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Breaking The Set

Break the Pentagon. Break the Fed. Take back the country. Revitalize democracy. Revitalize the (American) Spirit. Instill hope for goodness' sake - back to the youth, back to the people. We the people (of the U.S.), we the people (of this earth) (if you still have a heart that is human anyway).

Stop the crazy downward spiral into hell on earth. (Who the hell is doing this (has the keys)?). (Is not funny. Is not entertainment (war.)). (Words)...

We need to break this set

- it is no longer serving us-

- I refuse to comply -


Listen for yourself and judge.

- I think there are a few questionable things in the speech that were nationalistic or skewing or stretching the truth a bit (like as we do here in the United States and all of the western media) but I'm not a Russian nor a Russian history buff; other than that I agree with Russia's position on these worldly matters - that is for nations to challenge the United States' power and dominance and be actual sovereign states that can stand on their own. I agree with the annexation of the eastern regions of Ukraine and think that it is a good thing...anyways, obviously...

From the BBC. History is and will be written. These are lies, propaganda, makes no sense at all, out of context historically like Putin all of a sudden manufactured consent to go to war and went to war on Ukraine for no reason and these "authoritorian regimes" when actually all the West is acting as the "authoritorian regime" and if you don't go along, you'll be censored, deleted, etc. Words......blah blah blah. While we say we are about "peace" and "progress" and "democracy" and needing to act on climate and save the planet while we haven't done ANYTHING hardly for 30+ LONG YEARS and China and everyone else does all the hard labor for scraps and we plunder the world and the poor of the world and create CHAOS EVERYWHERE. Satanic. All will be brought, all of us! before the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Who then will help you? Meanwhile it's no question that nuclear war is closer than ever. That, they do not and can not hide and it's talked about like as something rational.


Back in the real world (Monday morning 10/03/22) away from the political insanity of the world (BS - may Allah forgive me) and the current state of affairs...

Some people are doing real work. Yep. Real science. Facts and using their brains and putting things together etc. (not that science isn't infallible...of course, or that science reporting isn't either - one has to learn! - one of the latest Redacted videos I posted has a decently long section talking about climate change and also about the occurrence of tropical storms - Yes, I retort, science has predicted that climate change would reduce the occurrence of tropical storms but also could make their effects worse or strengthen them in size potentially (but its complicated and variable, as the weather and nature are and our climate system is. And I would like to point out that our lives are tiny and our measure or scale in the history of time on our planet is but a blimp, is obvious that climate change is real, is pretty simple science and heck, even the heat being produced by our cars and air conditioners, etc. is simple enough to kind of know, this isn't healthy for our planet's climate, is not sustainable, your adding heat but you know, we have the science to know, easily, about greenhouse gasses and the greenhouse effect and some basics about earth's blanket and radiation (high energy radiation vs low energy radiation. We also have paleoclimate data and science from ice cores and other sources on the earth, estimates of the sun's strength and effects over time, etc. Is not some huge conspiracy, is not anything out of the normal realm of anything within science and our scientific understanding, it's all very BASIC. And yet, yes, we didn't react, we haven't reacted, we're past safe limits already a lot of people would argue and have been saying we're on a train that can turn around nor put the brakes on fast enough, yes, but that doesn't mean we have to act dumbly and let people freeze to death and let the WEF and the huge corporations just take control over the whole planet - this stuff, is just more divide and conquer crap. Is a lot from the Republican supporting side of the American Government (of course, Exxon, Koch, DuPont/Monsanto) and whoever else real climate change policy and sustainability would hurt (maybe the elites in the highest position of the financial/banking industry - I mean, everything's a business and can be turned into being made profitable right? (socialism - bad, capitalism - good, right...)).

------> A Raytheon board member teaching at Harvard about..........what? Business, investing, finance? No --- Climate change! What?!

Raytheon Exec Confronted By Protesters While Teaching Harvard Class 106,119 views Oct 7, 2022

The Jimmy Dore Show 1.08M subscribers Meghan O’Sullivan is a perfect representation of the revolving door between government, industry and academia – a former Bush administration official who helped drive Iraq War policy, a board member at notorious weapons manufacturer Raytheon and lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. A group of protesters with Resist and Abolish the Military Industrial Complex (RAM) felt compelled to let O’Sullivan’s students know that they were learning from a bona fide war criminal, recently interrupting her mid-lecture with chants about the outrageous criminality associated with many of the items on her professional resume.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the righteousness of the protesters’ cause pointing out the bankruptcy of a system that continues to promote miscreants like O’Sullivan from one position of power to another.


------> Do you get it now? Why scientific reality doesn't care about your politics

potholer54 • 107K views

Nor does reality care about your ideologies and what we want to be true (all these political ideologies, words, etc.)



