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Dehumanizing Liberal World Order

Thursday 11/5/22

Briahna Joy Gray: Fund Ukraine OR ELSE? Libs Called Me A ‘SUBHUMAN FASCIST’ For Defending CPC Letter The Hill 82K views Briahna Joy Gray discusses U.S. interventionism in Ukraine, a topic of debate on a recent episode of her podcast, "Bad Faith." #Ukraine #Russia #war About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning...

I spoke to Professor Jordan Peterson about the reasons for his Twitter ban and his thoughts around the gender debate. #JordanPeterson #gender #debate Watch the full conversation https://russellbr...

From the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street, however divergent their political views, these groups seem united by one thing: outrage over a system of power and influence that only serves the interests...


Want to watch:

Professor Chenggang Xu (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business) explains what the world commonly misunderstands about Chinese economic growth and reform.

New Economic Thinking • 252K views

Is Market Capitalism simply an accident of certain factors that came together in the 19th and 20th centuries? Does the innovation of economics require a new economics of innovation? Is the...

Good one:

Would the United States of America be better off if it broke up into several individual countries? Let's find out! Don't miss today's epic new video that splits the United States up and discovers...

How the Chinese Communist Party went from rebel to ruler in 100 years Harvard Kennedy School • 3.1K views The rise of the Chinese Communist Party is a story of a small band of young men who navigated a treacherous political landscape. That story has shaped the trajectory of modern China, and is...

Looking for a longer more detailed recent history of China - Here's one result that's 50 minutes long:

This July marks the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. We look back at the party’s history, from the 1920’s, to the Civil War, the Great Leap Forward, the Great Famine,...


Peace be to all the good people of the world. Don't be afraid.

China's Communist Party Turns to Confucius Wall Street Journal 37K views Aiming to re-establish China as a great world power, the Communist Party is reviving the Chinese culture it once sought to destroy. One way is through rituals like traditional weddings at the...

Need to watch: Coding Debt | The Laws of Capitalism Episode 2 New Economic Thinking • 7.1K views The legal code has been essential in the transformation of humble IOUs into elaborate financial contracts, and the creation of an entire finance industry. In this episode, Professor Katharina...


The economy is going to hurt for a while - don't blame it on China. Good video - the imagery of money just being dropped out of the sky is powerful and interesting. - Printing money - Raising interest...It seems the global world order power broker's plans are and have been going according to plan. "The West" is falling. Once the U.S. dollar falls the U.S. will be reduced in power significantly.

"China Backstabs US By Dumping 1.4 Trillion US Dollars To Crash The US Economy" - Peter Schiff Investing Future • 43K views "China Backstabs US By Dumping 1.4 Trillion US Dollars To Crash The US Economy" | Peter Schiff Peter Schiff discusses why gold is the finest investment during recessions and how China is threateni...

Interesting, maybe I'll watch: A Creative Philosophy for Mathematical Economics New Economic Thinking • 13K views Professor Ali Khan (@Johns Hopkins University) explores the tensions between mathematics, economics, and the relentless institutional pressures to formalize economic thinking.

Predicted and predictable but still sad news and sadder still is that my country is ultimately responsible for it and for such chaos and bad action and troubling fitnas (trials/tribulations/problems) in the world: Imran Khan Shot: An Analysis Shiekh Omar Baloch • 4.4K views

Okay video - I like the title, what I most like to remember is simply "Follow the Prophet" - "Remember the Prophet" - character, conduct, good action...Be mindful...(time, patience in character - within and so which extends outward into action and words)

Don't really need to watch, the headline is actually enough...: FULL INTERVIEW: Where was #Pelosi security? When I was there two weeks ago guards were everywhere George Galloway • 21K views

Bio-weapon labs/research were in Ukraine - I already know...(didn't watch): Did Putin just expose this? The U.N. Just shut it down | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 268K views The United Nations says that it will not look into Russia's request to investigate U.S. biolabs in Ukraine. No thanks! Not interested. This is an outrage. The U.S. State Department admitted...

