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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Yesterday (03/21/22)



Support if you can, from wherever you like...


While driving to work* Thinking of the movie Black Hawk Down (great movie, and the movie title "A Thin Red Line"), Ain't no black hawk that can come save in Mariupol.

If that happened or was happening in a city like Wichita or Dallas for example (in the U.S.) here and the brass said to "keep fighting"...there would be outrage across the board. There's some blood on someone's hands we would surely say.

They don't teach us those kinds of things in the military; More like, becoming a POW is a possibility and real, surrender is an option, but also of course there is the potential of court-martial and jail time punishment for also fleeing war/a battlefield (duh, but yeah, some might not know, and people are forgetful).

Obviously, the training tries and attempts to instill into one a fighting type of spirit along with teaching discipline, attention to detail, selflessness and care for battle buddies, teamwork, camaraderie, courage, etc. But is not, at whatever rank one has, or at the company or battalion level at the very least (whatever rank, all throughout, Officer, NCO, Jr. enlisted, whatever) that there often isn't total agreement on all actions and orders (like everybody is all happy and glad for all orders and actions that come down - yeah right, lol, but everybody deals with it for the most part and carries on and lifts each other, but still, some things are a bit too crazy and people are not just going to do whatever they're told. That's for damn sure. Guarantee it. There would be so much dissension and people pissed off and quitting and everything else. Guaranteed.

You can't control people's minds. Nor the reality of the situation, which is....I know I wouldn't be okay with my battles dying in vain just to try to inflict some hurt and death on the enemy....hell no...sick. They've got some real problems. Especially when you have civilians and a city is getting blown to pieces....(sick).

Sorry for the cursing.

And seeing some BBC coverage and news today on the war - embarrassing. Is like a high schooler writing/copying from some other news source(s) (I wrote some news pieces for a website while in high school). Dangerous. World War 3 type rhetoric. Lies about the chemical attacks in Syria...all kinds of fearmongering, etc.

Is quite obvious for anybody with half a brain that if Russia wanted to level and bomb the living hell out of Ukraine they could have done so and still could. Especially a city surrounded by Russian forces. Shameful, I'm ashamed.....


Is a good thing Putin is a strong man and not crazy and trying to like, nuke the west and the U.S., etc. (figure of speech) right now for waging war on him and Russia...there sure acting quite crazy and irresponsibility. May the people of Ukraine, Russia, the soldiers, and their families in Russia especially (that would be a hard situation but at least fellow Russians are there), families in Ukraine, you know, say a prayer for them.


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