etc., of course, and the super wealthy elites and whatnot - World Bank IMF people, Federal Reserve people (probably, not all of them though probably, but people in nice, great, comfortable positions tend to be self-serving, no doubt).

It goes back to the neoliberal order and ideologies, and the fact that every nationstate works for their own benefit really, in a lot of cases anyway, and that the world is very big and very complex.

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