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Democracy Now

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Agree...-->> I like this :

"Democracy Now".

Democracy up and down - all around.

Real Democracy. Truth ("speak the truth"). Justice - Transparency - especially in Government at all the levels, up and down, all around.

Economically, to work towards a more fair and just system that works in reality, as I know it (learned). To listen to people's views and learn from much and many. One life.

Love trees:

Other decent videos: "Remembering bell hooks & Her Critique of "Imperialist White Supremacist Heteropatriarchy"


Yep...Covid vaccines should be unpatentable. Not owned by corporations - was made by people. The world should be the same. -> Should be owned by people. Not some machines and let no machine be your or our rulers.

World-wide problem -



One world.

Simple as that.

Disgusting greed. Don't need to watch a video or anything on the subject more than that. Is simple.

~~ Business, the economy, as a machine It should work for us, the people, the world ~~

("it is what it is" - not necessarily bad, not necessarily good, is complicated, yes? Differentiate.).


Makes me angry - Countries withholding and cutting off others because of politics. Let things work themselves out (Afg. work out it's internal affairs and stop messing with them and others). What is happening though with the outside? What is up? Sad.

Sad the similar examples (or the same, really) of what my country does to other countries with sanctions (Cuba and Iran for example). And all these forms of dominance. "Free trade agreements" and economic development loans that put poor countries in perpetual debt while touting freedom and democracy.

While our countries people are majority just poor, working and middle class people as well and now struggling more in a long time since America become the superpower. The Fed. printing money. Crypto-currency. Apparently there's not ever enough money in the world or the system - not enough wealth for people ever; yet..."You can't breathe or eat money" and we can't do this and that for the environment (yet), yet, scientists have been warning us for decades now and we have more collective and scientific (or knowledge of natural sciences you could say - observed reality) knowledge ever in the history of the world. And climate and nature is happening like this...(Let's run these (millions?) graphics cards at full blast 24/7 365...that's smart...(when we can't even agree on real plans to reach net zero. Yet.)).


Interesting, good vids:


I always use to think the Universe maybe was eternal - something seemingly in my mind, has to be, otherwise nothing would/could stand. How can something that has a beginning and laws and such precision be dependent upon anything that it itself is dependent upon? It would all fall apart or come undone and be in disarray and disorder. Einstein's theories of time and space and connectivity of the reality or realities...(who knows, not me).

Just my beliefs. I don't even mean to post much religiously but it is a big part of who I am now.

Am just a baby in Islam. And don't let religion divide or stop you from feeding the poor, the Quran/Allah SWT says. Make and incline towards peace and don't make mischief and hardships for people on the Earth as well. Fear Allah Azzawajal.

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