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"Economics as Destiny"


Great video:

Conquest's Laws And The Myth Of Neutral Institutions Auron MacIntyre • 14K views

I discuss Rober Conquest's laws of politics and the idea of the left as entropy. Donate here: Follow me on Twitter:

--- Entropy increases with time. - Things break down. New life emerges...

--------------- Amazing set of videos - - - Learning economics (still)

Days of Revolt: How We Got to Junk Economics The Real News Network 173K views

In this episode of teleSUR's Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews economist Michael Hudson on the history of classical economics and explores Marx’s interpretation of capitalism as exploitatio...

Good quotes from:

--------------------- Yoga akin to life --- Have to have balance. Breath. Know when to hold on and when to let go. Always keep going, keep it moving ---


Economists Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson explain multipolarity, decline of US hegemony Geopolitical Economy Report • 15K views

Introducing Geopolitical Economy Hour: This is the first episode of a show being hosted every two weeks by economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson. They present the program and discuss...

Just looking at the history of this channel...came from meager beginnings, now he's got Michael Hudson as a guest. [End the current CIA...national defense services are fine but remove their unbridled power and restore checks and balances, etc. - common sense, common decency stuff]

------------------ We need a modern-day debt jubilee and some rewriting of code - -

Have typed this up and added to my site...need to redo some sections and add more stuff in it (details, more specifics, words spoken by politicians can be just words and lies, deceiving) still a work in progress:


  • Disband NATO – Increasing military alliances and militarization around the world while in the advanced and rapidly advancing technological “post-modern” “post-neoliberal” “post-liberal” age while NATO clause article 5 states (need to get more precise language here) that if any NATO member is attacked that all NATO nations must come to their aid in response is irresponsible modern statecraft and escalatory by design. All nations should have independent and sovereign action especially when it comes to war. War’s should be avoided at all costs but if they do take place, the wiser action is to let the conflict not escalate into something larger, affecting more people, equaling more human deaths and suffering and also affecting the world economy (also increasing greenhouse gas emissions and using our finite supply of fossil fuels going towards killing each other).

  • Eliminate the C.I.A. and end foreign interventions including globalist imperial actions- The C.I.A. should be, in its current form, eliminated and a new intelligence service should be effectively built from the ground up including the laws and rights pertaining to and holding therein. Hold all previous leaders who have ordered Federal employees to commit illegal international acts to account in the International Court of Law. The new C.I.A. should be audited and overseen by an independent agency set up explicitly for said task. Hold C.I.A. employees to the highest levels of personal responsibility and professionalism and to account for all actions taken under and in service of the people and government of the United States of America. Redo the NSA and redact national security laws that invade upon our personal privacy. - Reopen the discussion on Federal privacy laws (including especially regarding cell phones) and personal private information collected by Big Tech companies with the larger public. To discuss the use thereof for the purposes of - domestic security, -anti-drug (anti-cartel especially), -anti-human-trafficking, public health and safety (-this includes, is especially important to have a more transparent government and increasing democracy), national and public development and developments, advancement of the sciences and useful technologies. Audit the F.B.I. and hold leaders accountable for wrongful actions including racial profiling, unwarranted arrests, drug trafficking, etc.

  • Hold politicians, corporations and their shareholders including CEOs to account if found guilty of public deception and fraud- Politicians who are found guilty of public deception in an attempt for personal political and economic gain and political wins should be prosecuted and tried in national courts. The same goes for corporations and the responsible people who hold power within them.

  • Have a more transparent government - There is too much secrecy within the federal government and its agencies including the U.S. Armed Forces. We need to move towards a more sensible, leaner and effective systems especially regarding the use of and implementation of information deemed secret and top secret. Only classifying as such, as needed, that which is critical to guard against international and national terrorism and competing and hostile governments and forces.

  • Move the Capital Headquarters - "Drain the swamp"?, Why not move away from the swamp? Easiest fastest way to isolate our highest level of politics and politicians from undue outsider political interference and influences.

Need to also add to my site and discuss:

  • Cutting the military budget - Cut the bloated military budget down to atleast 300 billion/yr. level spending over a relatively short period of time. Give up, abandon or repurpose U.S. military bases around the world and move to a defensive military posture as the standard or new normal. Focus especially on developing advanced defenses including and especially air and missile defense.

