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Don't Be A Baby

But forgiveness is how we are able to keep going without being mad (or insane).

First off, some cool/interesting or good videos:

Me right now in a lot of parallels. Getting angry at my own inability to let go and forgive myself etc. and being negative and negatively self-righteous. Trying to move past the past. Also, bad memories and associations I don't like being in my brain. Al hamdu lillah rabbil allameen for guidance. I'm definitely a way better person and doing better now in life than before at any rate. Is just hard for me to overcome my negative thoughts towards myself and be nice to myself as I would like to do good for the world and the planet and people but I'm mean to myself probably, but then I think, is that just a low desire and I'm not right? I'm definitely stressing about it a lot. At the same time, it (this site and it's implications etc.) puts things into a higher perspective. Which, truthfully (and what I can understand as the truth, just me and my brain) can be painful and hard...We're all human.

Cursing in this vid but don't have to watch (I really dislike bad language now and also some other things - "protecting/guarding your eyes" - is real, over time, if one practice, it will become reality). Actually, yeah, is too much cursing...just a motivational video anyway. Through some of my negative lens and conditioning now and worldview and religious view, I see a lot of that motivational stuff as being, can either be applied to do good for hte planet and others and self but can also be a path to greed and self-righteousness. That's a scary aspect of the world upon myself, or that I've placed upon myself...whether it be because of my upbringing, or knowledge about climate change and the planet, etc. "Don't be dumb", is better...or "Good is good". Knowledge really is power but with knowledge can also be sadness - Ecclesiastics.

Pretty much came to the same conclusion(s) years ago while in college. Depressing. Created a bad mindset. Thank Allah SWT I have a better mindset now and see religion as a hugely positive thing for people in this journey of life. Don't get angry, do good.


Signed up for this $50 course from Mark Metry, "Overcoming Shyness".


Some more good videos:

U.S. ...interesting.

Some cursing but I like it:

Kind of scary to stand up ...

Awesome videos on this channel:

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