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Updated: Dec 16, 2023

From the Climate Nexus Newsletter 03/08/2021. Its 10:23 a.m. CDT (-6) now. Almost done writing this.

China’s Five-Year Plan: On Friday, China set out an economic blueprint for the next five years, which was expected to substantiate the goal set out last fall by President Xi Jinping for the country to reach net-zero emissions before 2060 and hit peak emissions by 2030. While the plan calls for a "major push" on clean energy development, a few aspects have left climate experts with questions about how exactly the world's largest emitter will hit its stated climate goals. For example, the plan did not include a ban on new coal projects, nor did it set a "carbon cap” to define what peak emissions will be, instead of setting a carbon intensity target that is the same as in the previous five-year plan. However, some are hopeful that the government will announce more detailed regulations on carbon-intensive construction and manufacturing industries later this year, and that more details will be laid out in an upcoming separate five-year plan for the energy sector. Fan Dai, director of the California-China Climate Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, told Quartz that the plan is "simply aggregating existing targets from last year.” Dai added that "[t]here’s a lot of room for further development and ambition, especially around those targets that were missing that we hoped would be included.” (Vox, Quartz $, The Guardian, ABC, Climate Home, Bloomberg, Bloomberg, Science Magazine)

- /\ “Carbon intensive Construction and manufacturing” – Is this not the intrinsic problem with global competition between Nations when it comes to thinking about the planet as a whole and it’s problems we and it (competition and capitalism) present to it (global warming, biodiversity, pollution, extinctions, etc., etc.)? Do we not believe in Democracy? People and education. Our species smartness – individually and as a whole. To come together, to hold each other and ourselves accountable to create a better world for all (including ourselves in this equation of course as well). Then why not create an organization that supersedes all corporations (trans-national in power principally) and Nation-States to set agreements we can all agree on and work to meet? Long term planning trumps/is better than, short term planning, can we not see that individually (living for life as a whole, considering your life in time (goal setting for example (day, week, month, year, 5 yr. 10 yr. 20 yr. 30 yr. Etc. etc.), habit formulations, etc.) and also how that affects others and the world) and when applying this/that thinking to other things (like businesses, etc.). We see always (mostly, and when/if we can think well on such topics) that being smart about things and our decisions/choices is good (using our brains). Teamwork (more than one brain) is good. Cooperation. Democracy. So why not? – Of course, it is dangerous as well. That’s why things need to be Democratic and transparent. To the highest of levels.


§ Love. Respect. Goodness can overcome. The Truth always prevails.

Nuclear Weapons. Age of A.I. -> Military applications. Downright SCARY. The lethality and deadliness of potential weapons/weapon-systems. Choose wisely and think about what kind of World we want to live in. I think we should come to agreements and pacts about a lot of these big issues that transcend us as individuals (one!), human beings living here, just right now, at this time.

o De-escalation/disarmament of Nuclear Weapons Pact: any mass/large weapons of any kind (biological synthetic, and large scale – scale being the keyword and what can and should be voted and agreed upon - weapons.

o No A.I. for offensive weapon pacts (respect of human life and war/wartime affairs). Defense maybe should be permissible and would therefore develop into being – a more safe world as international ballistic weapons, etc. would be less of a threat. Etc. So would computer/cyber attacks and security as well which would be very good for Countries with less.

Me things/life:

Started reading this book last night, it is called simply “Words”. Just starting – read maybe the first 10 or so pages but seems great and very relate-able to me (in more ways and words that I can’t really do justice to) and my own thoughts on the world at this time.

- On that, even though I’m just a “low” and average person – I feel I have so much good information I could share with people about health, education, etc. and that these things should be taught more in schools – the latest and best information we should teach the children and everyone maybe? (Us adults are not far from being children ourselves!) – At least TRY anyway– is a good rule to follow and TRY to subscribe/ascribe to - . Words/Word (are quite nice, good, important - to say the least and are effecting - as our our thoughts and Us (you, me, whoever).

Videos I watched and think are worth checking out:

Related to the book I posted about before...There are many on the subject of China's rise but this one is more population dynamics; which I've learned the basics before in Principles of Human Geography course I took, one of my favorite classes I've ever took. It's decent. This is another decent one.

This one is great! Even though there are a few things in it I don't believe in or aren't perfectly true it's still a great video! Super motivating:

More Russell Brand videos:

This guy has great health and diet information - Don't believe it? Look up/research an "anti-candida diet" and how hard it is to follow and how expensive it is to really truly eat healthy and cleanly - without much bad and/or very low carb, no dairy, no processed oils, etc.:

I discovered this channel, it seems good, especially if your a male you might like the stretching and exercises etc..

This is a good one as well (any gender):

Have I posted this video?:

and I'll wrap this big blog post up with a ton of pictures. This one is very relevant and important at this time I feel though. Just my opinion but with so much censorship and craziness going on - a seeming assault on freedom of free speech (responsibility, respect) and a threat to true democracy (IMO). I didn't even read the story myself, but if true, that's sad.

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