Really upsetting video - very revealing - think about it along with and in relation to the above "The Hill" video and really, all of this stuff and our culture, talking about issues and things in different countries saying they should do this, do that, when/if they are not giving the full story or not qualified to talk about it, haven't lived there for a significant amount of time...:

Professor marandi he went on the the state owned broadcaster DW deutschevelle

0:06 in Germany and he talked about Iran and this interview I mean man it made me laugh he owned the the the presenter uh

0:13 Tim Sebastian's so hard it was so it's so satisfying to watch okay let's

0:19 I'm gonna show you some sections let's watch and then we'll discuss as we go along okay I don't care how long this takes we're gonna have a fun time just

0:26 uh discussing and watching so let's do this okay and then we're provoking the Iranian

0:31 public but after a few days the protests died down but then we had the rise of

0:36 very violent riots and that's exactly what I said well let's talk about the the violence and the riots the UN

0:43 committee has had U.N committee on the rights of the child has had plenty to say about that it strongly condemned

0:49 what it called grave violations of children's rights in Iran according to Reliable Reports it said some children

0:56 were shot with live ammunition others died as a result of beatings many

1:01 families reported that despite grieving for the loss of a child they were pressured to absolve Security Forces by

1:09 declaring their children had committed suicide and making false confessions that's a pretty sick tactic for your

1:17 government to employ isn't it no that's a pretty sick tactic for the

1:23 Western media and any institutions that are on the under the influence of the

1:29 western media to use we're talking about the U.S committee on the rights of a child

1:35 we're talking about a U.N committee let's not reporting that let's let Tim let's not talk about any un committee

1:42 let's talk about the U.N and how they put the Saudis on a blacklist and removed them 72 hours later the U.N has

1:49 no credibility here but this is the United Nations good sir

1:57 God that was so hilarious this is this is fake the the claims to I I've tweeted

2:03 about this the the number of police officers that were murdered over the last few weeks at the instigation of

2:11 media based in your countries they are they're roughly 28 or 29 some

2:17 of them were shot with guns don't talk let's not talk about fake news all these

2:23 young children being killed all over the place that's nonsense show me the footage

2:29 instead of these organizations that are funded by the United States look I'm

2:35 sorry but this is this is a very valid point show me the footage why can't someone produce one goddamn video and

2:40 show me footage you know when I when I see like uh you know George Floyd or Jacob

2:48 Blake I have evidence there's video evidence of that stuff happening and we're supposed to just believe some

2:54 random crap that that there's nothing it's just blah blah blah you know about oh this happened in Syria you know the

2:59 the the the Secret Service came into someone's house and they ate their [ __ ] dog because they wouldn't vote

3:04 for Bashar Assad and in Syria you know in Iran they went and beat school children because they wouldn't sing some

3:09 regime so where's the [ __ ] proof where is it why why am I expected to

3:15 believe news outlets that that have a track record of only lying they just lie the whole time about everything

3:23 unbelievable literally no pun intended let me let me let me continue

3:29 your security forces you think that people will forgive their leaders for this shocking brute so again he's saying

3:36 that they went and beat children in a school because they didn't sing some Pro regime song Pretty forces Amnesty

3:42 International Amnesty International has reported widespread torture severe beatings of

3:49 protesters and onlookers even sexual violence against women by your security

3:54 forces you think the people you saw merendi rolling his eyes I literally the

4:00 same reaction by your security forces you think that people will forgive their leaders for this shocking brutality

4:08 no people will not forgive your leaders for interfering in our Internal Affairs

4:14 and foreign language media I'm speaking Tim I'm

4:21 speaking don't try to run out the clock so it's your Persian language media and

4:27 your troll farms and your governments that are spreading misinformation both in Persian and in English across the

4:34 globe the the police officers that were killed in Iran 28 or 29 police officers

