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Down the Rabbit Hole - It's Dark and Goes Deep

Good interesting video.

October 2021 ENSO update: La Niña is here! | NOAAña-hereOctober 2021 ENSO update: La Niña is here! Our second-year La Niña has materialized, as indicated by the ocean and atmosphere in the tropical Pacific. There’s an 87% chance of La Niña this winter, the season when North American weather and climate are most affected by ENSO (El Niño/Southern Oscillation, the entire El Niño/La Niña system).

Fall 2021 Forecast: La Nina will grip the weather in North ... 2021 Forecast: La Nina will grip the weather in North America, while Europe Autumn will show its influence later in the season. By: Author Andrej Flis. Posted on Published: 18/09/2021. Categories Long range / seasonal forecast. Meteorological Fall is here. Looking ahead, we can already see clear signs of the new La Nina influence on the ...


I don't know why their trashing The Intercept though now (confusing) when Glenn Greenwald seems like a good guy and is a friend of the show or so I thought.

An Intercept Video

Super important and good video in my opinion along with the next two (videos).

Some of the spheres in our society are sickening (Twitter in my experience) and can make us sad, - turn people against each other...I really dislike the social-political climate of today. All the disassociation's by associations; that is, really what I'm trying to say is, the politicization and division because of political differences and how deep politics (or for example left "wokeness"/political correctness) has become ingrained and is influencing people within society and every day lives or our consciousness, when in real life these problems aren't that irreconcilable. That we are very blessed actually (still, even if in our society there is a lot of injustice, loneliness on the search for true happiness and meaning, sickness, etc.) to live in these times with so much abundance, opportunity and freedoms. The world and its influences can definitely be troubling and the whole system seems to be set up for failure (unto individuals and then the whole country) because that's what it has sewn but at the same time...we can learn and always keep going forward and evolving. Really, just turning away and living in reality and doing you can be good, it's not like you can escape from living in the world...

Red pill, blue pill, who cares, what is what...really. This and that and that and that...I say, NO, no thank you, I'll believe this and this and that and these things are not the same, they're separate ~ People are people. I AM. (A person, just a person, and capable of change and capable of good or bad and of making mistakes, and an emotional being which has large influences, etc., etc.)

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