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Be Good - Don't Make Mischief in the Land nor be Aggressive


Why are these things okay with us American people?

Lots of Islamic stuff below so, if you're not into that, you might not care but if you have an open mind, then feel free:

Loved these videos:

We know, pretty much, that the universe started with the big bang - so it's not eternal and absolute, but what is then? The Creator. He knows all and what is best for us.

What if there we're lesser gods in alternate realities? Do you think they would make life and actual living, of all things, as good as it is such as our lives and universe? Just think.

Rotation and tilt of the earth. Distance from the sun. Evapotranspiration. Gravity. Radiation. Quantum mechanics. Chemistry. Atmospheres. Our moon. The tides. Thermal conductivity. E=mc^2. Light. Sound. Touch. Brains. Cells. Evolution of life on Earth. Male/Female. Homeostasis. Ecology. Metals. All these foods we have. Fossil fuels even. Plastic. Antibiotics. Electricity. Music. Sports (not really halal but not haram)/human nature and socialism. Air. Emotions. Morals. Consciousness.

What kind of universe and life would they make for beings if the Most High created lesser partners? Might would make mistakes and he would have to fix and correct it?

And in the modern society, we have such a morally lowered society in just the past recent years since like 1970 or so (seems like around that time there was a turning point in American Society) - Women entering the workforce through western feminist ideals has created a lot of issues in the household/family - Women working, taking care of the house, and raising the kids - it's all in introductory modern sociology class(es) and a big issue.

The mom and her children are more naturally connected. Is nature (!). -> Divorce rates through the roof. Kids committing suicide because of sex in relation to social issues, often because of the pornography on the internet, etc., and social pressures, shaming, etc. All these young girls equating feminism to the power they hold over men lusting over them. Men saying they can't find any good females. Females saying they can't find any good men. Is that good for society and females and the development of individuals in a family and within society? I'm not the greatest myself and only but new to Islam but thankfully I found it.

It teaches men and women are equals, different but not by a whole lot (sex change drugs prove that to an extent anyway). Can look up "the queen of Shiba" for example, a queen of a whole empire, yet today, in America anyway, we only just now had the first female vice president; who is also African American, cool, but I'm not a huge fan of her, don't know why...maybe because she seems power-hungry and like angry, with something to prove or something all the time, but so does a lot of the "leftist" progressive types and it seems to me, this anger, etc. and "being" (wanting/demanding so much of people and society to "change" when I don't see that much, actual, really deplorable, oppression in the United States at all) are being manufactured by the media or who-knows? That's what I don't like. At all. It is like, a bit violent and oppressive of traditional values (and people and their ways or being) and underselling to a degree, the wealth, opportunity, freedom and everything, that we do have in America. So melodramatic.

- I feel like, maybe when A.I. does merge with humans, maybe that's when all of the Earth will be united and at peace and a time of great progress and peace, because even an A.I. is limited to human, not necessarily understanding, but limited in what it, itself, can know - see, etc. by us and all that we know and our technology. So I don't think we will ever know everything nor understand the Universe perfectly.


Just looking up Islamic jurisprudence a lot on the internet and some much information...there's even Islamic economics.

This book sounds interesting: Came across it weirdly. The Author I guess has been called a white supremacism and probably why he's not popular or well known any more. I find it really interesting his predictions of sex change operations being so quick and popular in the future...looks interesting and pretty decent anyway regardless of his racist views.


Update 5/12/2021:

Islam: NAF's are

After all this time I finally looked up NAF's in Islam. I feel this is a personal breakthrough for me and relieves me of so much confusion and uncertainty.

Always wondered about the ego/self before and knew that ego defends our selves, often making us act like just so self defensive and that it was good to have an open mind and "healthy" ego. What is a healthy ego though without any direction or concrete belief in what is good and bad? Or best? It's only up to us to define and make ourselves happy but with Islam there is actual real concrete morality and commands. Even though there are some objective issues and trying to understand most best and fully the meaning of the Quran itself and it's verses and message(s), there are answers. Is not just moral relativity.

The human soul (nafs): Perceptions from the classical mystics of Islam – UICA – United Islamic Center of Arizona

Understanding the Three Types of Nafs

Another video:

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