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Chomsky Education

Not the greatest of my blog posts, more of an update.

Really interesting, this 5 minutes or so portion of this old Chomsky speech.

Really like my posts recently on my FB page here:

Great vid by Russ:


Pretty good:

At least there is some decency and the G7 deals accomplished (hopefully it the proposals actually get through anyway) some good things. The Biden/Putin meeting seemed productive and was good overall I think. Adulting. It's just that in my opinion, a lot more needs to be happening, but $ rules. The corporations and the economy have more sway over the government than realities of the world and common sense and the future of humanity etc., etc. That's what it appears anyway and to a lot of regular people anyway and I don't know if can argue much more than that. Things are complicated, economics, yadda yadda. --> What would aliens think?

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