  • Increasing Democracy and decentralizing power –

  • Reforming agriculture – (more, better explanations)

  • Protecting minors from sexualization – no sexualized content or conduct allowed in P-K-12 public schools including transgender content.

  • Protecting the 1st Amendment – No banning of or censoring people for expressing legitimate views and opinions on social media platforms. Treating as a minor crime (within a re-worked prison system – like akin to “retraining punishments”) online calls (inciting) to violence towards other people.

  • Banking – Disband the Fed – already have that one – but banking – and Wall St. – Nationalize all bank employees moving to public banks only under a Public Central Bank which does not have the power to print/press money on its own whims. Do away with debt-based or interest-based money. Money should only be a tool for transactions involving the exchange of goods or services, not a tool in and of itself upon which it has any utility to be used for financial gain in and of itself. Work to end the high finance and do away with speculative and derivative trading. Ban day trading and place a limit on the holdings of a stock for 10 days before being allowed to sell (easiest and simplest way I can think of anyhow, am open to ideas and suggestions).

  • Work with China and Russia on a new global, multi-polar world and inherently within that, a new global vision for the global economy and global development. – Stop the negative effects of global capitalist competition that is unfair/unjust and leads to wars and oppression across the world. Help other countries develop true independence and economically progress while developing true sustainably and freedom. “End debt-based slavery”.

- Adding now (1/17/2022): Work with Russia and China (BRICS) in developing and putting forth a new global reserve currency WHILE at the same time, instituting a modern day debt jubilee that ends all debts. African and American (all the Americas) debt (ending the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve, Nationalizing American banks, ending many huge financial institutions that only profit from wealth and markets (trading)), putting forth a "New Paris Climate Accord", making the U.N. stronger and with equal and just democracy (one country - one vote). Putting forth a global carbon tax for sustainable development (not corporate sustainability, sustainability for people and the planet and increasing energy G.D.P. but bypassing the old systems of electric generation (fossil fuels). Try to - work with countries to include in the deal - provisions that would do away with nuclear weapons, making them illegal at the global level, and putting controls on artificial intelligence and genetically modified organisms - especially those which can or could become and labeled as "weapons of mass destruction".

  • Work to nationalize public resources for the benefit of the nation and the people of the United States within the new multipolar capitalist world.​

  • Protect people and the environment from the greed of corporations/capitalism, especially including protecting our nations fresh water supplies and streams.

  • Develop and implement more socialist policies that work to end hunger and homelessness within the United States and abroad including developing a more dynamic economy within to reward work and not wealth including redoing estate taxes and implementing wealth taxes. - Same and related - is implementing more health services to end addictions and helping people with mental health related issues.

  • End the subsidization of monopolies.

  • Dismantle big pharma - Audit National Health services and agencies including Food and Drug.

  • Fix our hugely costly, inefficient healthcare system - Either implementing a competitive capitalist/market pricing system that actually encourages competition, thus lowering prices of healthcare, doing away with private health insurance and possibly auditing hospitals, etc. for price gouging OR implementing a nationalized health system whether totally free, mixed (with private options for more "premium, high level" or urgent care including specialty care and procedures) OR and what is best in my opinion - implementing, within a nationalized health system, nationalized price controls with a national holdings account for costly, life-threatening procedures and assistance to those in need and assistance (all assistance) based on income along with the price of services ALONG with private options as like per the above (not totally socialist, but leaving room for efficiency innovation, innovation, etc. (private markets and biotechnology research etc.) that are the positive aspects of capitalism thus it will be continually improving over time and getting cheaper and more efficient over time, NOT MORE).

  • Making stringent laws in regards to Federal and private partnerships - Such as individuals moving to and fro and holding positions, especially of power within private corporations - that is ending under the table "quid-pro-quo" non-professional relations and relationships between Federal and private entities including within the military-industrial complex and the food and drug and health regulator agencies, environmental agencies, - any and all of these.