Good, enlightening video (not surprising, confirms suspicions even more so):


Haven't watched, nice propaganda title, this is what is being sold to the West and Americans but is obvious the West is desperate and (Ukraine) losing - I mean, HOW would Russia be losing? What are they losing to? What does Ukraine have left at this point, especially if the West wasn't assisting them? (how many people are in Ukraine? What is their demographics? How many able bodied men are there to serve in Ukraine's armed forces to fight off a country as big as Russia? - So - what the hell is they're government doing? (cannon fodder) and our media, er, "the western" media wants to push on us that Zelensky is some kind of hero???) They're the ones suffering losses. They're the ones on defense. Russia doesn't need to push harder than or when they need to. Russia doesn't need to defend if they don't see defending a position as valuable or if it would be too hard. Russia doesn't have to do anything in this war. They can play it cool, play it smart, minimize losses (of people and equipment). They're just simply dismantling and slowly destroying the Ukrainian military (and the U.S. couldn't win in a conventional war. We can't deploy our carriers etc. because Russia has hypersonic missiles and etc. and really, we can't even make our own weapons without having to spend billions of dollars). If they wanted to they could destroy Ukraine, they could cause massive civilian deaths like how the U.S. did or does it (Iraq for example), the lies they are trying to sell are simply not true and it is pretty easy to see through it. THEY have to try to sell us on these "facts" that Russia is committing war crimes etc...


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Earth VS The Largest Planet In The Universe #shorts

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Didn't watch:

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Here comes OPEC’s another oil strike on the West

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This seems to have the C.I.A.'s bloody fingerprints all over it:

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Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy :


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Did not watch: Catastrophizing: How to Stop Making Yourself Depressed and Anxious: Cognitive Distortion Skill #6

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Ceasefire in Yemen Ends: Everything You Need to Know

Richard Medhurst 9.1K views

is a shame but uh what I want to say is

14:38 that even when the ceasefire was in

14:40 effect they did not respect it they

14:42 violated it and they they are making

14:44 people's lives hell in Yemen and Yemen

14:47 is again another you know area of the

14:49 world which is forgotten no one cares

14:51 about their human rights no one flag

14:53 flies any yemeni flags for them you

14:55 won't see any landmarks lit up with

14:57 yemeni flags to support them what do

15:00 these Western countries do they kill

15:01 yemenis they sell weapons to Saudi

15:03 Arabia and they know what's going to be

15:04 you know what they're going to use these

15:05 weapons uh um for and what they're gonna

15:08 do with these weapons uh and and another

15:11 problem with the Ukraine war is that

15:13 Yemen gets a lot of its wheat I think it

15:15 was um

15:16 uh from both Russia and Ukraine yeah

15:19 from both Russia and Ukraine you can

15:21 imagine this war has has made Yemen's

15:25 Yemen's situation even worse even during

15:27 this ceasefire because the wheat Supply

15:30 uh was decimated globally but uh

15:34 especially for them

15:36 you know they have nothing they have

15:37 nothing

15:39 uh no fuel no electricity no medicine no

15:43 hospitals and and on top of that uh I

15:46 mean it's heartbreaking it's I I I don't

15:48 know what to say there's a phrase from

15:51 uh um the yemeni government they they

15:53 said um uh

15:55 I'm paraphrasing here but they said that

15:57 anything that happens after tonight when

16:00 you know as the deadline as the

16:02 ceasefire expires no matter what it is

16:04 it's the fault of the Coalition the

16:06 Saudi Coalition and they're right you

16:09 know yemenis 80% of yemenis who live in

16:11 the houthi-controlled areas did not

16:13 declare war on themselves that was Saudi

16:14 Arabia

16:15 it was a UAE and the Huwai government

16:18 and you know they're they're making

16:19 people's lives hell

O Allah...

Is sad. :(


The TRUTH of Iran's protests is coming out and it's shocking | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Redacted 254K views

I agree with Natalie...

And that we shouldn't get involved in other countries' politics and culture.

Regarding women and Islam/Shariah, it is interesting and a touchy subject. Falls under the subject of "oppressive rulers" and laws in my understanding. And in my understanding, there are some pretty oppressive laws in Iran that can make people start to resist and want to rebel against all religion and belief. There's a middle ground to follow. Like Shiekh Hamzu Yusuf said in one his talks, when you go to far to one extreme, is much easier for it to flip and go to the other (that's why you might have more problems with rape in countries with super oppressive rules against women's freedom).


The Chris Hedges Report: Dystopia, octopus intelligence, and what makes us human The Real News Network 27K views

Writer Ray Nayler joins Chris Hedges to discuss his new novel, 'The Mountain in the Sea.' Watch The Chris Hedges Report live YouTube premiere on The Real News Network every Friday at 12PM...

Good one!:

The White Death - Best Sniper in History The Infographics Show 1.5M views

What made the White Death the greatest sniper in history? Check out today's epic video to see how the world's deadliest sniper worked under pressure! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHOW...

-------- ISLAM ------------

Russia - Ukraine War To Malhamah (Armageddon) Shiekh Omar Baloch • 10K views

And the Prophet SAW said: Even if it's the end of times (the world), keep on planting a tree. -------- And Allah SWT knows best -----------


Sunday 10/9/22

Trying to remember my thoughts while watching the video (in BOLD):

policy Alliance applauded Biden's move

0:51 as a good first step but added quote we

0:54 however hope that the Biden

0:55 Administration will go further and fully

0:57 deschedule marijuana from the Controlled

1:00 Substances Act we'll have more with the

1:02 drug policy Alliance director Cassandra

1:05 Frederick later in the broadcast

Is a lot of what I proposed and thought on the subject. - We just need more sane and common sense laws. It doesn't even really make sense that we have states where marijuana is legal but its viewed as a totally illegal substance at the Federal level. I mean, how hard is it to draft up a common sense federal law and policy? It should be a controlled substance and illegal to enter our country in that sense. There should be differing laws based on the differing situations and levels and not overly complicated. Think most would agree.


1:55 comments Thursday came as he met with