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Cryptocurrency as the means to Democratizing Capitalism? -

Reading more of the social singularity. It's really interesting and futuristic but do-ably realistic as well. What he writes about truly is a way of de-institutionalizing, decentralizing and democratizing capitalism and state systems.

- I was wrong about crypto being just another currency and made up and without additional merit that can actually effectually have benefit(s) beyond its mere appearance. Thankfully - it isn't just burning up power grids for nothing but additional wealth creation and another online security encryption tool (packaging that concept with other things, for example, transferable personal medical health records).

Is that a healthy way forward though or is it the only way? What about cash?

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Interesting video:


Also saw a good ad with the opinion that the stock market is very expensive right now. I agree and thought it has been expensive for a long time now; and thought when it initially fell in April 2020 (or so) that things would be bad for a long time. Instead, I think the Gov. and the Fed. came in to save the day (they did). Most of that money has, I and many others believe, mostly went back to huge corporations and the wealthy. Putting more burden on future generations and/or weakening the United States position in the world and who knows what will happen.....speculators are always going to have a say one way or the other but yeah, if I was had a lot of money right now, I would be quite cautious right now and careful...but anyway...if people do pull out and a big sell-off happens, I can only imagine how bad inflation will be...

...People saying economics don't matter and we can have a government that gives us everything (all the good free benefits) without repercussion(s)...I think it sounds great and awesome to have free healthcare for all and all these things but...eeek. There's a lot to fix first...and clean up and optimize IMO within our Federal Government system(s). We don't even have a very good capitalist environmental plan, just federal "bailouts" so to speak that can't even get passed (hardly) and have to be tacked on to other spending bills and things...just my opinion but I think it's stupid how some of this works on Capital Hill. Is okay, I understand it, it's a way of bargaining within a two party divided system, it's just not very ideal. Is very non-objectifying and convoluting of bills/laws (making them huge and harder to research and putting in loopholes and this and that). Which is what we have...bills on top of bills on top of bills....and also excuses for not doing getting things done and passed.

One of the reasons why healthcare costs so much....because the complication of laws/bills, making administrative costs way higher than most any other country on the planet.


Good video, agree with a lot of things (some cursing in it):

Stand firm...:

Interesting Books I saw and added to my newer book list:

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