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can·tor /ˈkan(t)ər,ˈkantôr/

noun noun: cantor; plural noun: cantors

  1. 1. an official who sings liturgical music and leads prayer in a synagogue.

  2. 2. (in formal Christian worship) a person who sings solo verses or passages to which the choir or congregation responds.


Etymology 2[edit]

cant +‎ -er


canter (plural canters)

  1. One who cants or whines; a beggar.

  2. One who makes hypocritical pretensions to goodness; one who uses canting language.


Etymology 2[edit]

pre- +‎ tension


pretension (third-person singular simple present pretensions, present participle pretensioning, simple past and past participle pretensioned)

  1. To apply tension to an object before some other event or process.

  2. (construction) To apply tension to reinforcing strands before concrete is poured in.


goodness (countable and uncountable, plural goodnesses)

  1. (uncountable) The state or characteristic of being good. quotations ▼

  2. (countable) The good, nutritional, healthy part or content of something.

  3. (uncountable, euphemistic) God.Thank goodness that the war is over!

  4. (Christianity) The moral qualities which constitute Christian excellence; moral virtue.

English - detected -> Arabic

ɡo͝odnəs صلاح salah Verified

Translations of goodness

noun صلاح goodness, righteousness, godliness, interest جودة quality, goodness, fineness طيب القلب goodness طيبة قلب goodness


Checking out this site:



The Nazi government took control of the economy, which is what one expects from socialism.

Unfortunately, the US economy today has similarities to the Nazi economy, from vast subsidies to price controls, and “stakeholder” advocates making even wilder demands. History tells us where these policies lead: the road to serfdom.




If the Fed succeeds in tightening financial conditions enough to try to maintain their reputation as an “inflation fighter” (i.e., trying to lower the inflation they created in the first place), this will likely be the biggest government-caused economic catastrophe since the Great Depression, as we predicted here last year.


I don't know much about this man, but he sounds like a pretty decent guy :)


Forever war in Ukraine or an end to the unipolar world? ANYA PARAMPIL · MARCH 4, 2022

The real Zelensky: from celebrity populist to unpopular Pinochet-style neoliberal


“One less traitor”: Zelensky oversees campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture of political opposition MAX BLUMENTHAL AND ESHA KRISHNASWAMY · APRIL 17, 2022

New witness testimony about Mariupol maternity hospital ‘airstrike’ follows pattern of Ukrainian deceptions, media malpractice KIT KLARENBERG · APRIL 3, 2022

‘Gods of War’: How the US weaponized Ukraine against Russia TJ COLES · APRIL 1, 2022

How the organized Left got Covid wrong, learned to love lockdowns and lost its mind: an autopsy CHRISTIAN PARENTI · MARCH 31, 2022

US veteran who volunteered to fight for Ukraine describes ‘suicide mission’


BBC correspondent-fixer shaping Ukraine war coverage is PR operative involved in “war-messaging tool” MAX BLUMENTHAL · MARCH 25, 2022

Facebook censorship of alternative media ‘just the beginning,’ says top neocon insider



Pretty good article though I'm really skeptical of pills that improve or boost NAD+.

I didn't expect this article to matter much but its quite good, especially this excerpt which summarizes the article nicely as well:

“In the medical community, there is a significant frustration about the lack of availability of some of the sunscreen active ingredients,” Henry Lim, a dermatologist at Henry Ford Health, in Michigan, told me. The more filters are available to formulators, the more they can be mixed and matched in new ways, which stands to improve not just the efficacy of the final product, but how it feels and looks on your skin, and how easy it is to apply. On a very real level, making sunscreen less onerous to use can make it more effective. “The best sunscreen is going to be the one you’re going to use often and according to the directions,” Dobos said. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, and by one estimate, one in five Americans will develop it in their lifetime."

Our government is pretty terrible at all levels...seemingly almost planned destruction and destitution. That's what we basically export so..."what goes around, comes around" I suppose.

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