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Easy is Hard. Hard is Easy. Genius?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Notes: Is ingrained in us - the need to create, explore, seek, know. "Fundamental" nature (of humankind). Relates back to this video I posted a few days ago. The infant child who looks behind, wondering where the rock came from. "Not just about a brain, or an individual. It's about somebody who is given the pathway to actually make a contribution. - Think about the great musicians - Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. These are people that were put in positions that allowed them to be creative [share and do good unto the world]. More than just a brain - ideas, knowledge, etc. comes with [the essence] of that person (every one is unique). ...It's a double edged sword, the genius term is often associated with that person that really changes the way we think. It could be something that didn't exist before, that changes the course of our progress in some fundamental way. So that person, by his or her nature, really stands out and is different". "And yet all of us are different in our creative sphere". All history - the past, influences the present, which influences the future.

Steady is fast. Slow is steady. Balance is good. Good is great. Simple.


Looking at Max Borders' website and coming across his refutation of a UBI:

Some more links: I'm a unicorn. I know. I do believe though that we can create a better system (government) and society - that people are not all that bad. It's what we (the people) want. It is why, the character of a person (and people) matter, and to yes, be angry, fight the system, fight for change, but do it in ways that actually produce (change/something). Come up with solutions and a better system. Why keep going in circles of thought that only end up at the same point? I do it a lot, have done it a lot. Perfectly logical thinking is hard especially for just an individual (mind/brain). Logic matters - words - specificity. Circles can be good too - negative emotions or energies can be used and turned around into insight(s) and positivity.

I proposed earlier that blockchain computing should be going towards doing good work(s), such as in helping research cold fusion technology. New idea: blockchain to be the backbone of my proposed updated capitalist model - A.I. and humans working to calculate humanity's progress over a period of time - which adds to the global currency reserve (no limits). Obvious and simple now - once some ideas are in place to build upon.

Need to get to understanding these "DISCs". Sounds good, promising and will definitely add to my perspective.

From the latter link:

" Here at Social Evolution, we encourage a mindset not just of critiquing the old but of building the new. We are disciples of Buckminster Fuller’s doctrine of creative criticism:

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. "

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