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Continuity (continuing...)

Updated: May 18, 2021

Yes, so many good points here. Money money money...! also, it's cool if people want to trade and not work for a living, slaving away at a job if one doesn't want to. It's all good! We are all imperfect users of things in the system (our smartphones for example). To run away doesn't help anyone or anybody and society either.

Words. So powerful. Especially the written word if it is applied for example in the rule of law and governance of society. All things are a continuation and ever-evolving. Lots of things are kind of scary for the human brain to think about - framing...context, grammar, logic...

Some concepts or contexts of arrogance and greed make it really hard for our little brains to truly arrive at a perfectly logical conclusion or definitive answer. Like trading and cryptocurrency. Sure, it's not perfectly good for society but does that make it bad for a person to engage with? Isn't it arrogant of me to judge another? Yes, yes it is. It's real and how the world is right now, "imperfect" by mine or any one person's objective reality or viewpoint. As evil and bad do exist and we only know truly that there is good and evil because of guidance or else we would probably be behaving like animals possibly without guidance from God/Allah S.W.T. and prophets he has sent to mankind, though I recognize that is only my viewpoint; No doubt - our reality right now would be different without religion and people changing the course of history. That's a fact.


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