  • - Dismantle Big Agriculture and big agriculture monopolies, challenge national federal court rulings on the patentability and patentability limitations on the use of seeds for produce and require more and better long-term health studies before allowing the use of genetically modified food crops while working within the reality of the current economics and the -on-the-ground realities for a more smooth and less disrupting system shock while doing so (includes international patents as well).

  • Do away with and challenge previous Supreme Court rulings regarding the sanctity of corporations as persons and laws that only work to promote profits at all costs (if corporations are indeed persons, they also then should have the right to and freedom of speech). – I believe in limited rights for corporations that sets precedents for an equal footing for all such as allowing a corporation to have 2 lobbyists per. – Ending PACs and SuperPACs and working to put an end to money playing a large role in democracy and our political system – limiting campaign donations severely and to individuals only.

  • Implement a Final Five Voting system (link).

  • End the profit-based, private prison system – Implement more scientifically backed approaches to rehabilitation with good intent upon the individual's development to re-enter and benefit positively to the society and the economy. (-End the Federal Reserve and seek to end unemployment and inflation – not put targets of 2% unemployment and inflation levels).

  • Work to deconstruct old and false economics and economic teachings and work to implement a new and truly scientific economics that includes the natural (and the built) environment (including and especially, pollution and “negative externalities”). – Work to implement a/the (sustainable and dynamic) circular economy and circular economy principles while fighting off monopolizing actors and effects and the laws that impede upon competition and local and small business(es).

---------------Good luck on some of these things but yeah...

I'm not sure about all this still yet either and a lot of my proposals and stuff - land value tax sounds interesting. Big Gov. that still has uh, capitalist and political theatre and a Gov. that devolves into "who's more left?" or who can provide the people with the most support (welfare state and esthetic politics) while still having the underbelly (or "over-belly) of imperialist workings (exploititive of people abroad, etc.) - that would be no good either.

I know it's hard to see. I'll type it out. - ->


Great talk:

Days of Revolt: Neoliberalism as Utopianism The Real News Network 28K views

In this episode of teleSUR's Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and author John Ralston Saul discuss neoliberalism as an ideology, the


The great debt debate | Thomas Piketty + Michael Hudson I RSA Replay RSA • 30K views

r versus g? Or a Debt Jubilee? David Graeber’s bestselling book “Debt: The First 5000 Years” revolutionised our understanding of the

Love: "There is no such thing as a debate with Michael Hudson, he talks, we learn...that's it"


Jeffrey D. Sachs - The role of sustainability amidst global crises

Near the end: "That means, hard work for governments, but obviously, that's not what our government is very good at" -

Even more towards the end: Climate change - Not that I want to use fear to control or get support via by - we don't need more fear - we need cooperation and positive action(s). For people and planet - not for multinational corporations looking to enslave the world. How to do this? Take control, use government for good - that is protecting the individual and his and her rights to freedom including limiting the rights of others that infringe upon the rights and freedom of. -> 99% vs. the 1%..

-> How communities are creating more equitable justice systems with a focus on mental health - Source (


I forget what all is in this video but: Varieties of the Rat Race: Conspicuous Consumption in the US & Germany

New Economic Thinking • 18K views

Why are we still in the rat race? Till van Treeck (@unidue & @thenewschool) shares his insightful research on how Conspicuous Consumption, Working Hours, and Veblen Effects impacts income...

----------- Non-economic videos and info ---

Don't believe Multipolarista? Some of that information is even covered in mainstream news:

Night Raids: Victims of CIA-Backed Afghan Death Squads Known as “Zero Units” Demand Accountability Democracy Now! 218K views

We speak with journalist Lynzy Billing, whose investigation for ProPublica details how CIA-backed death squads, known as Zero Units, have yet to be held accountable for killing hundreds of...

Get ready! The BIGGEST news predictions of 2023 REVEALED | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 298K views

Gerald Celente has been accurately predicting major news events year in and year out and he's back with his 2023 Trends Journal. In this interview Clayton Morris runs down the top five news...

An investigation into the Mossad’s activities in Turkey | Al Jazeera World Documentary Al Jazeera English 434K views Espionage, secret recordings, spy networks and Middle East political intrigue – inside the dark world of Israeli intelligence-gathering in Turkey. In October 2021, Turkish security services...

