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Borders/Lines : Disgust &/vs. Openness

Borders (lines) - "What is Reality" - Ideologies - Think for yourself - Keep an open mind (heart) - Stand Firm and Strong -

Pretty huge (developments and world history in the making).


Why? Because, that's the world order.

Meh at Bezos (whatever) but still:


Boris Re-signed I saw on the news...then some right wing person came on (Tucker Carlson) saying he got drew into more left-ist globalist (non-nationalist) thinking and lost his way...(the matrix" - left/right ideologue politics in the neoliberal (neo-colonial!) West.

Must watch: = - > Psy Warfare, Information Warfare (operational warfare):


Good to have real updates on the war. Is a bit old but still can learn some things from these videos. One of my important key takeaways is the difference in military leadership and it being more sunnah or Islamic to have leaders in the front (like how Russia operates), rallying the troops and providing and receiving information. Ukraine has lost and I too wonder where things are seems more inevitable at this point that a big war of NATO vs. Russia will breakout, extending beyond Ukraine into Eastern Europe because of the intransigent stand taken by NATO and European countries (not necessarily reflecting what the people in these countries want and stand for and what direction they want) against Russia and their actions in their war in Ukraine.

This seems pretty interesting though I can't believe how long it is...listened to the first few minutes of it:


Biden's War on Men? What about society's war on men (favoritism in the name of fairness and equality, inside the government, inside the university, in the courtroom)? Not only do these things hurt men and what it means to be a man, but it degenerates women as well and their natural nature and position as well.

Need to watch:


Sex. And the City. - Islamic Guidance and teachings =

"The Cities will be destroyed"...Cities as such big populations of humans, that community is gone, everyone is for themselves, all is competition and vanity (or much of this ilk) that there is such anonymity - sex and low desires become the norm, people shouting and cursing others without even a thought about it -> de-humanizes people (I don't know anybody around here in KS that are okay with some of this LGBTQIA+ stuff that is so crazy and extreme, except for maybe some people in Kansas City TBH, that's the way I feel and know - kind of in a way - ). Even with people who might call themselves "gay", I don't think they are for agendas to have those types of things in schools and to spread adult kind of things upon children. This leads to destruction of society - there's so many problems and a mental health crises.

I like some sufi teachings and things...helps me understand, helps with the Greater Jihad (purifying and fighting the NAFs, I'll leave it at that and may Allah SWT guide all Muslims (the Ummah) towards goodness and peace especially between sects and over differences).

Our frontal cortex - thinking, can cause problems especially in the modern world. In our homes, at the workplace, etc. But it can also be a source of perseverance and strength. Holding the line while also having good manners and understanding unto others and their beliefs (respect all). Makes me think of man and war and how people and our minds work. Like, the modern world can make us more sick (dunya - money, acceptance, etc. etc. = Remembering Allah SWT and the Prophet (SAW) makes our heart content and guides us to goodness and excellence, which leads to success in this life and the next) while in a more trying situation, like in a battlezone, we can stay more content and calm, knowing some things are out of our control and at the same time, to deal with the changing reality and to try to do good (stay alive, help our friends, be thankful for food and water and rest, etc...). It's interesting life and psychology of man (men and women, though as a man, I have no idea what it's really like to be a women, of course...).

I didn't know there were better days than the days of Ramadan. I'm obviously still learning...

Pretty good:

Really good, great!:

Need to watch:


Horrible. Hope everyone had a great Jummuah (day) yesterday and the Muslims - Day or Arafah and have a great EId Al Adha today! Make a great salah on these days like if you've completed Hajj.

Is sad - the leadership and the state of Saudi Arabia. La Illaha Ill-lallah, I know...the world is interesting...interesting times. Muslims will be persecuted, hold onto and purify ourselves.

My site, some things need changing, and I know it's not total sunnah and near Islam politics = especially because my most important page, "A New Paris Climate Agreement", still proposes money creation and therefore a debt based also, could be, big government in ways (though ideally, the services would be helpful), but I think, and am learning...Decentralization I think is very good and awesome...but at the same time, capitalism is destructive and produces a really consumeristic society that in itself (capitalism), always pushes money to being at the top (self=fulfilling "prophecy"), and of course, in Islamic texts it tells us that (that Christianity's biggest problem is the love of wealth and this worldly life)...

Islamic Politics with Dr Abdul Wahid Blogging Theology 9.2K views

How NATO Motivated Russia's Ukraine Invasion - David Harvey's Anti-Capitalist Chronicles Democracy At Work 27K views

Prof Harvey explains why NATO's expansion of the military economy was for capitalist economic gain. He argues this economic humiliation and divisiveness of the world of the West against Russia and China has led to today's conflict in Ukraine. "We get this push to try to bring in all of those states which had been part of the Soviet bloc into NATO. We get this urge and push to expand NATO. This was in some ways a crazy idea" - David Harvey

---On the topic of borders and immigration - I think the U.S. should take more of a middle ground on this issue and others...that we should allow much more people to be able to legally becomes U.S. citizens and we should and need to, especially in these times and future times, because of climate change, accept a lot more immigrants. At the same time, to have secure borders and sane border laws and be quite strong about enforcing and maintaining law and order on our border...Anyway, its not that hard, I think most Americans want common sense policies like this. Anybody in pretty much any and every country wants and likes to have good policies and laws in their country ( :smileyface: , :shrug: ). Our politicians are just like liars and lying to people to get votes and propping up you know, certain people and using race and gender, stupid culture war the same time, I started watching this Netflix Documentary on the history of slavery and racism in America and you know, it is good, and it is good to be aware of possible biases within ourselves and be aware of that and also of our fears and to understand history, to understand and connect and know and understand where people are coming from - which is good for society. But to follow the masses, one can end up being wrong (slavery used to be the norm)! Quite wrong. Allah Akbar.


Sounds great. Need to read.

Haven't watched all of this one, but watch these (the video above and the videos below minus (can minus the one immediately below) in order...(especially Muslims IMO, super interesting, but even non-muslims, anybody, but especially Americans and Westerners).

Question the system!...



I think most young kids are pretty really nice, some are really great high achievers, very open-minded, and empathetic to other people. Very democratic and non-racial and non-prujudice...with life lessons we can and will better ourselves (getting out and into the real world). Islam has given me much goodness and guidance, am thankful for it. We as Muslims or people who call themselves Muslim must stick to (and learn) the deen and values and try to be good people and excellent in our affairs (I know I can be better) and at the same time, be realistic with ourselves (don't be too hard on yourself and go too extreme - advice for myself, at the same time its okay and good to push yourself quite hard)...I feel like, a lot of young people are more open to thinking about and challenging for example, the Western lies about war (war in Ukraine for example) and our politics and creating a better world for all...I have hope for the future...(at the same time, yes, ideologies can go wrong and be very oppressive, weak and intolerant people, that is a big problem with the WOKE agenda in nature and in reality - is very materialistic and doesn't hold up well, is sad its getting pushed so hard onto everybody and these things are happening here and around the world and all differering voices and views are getting silenced). -> ->

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