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Be Humble - Do Good

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Heart-wrenching. Maybe cause I'm a 35 year old and still feel pretty young in ways mentally but growing up...but at the same time it's good to hold on to natural goodness and a positive attitude. No need to be crazy or angry or deceitful or or...but to grow up in a good way and keep a good head about you because this world is full of things that will or can thrust you into despair and anger or just into hard positions in life of your own feelings toward yourself, but also the world.

I personally think Islam is the answer in so many respects, because of God consciousness and if one learns what from wrong, but has knowledge that anyone might be super loved by God, and we have to watch our negativity and negative views about people and be upright ourselves while still trying to do good. Some religious videos:

It seems like the Capitalists/Materialists (And China) are going to win in this world (or maybe not?), but what is so great about it anyway? I mean it can be or could be quite an amazing place if we (the people) made it out to be better. It will never be perfect, that's life and a part of it and how things go - it's for our benefit really (if you believe in an afterlife anyway).

More pure things are definitely Allah's - The heavens and the Earth and we're destroying the Earth and putting all this technology and culture that for the younger generation I really worry about. Things with climate change are not going to be so hot (anyway). You can have all the wealth of the world but everyone dies anyway. Do good, Fear Allah. Is a mercy and guidance that we have the knowledge and the fitrah (natural good-spirited nature and an ego with a sense of humor to laugh at sometimes tragic things and a mind and heart that can forgive and move on). Whatever you believe, your life is going to catch up to you, whether one does good or bad (most of the time - for most people living in the world who aren't super wealthy or whatever and if you aren't oppressed in some way by some power in the world - such as a huge government or other countries military or past circumstances by - mostly governments).

Haven't watched yet but:


Some Sufi'ism:


Pretty great video:

Kind of related:

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