How America Became LAND OF THE GREED Chris Hedges Fan Club • 2.2K views

Ralph Nader (/ˈneɪdər/; born February 27, 1934) is an American political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney noted for his involvement in consumer protection, environmentalism, and...

Inside Mexico's Most Powerful Drug Cartel | Foreign Correspondent ABC News In-depth 22M views

Tens of thousands are missing, many more murdered. So why are Mexico’s violent drug cartels operating with impunity? We go inside the most powerful cartel to meet the footsoldiers. Corruption,...

Allah is the greatest: Dragged to Paradise in Chains [Hikam 195] | Dr. Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera ZamZamAcademy • 1.3K views

Pg 114 Hikam 195 of the "He knew of the irresolution of servants in dealing with Him, so He made obedience...

Learn How To Improve Your Brain’s Memory & Recall | Sadhguru Exclusive Sadhguru 435K views

Sadhguru looks at why many people have difficulty remembering things, and gives us a process to improve our capacity to recall. Official YouTube Channel of Sadhguru Considered among India’s...

Watch some of this: PEAK MIND by Amishi P. JHA (Book of The Day Summary) Book of The Day • 155 views

✔ Support the Author by buying the full book: 👉 ✔ Real Human Voices From Text in 60 Seconds!: 👉 ✔ Find thousands of 15min Book Reviews...

And this (parental discretion advised: CIA Officer Lies About PUTIN To Joe Rogan The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 29K views

Support the show with a contribution: Locals: Patreon: GiveSendGo:

What Is Wrong With Globalization? | Economics for People with Ha-Joon Chang

New Economic Thinking • 113K views

Across the world we’re seeing governments and popular movements come to power that are opposed to globalization. Why? In this third lecture in INET’s “Economics For People” series,..

Great video:

Why Social Democracy Isn't Good Enough Second Thought 185K views

One of the major stumbling blocks for new lefties is getting stuck in the "why can't we just have social democracy?" phase. On the surface, the Nordic Model looks pretty good - social safety...

Days of Revolt: Junk Economics and the Future TeleSUR English • 81K views

In this episode of Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges continues his discussion with UMKC economics professor Michael Hudson on his new book Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage...

Zakharova's Tough Answer! Moscow on the illegitimacy of the US presence in Syria. True inFo • 40K views

In this video, Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova gives a tough answer about the legitimacy of the US presence in Syria. She argues that the US presence in Syria is illegal and that it...

Strange definitely not all "conspiratorial"...who knows (not the first time I've heard of the natural "earth frequency of 7.83 Hz)" : Quran, Weather & Mind Control

Shiekh Omar Baloch • 4.7K views

---> Is the Earth’s “heartbeat” of 7.83 Hz influencing human behavior?

Some scientists believe the lightning-produced frequencies may be connected to our brain waves, meditation, and hypnosis.



Flashes of lightning that strike around the earth about 50 times every second create low frequency electromagnetic waves that encompass the planet. These waves, dubbed Schumann Resonances, may have an affect on human behavior, think some scientists. Kept up by the 2,000 or so thunderstorms that (according to NASA) batter our planet every moment, the Schumann Resonances can be found in the waves that go up to about 60 miles above in the lower ionosphere part of our atmosphere. They stay up there thanks to electric conductivity in the ionosphere that features charged ions, separated from neutral gas atoms in the area by solar radiation, as explains Interesting Engineering. This allows the ionosphere to capture electromagnetic waves. The Schumann Resonances encircle the Earth, repeating the beat which has been used to study the planet’s electric environment, weather, and seasons. Flowing around our planet, the waves’ crests and troughs align in resonance to amplify the initial signal.



The resonances fluctuate with variations in the ionosphere, with the intensity of solar radiation playing a major part. At night, for example, that part of the ionosphere becomes thinner.

The world’s lighting hotspots in Asia, Africa, and South America, whose storms are seasonal and affected by whether its night or day, also influence the strength of the resonance.