4:41 as far as I know during that period were killed people who were policing the streets if it if such numbers were

4:48 killed in your country what would be the response of your government but what

4:53 what your Persian language media was doing during this period was that's a very good question man how many times

4:59 have you heard somebody's um someone's dog being shot by the police um or another human being being shot by

5:07 the police because they feared for their life right I thought I thought he was reaching for a gun I just had to blast his [ __ ] head off I'm sorry it's

5:13 sorry you know your dog scared me I just had to kill them I'm sorry this person

5:19 who's having a mental health crisis I just had to kill him man I don't know what they were gonna do I'm sorry right and and Iran they're actually killing

5:25 dozens of police and and then they don't report that at all right and and it's just oh it's the protesters who are the

5:32 victims you know it's a one-sided thing is they did the same thing in Syria right they didn't tell you that there

5:37 were people shooting the security forces during the so-called protest they didn't tell you that part it's encouraging

5:43 people but you know in America if you if you shot if you shot police in Europe or

5:48 America they would [ __ ] send a SWAT team to your house your neighborhood would be on fire I mean like the the

5:54 double standard again rioters to attack the police to get revenge as they called it on police they were telling people to

6:02 make molotov cocktails if offcom if this if any of this was in England of commas

6:09 is is the um it's like the British equivalent of the uh FCC right so it's

6:14 it's the the media regulator okay and it's of course the the the very unbiased

6:20 offcom which banned press tv which banned RT you know anyone who has who has a bad mouth and doesn't and refuses

6:27 to repeat Western propaganda they have to be banned okay so just listen to marandi's point now about of Commons

6:32 very very solid your country what would be the response of your government but

6:37 what what your Persian language media was doing during this period was encouraging people rioters to attack the

6:44 police to get revenge as they called it on police they were telling people to

6:50 make molotov cocktails if ofcom if this if any of this was in English and if it

6:56 was directed to an English audience of com would shut down those TV stations within minutes but in your case you can

7:03 use it against Iran because your governments are Waging War against the Iranian people your governments don't give a damn about human rights your

7:10 governments are the ones who impose maximum pressure on women and children in this country and try to starve them

7:15 to death and then use media Warfare against the country to create divisions

----- The debate should be over. ---------- The BBC guy can't speak another word. --- Why? On an individual level, would one feel the need to continue arguing? Ego??? You're only a news reporter working for a company. What stakes do you have in Iran, that is against Iran and it's people? Why would one continue on? What kind of human is this - or why can't he see and hear what is being told to him?

then they still say oh you're working for that government right you're you're a

9:52 Putin puppet you're working for the regime in Iran for the mullahs right but but when he's on the German state funded

9:58 oh no I don't work for the for anyone man I don't work for government and BBC which is they say oh no the BBC is only

10:04 funded by the taxpayer but it has you know it has an independent editorial board the [ __ ] [ __ ] you know over

10:10 there it's also oh no that's not State media the BBC is very very unbiased they're so funny man they're so funny

10:18 that used chemical weapons oh yes we are because you have no

10:24 credibility you you do you work for the the German government funds your channel you think

10:30 and the German government you think you want to think the German government twice

10:36 on the international stage really these protests that you said died down have

10:41 now spread to the accounts broadcasters singers

10:48 people who are admired followed and have nothing to do with politics

10:56 we're not in our league you're not in our league don't run out the [ __ ] Tim

11:01 you're not in our league your government the government that funds you that gives

11:06 you the opportunities to speak to me your government gasped me twice where where were you you

11:15 were working at the BBC back then you were in your 30s when I was gassed twice where were you when they were guessing

11:21 don't talk about credibility you don't have credibility your television station doesn't have have credibility your

11:27 government doesn't have credibility in the European Union doesn't have credibility so don't talk down to Iran

11:32 you like Joseph Borel you take care of your garden and we'll live in our jungle


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-------------------- Bought and started reading Alexander Dugin's "The Fourth Political Theory", is good so far.

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