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I don't know what to name this post, but anyway...(man I'm loving my posts - pretty good!...(stay humble))


:( Shock and awe shock and awe....


Is going quite badly (sadly, dissappointing):

We are now (little older of a video now - was from March 7 - It's May 3rd now - and things are getting quite scary - Ukraine is only being destroyed and weapons sent obviously on a "loan-lease" plan - what morality -)


U.S. Foreign policy should not be led/dictated by the Pentagon -/- by the Dept. of the Joint Armed Forces.

U.S. Foreign policy should not be led/dictated by the Pentagon -/- by the Dept. of the Joint Armed Forces.

U.S. Foreign policy should not be led/dictated by the Pentagon -/- by the Dept. of the Joint Armed Forces.

No kidding; but a lot of us American people may not have thought of this very real, very consequential reality/fact.

I wonder how much influence on our foreign policy they have truly because it seems they probably run the whole show...along with our Dept. of Homeland Security or something, in cohoots with most or all major news media seemingly (seemingly being the key word of course).

Our world - that is, human actions, our leaders in this world, are dragging/delivering us into hell on earth.

Playing with fire literally.


Got quite upset. Listened to some music...


On the supreme court Roe V. Wade News:

I like and agree...this:

The Irrational, Misguided Discourse… 6 hr ago 536 474 The Court, like the U.S. Constitution, was designed to be a limit on the excesses of democracy. Roe denied, not upheld, the rights of citizens to decide democratically. Read →

But, I can understand people's views. Is okay, left or right. We needn't be so controlling. I do really like the work of our founding fathers of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

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Brad NeatonWrites Euphoric Recall ·6 hr ago Interesting how those of the lefty persuasion suddenly know what a woman is now. 122Reply NCmomWrites NCmom’s Newsletter ·5 hr ago No they don’t..... birthing people get abortions 🙄. And bodily autonomy ends where big pharma profits begin 39Reply Stephen SanfordWrites Unheard Logic on Tax and Energy… ·4 hr ago Just as privacy ends when technocrat profits begin. 11Reply Elagabalus3 hr ago Are they still a "birthing person" if they abort? "Aborting person?" 6Reply NCmomWrites NCmom’s Newsletter ·2 hr ago I’m not sure....... maybe anyone who has an abortion is automatically identified as a “man” because, per leftist ideology (though not actual reality), to be a “man” is to not want children and to only want casual sex with no “consequences” (aka little humans). That would also mean if an abortion fails, or someone who rejects wanting to be an actual mom ends up having a baby anyway, the left can claim that “men can give birth.” 🤦‍♀️💩😩😂. 5Reply Bill OwenWrites There Will Be Trouble ·5 hr ago +10 internets for this post! :) 19Reply Stephen SanfordWrites Unheard Logic on Tax and Energy… ·4 hr ago Agreed, I couldn't help but laugh when reading it. 7Reply Jeff Biss5 hr ago We always did. We recognize that women have the inalienable right to control their own lives that includes the right to abortion without any state interference until the fetus' brain develops the capacity for mind. Until then, the fetus is but an object and so the woman has the absolute right to end her pregnancy. Stephen SanfordWrites Unheard Logic on Tax and Energy… ·3 hr ago Maturity usually comes with age, however it is not guaranteed. Some people can be mature adults at 14, others can live to be 94 and still be lacking in maturity. What frightens me is that I'm roughly 4 years older than the individual in question...and even 4 years ago, I was more mature, and I am not superhuman in any way. Jeff Biss3 hr ago Conservatives are the problem. Pacificus4 hr ago Jeff Biss, can you actually look at an ultra sound at say, 20 twenty weeks, and still claim that a fetus is "but an object"? Elagabalus3 hr ago It is silly to suggest a developed fetus is without mind. If it has a heartbeat it is thinking things like "I am sure happy here in my mommy's ocean" -- well not in so many words, but yes. I don't think it expects betrayal. Drew2 hr ago Somehow that seems more like projection than mental telepathy (which also does not exist). Jeff Biss2 hr ago No, a heart beat means nothing, only brain development does. Phrenamorphic3 hr ago I think there's a few things with which the vast majority agree: 1) there's no easy dividing line; 2) the older the fetus the more protection it deserves. Therefore, a democratic concensus can be found (once the Court gets out of the way) which appropriately balances competing duties. The binary rhetoric of "rights" is at the root of this impasse. Drew2 hr ago I think the "vast majority" all agree that abortion is undesirable but sometimes necessary. So what? The question is "Can the US force humans to give birth?" And I'd bet that a lot more people would say "hell, no" if they had wombs (and sex). Elagabalus3 hr ago "I like rights!! I like rights", I must say. Rights are not the problem. Rights are a recognition of common humanity,


I personally like the view of 120 days or so, along with other conditions that would warrant an abortion (the baby or the woman having major problems). That is personally would I would vote for or for a looser option if that was the only option but that's just me; I'm just some 35-year-old single guy, but still, I have a right to think and have an opinion, as does everyone else.

Um, yeah, I wouldn't want a girl, if I knocked her up, personally, to get an abortion probably. I don't think it's in me - just, never have been that way...(killing your own potential flesh and blood, mmm). I don't think it's right to abandon your kid - man or woman. - It just feels kind of nasty to be so strongly for unlimited abortion, to me anyway...and to push for that so strongly, I feel its kind of weird and a bit disgusting honestly...mmm...


Amazing, thank you Jordan Peterson for that amazing talk. A lot of great points and things one can think deep.

Namaste all, assalum alaikum (I'm tired and got work early in the morning).

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