These waves have also been studied for their impact on humans. A 2006 study found that the frequencies may be related to different kinds of brain waves. The researchers described “real time coherence between variations in the Schumann and brain activity spectra within the 6–16 Hz band.” Authors of a 2016 paper from the Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory of Canada’s Laurentian University discovered that 238 measurements from 184 individuals over a 3.5 year period “demonstrated unexpected similarities in the spectral patterns and strengths of electromagnetic fields generated by the human brain and the earth-ionospheric cavity.”

The Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz has also been linked by some to hypnosis, meditation, and even human growth hormones but there’s less rigorous scientific evidence of those connections at this point.

Can our bodies truly be affected by electromagnetic frequencies generated by incessant lighting strikes? Certainly some of the speculation ventures into new age science. Some believe a spike in the resonance can influence people and animals, while a reversal may also be possible, where human consciousness can both be impacted by and itself impact the Schumann Resonances. By this logic, a sudden source of global stress that produces worldwide tension would be able to change the resonances. Some have even blamed the stress caused by the Schumann Resonances that resulted from the ancient Chicxulub impact event, when a huge asteroid struck Mexico, for the demise of the dinosaurs.




Sunday 1/15/23:

Great video and information - some of these things I needed a reminder of (thank goodness) - is really really good (Allah Akbar - Ash Hadu Illah ill-la Allahu - (Why? because...the parts about human scent and hormones and chemicals - like how the humans reduce testosterone and sexual drives in the time for their/our role as parents when a child is young - um, so many examples, natural examples, foxes hair turning seasonally etc., the prayer times, the Quran, all these things)).

The Science of How to Optimize Testosterone & Estrogen | Huberman Lab Podcast #15 Andrew Huberman 1.2M views

This episode I discuss the hormones testosterone and estrogen and how they impact the brain, body, and behavior at ages after puberty. I also discuss how various behaviors such as exercise...

Last night: 081- Surah-At-Takawir (The Folding Up) - Quran/English/Yusuf Ali quranverified • 50 views Surah At-Takawir, Quran, Yusuf Ali Translation

Good video...I was thinking push-ups might not be so good (shoulder tightness)

For the love of God...NO more Pushups. Do these 3 things instead. Part 2. Lee Weiland - Pacific Rim Athletics • 103K views

Why American Workers are SCREWED... Chris Hedges Fan Club • 3.5K views

Ralph Nader (/ˈneɪdər/; born February 27, 1934) is an American political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney noted for his involvement in consumer protection, environmentalism, and...

Five more classified documents found at Biden's Delaware home, White House says WFAA 756K views

A total of six pages have been discovered this week.

#Nato has been defeated in #Soledar, not by #Russian armed forces but by private Russian military George Galloway • 24K views

"The rules-based doctrine includes the right to protect and allows you to step outside international law and take action wherever you decide the rules that you have devised have been broken...

Going on a walk...

Okay videos...:

Globalization is About to Collapse. Here's Why Pike Productions • 656K views

#Globalization #PeterZeihan #PikeProductions No economic model can compete with Globalization. It has lifted billions out of poverty, virtually eliminated famine, and provided untold riches...

Is There a Better Economic System than Capitalism? Economics Explained 711K views


Legal Evil New Economic Thinking • 14K views From feudal land rights to intellectual property in the modern era, lawyers have been battling over capital for centuries. Typically leveraging social resources to generate and protect private...

Found a new book (is on scribd as well, not that I really want to be advertising for them, but...)

The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs • 8.7K views

Columbia Law School Professor Katharina Pistor will join us to discuss her new book "The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality". Capital is the defining feature of modern...

Didn't watch: 4 years into US-Saudi war on Yemen, light at end of tunnel? - Panel w/ Ben Norton, Somia Elrowmeim Geopolitical Economy Report • 152 views

I joined Yemeni-American activist Somia Elrowmeim and others for a panel discussion titled "The War in Yemen: Is There Light at End of Tunnel?" I discussed the geopolitics of the conflict,...


How the CIA Politically Manipulates Islam for the US War Agenda BreakThrough News 8.4K views The U.S. government has funded, written books for, and otherwise supported the development of right-wing Islam extremism to support U.S. imperialist goals. Then they turn around and stoke Islamopho...


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