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Deeply Unjust Economics - Afg.

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Deeply corrupted systems because of greed is a lot of the U.S.'s problem at home. Look at "for-profit" prisons. The inequality and suffering. People are waking up and wanting better but at the same time, some of the actual real result is more government power and control and towards more authoritarianism (def. something I think we have to watch out for with some of the third parties IMO but their overall good outweighs the bad IMO as well and is better than the current duopoly).

Look at Big Tech. and censorship now -> Coronavirus - people not trusting the Gov. in some or a lot of ways but then voting for people who won't actually reduce federal government controls, restrictions, spending, etc. and when spending will benefit the actual people and economy, it's "look at the debt" (not totally wrong, but not totally right neither as forms of spending can do much good the economy and create jobs and growth).



Been learning a ton and analyzing trying to find "more towards truth" with the U.S. and also our handling and quick abandonment of Afghanistan... My conclusion - The U.S. is the biggest terrorist organization in the world. -> (in reality, look what we do and have done for a long time now. And at the U.N. and what our allies do (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, the UK, etc.) and also then the role the U.N. can play as being separate and speaking out against U.S. actions but not doing anything in reality).

The Taliban didn't face much of any resistance. They mostly just peacefully came in and took over. There was no real resistance (how did the U.S. not know or expect this?, yeah right), is impossible to take over a country in about a week if there was resistance.

Let Afghanistan's be, they know their selves better and what they want, etc., etc., better than us Americans do.

I like the quote in the "A true history of the USA: ..." video below: "Us Americans didn't have any more control of Afghanistan more than the ground we stood on".

The war was over long ago. So true.

How we left though was obviously pretty well botched.

Washington lies - they had to have known better. "We had intel on Afghanistan" "We didn't have enough intel to expect this". Whatever. I believe they had to have known better. There was no resistance, the Taliban took over in like a week. So what is really going on? Does the U.S. just want to create more instability or...? (for the military industrial complex to profit off of and for a continually huge military budget?). Certainly, the outcome truly would not have changed no matter how long we would have stayed but...

The media is biased from whatever angle they view the world, for whatever purpose or intent, be it truthfully believing in this or that, or pushing a certain viewpoint on to people for whatever reason. We're all biased, of course, as people towards our self or else our ego's and sense of self and held beliefs would fall apart and we wouldn't really be "conscious" or a learned "species" -> sentient beings. Yes, there is truth to a lot of things and sides....what won't they say or what is not being said or shown? As Saagar points out in the Breaking Points video from a while ago.

Bunch of videos (cursing in some):

I've heard that person falling off the airplane was doctored but who knows? I hope for peace and prosperity there. That's all.

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